Monday, October 16, 2006

Illegal Experimentation on Human Beings

Over the past week or so, a scandal was reported in Israel in which a
number of medical doctors at one of the hospitals conducted illegal
experiments on some of the patients. They evidently gave experimental
drugs without patient consent and took tissue samples for research, again
without consent. The MDs in question were at the Kaplan Hospital in
Rehovot. The patients who were victimized were geriatric. The MDs have
been arrested.

That is all very well and good. The story is quite scandalous and
outrageous and it is nice seeing the perps put away.

After all, they conducted heartless illegal experiments on human beings in
violation of the Helsinki Accord.

Except for one thing.

For the past 14 years, the government of Israel has been conducted a cruel
illegal experiment on millions of human beings, one that has resulted in
two thousand deaths and countless injuries, not to mention its
psychic/emotional toll on civilians, from children to the elderly. That
heartless experiment is the "Oslo Peace Process". It is an experiment
that has undermined Israel's security and put the entire country at risk.
It is the experiment that produced the suicide bombers and the Kassam
rockets and the Hezbollah aggression. It is the experiment that caused
4000 rockets to land on northern Israel this past summer.

Those responsible for this heartless illegal experiment are at least as
guilty of human rights abuses and violations of international standards of
conduct as those MDs now in jail. And they also should be placed behind

(An article making many of the same points in Hebrew is at
See also,7340,L-3311512,00.html

2. FAURISSON (Noam Chomsky's bosum buddy and cause celebre) CONVICTED

"French academic again convicted for Holocaust denial" (European Jewish
Press, October 3, 2006)

Retired literature professor Robert Faurisson has been convicted for
Holocaust denial by a Paris court over remarks he made on Iranian
television. Faurisson, 77, is well known for his revisionist views. He was
given a three month suspended prison term and fined 7,500 euros.

Speaking on the Sahar 1 Iranian satellite channel in February 2005,
Faurisson said "there was never" a single gas chamber under the Germans.
"So all those millions of tourists who visit Auschwitz are seeing a lie,
a falsification."

Faurisson was found guilty of "complicity in contesting the existence
of a crime against humanity." It is the fifth time that Faurisson has
been sentenced for the same offence. Patrick Gaubert, president of LICRA,
the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, welcomed the court
decision. "This gives proof that he lies. But I am not satisfied with
the three months suspended prison term," he said.

* For more on Faurisson, please see the dispatch "Tehran Times today:
The phenomenal lie of the 'Holocaust' (& Ha'aretz's dangerous
misreporting)" (Nov. 10, 2005),

3. Israel and America' Interests:

4. Hurrah for Caroline:

5. Slime Update:
(In contrast with the lie below, the word goyim simply means 'nations',
by the way, and in the Bible and in prayer Jews themselves refer to
themselves as "goy")

Sydney, Oct 15, 2006 - Rebel Media Group . the Sydney based non-profit
organisation behind anti-Zionist blog and online encyclopedia
- announced today the launch of her trademarked .Goyim Certification..
According to Andrew Winkler, founder and editor/publisher of the Rebel
Media Group, the intention of .Goyim Certification. is to help consumers
make better buying decisions. By choosing .Goyim Certified. vendors,
retailers and professionals, buyers can ensure that none of their payments
will . directly or indirectly . help Apartheid Israel in her on-going
illegal occupation of Palestine. In a stringent certification process,
organisations applying to become .Goyim Certified. must satisfy the
certification team that none of their revenues are used in support of the
Jews-only state or any of her numerous lobby groups.

The Hebrew word .Goyim., standing for cattle (sic), is a derogative term
used by Talmudic Jews to describe non-Jews. Talmud, the holiest book of
Judaism (sic),
only considers Jews to be human, while non-Jews are considered to be the
equivalent of cattle that can be killed and abused unpunished (sic).

.We have chosen the term .Goyim Certified. to express that our
certification is directed against Talmudic racism, not Jews.., says Andrew
Winkler. Questioned whether he wasn.t afraid of being accused of
anti-Semitism, he replied, .Not really. In today.s use of the term, all it
means is being critical of Israel or her lobby, in other words it is a
good thing..

Asked for Rebel Media Group.s fee structure for providing .Goyim
Certifications., Andrew Winkler said, .We are still in the process of
finalising our pricing structure and talking to sponsors and donors about
helping us pay for the scheme. We are a non-profit organisation and this
is not about making money but about providing a service to the community.
It is definitely going to be very affordable. .


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