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Prof. Alan Dershowitz Denounces anti-Israel extremist Neve Gordon:

Alan Dershowitz denounces Neve Gordon!

National Catholic Reporter, Nov 11, 2005 by Alan Dershowitz:

I was shocked to find that NCR, a reputable and responsible magazine,
would assign Neve Gordon to write a rant against Israel in the form of a
review of Norman Finkelstein's latest book Beyond Chutzpah (NCR, Oct. 14).
Gordon is hardly an unbiased reviewer. Considered one of the world's most
extreme anti-Israel academics, he belongs to the class of rabidly
anti-Israel far-left professors whose trademark is the delight they take
in comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany. He has
even been arrested for serving as one of Yasir Arafat's "human shields,"
protecting from arrest terrorists who planned suicide bombings. Recently
Haifa University Professor Steven Plaut took NCR to task for publishing
Gordon, a writer whose "fanatical anti-Israel propaganda writing" is "so
extreme that it is carried by neo-Nazi Web sites and by Islamic
fundamentalist magazines endorsing al-Qaeda!" Gordon shares Norman
Finkelstein's radically anti-Zionist agenda. Finkelstein "can't imagine
why Israel's apologists would be offended by a comparison with the
Gestapo." As The Washington Post wrote, Finkelstein is "a writer
celebrated by neo-Nazi groups for his Holocaust revisionism and
comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany." No wonder Gordon found the book
such an enjoyable read.

What's worse, as a contributor to Alexander Cockburn's anti-Semitic
Counterpunch.org Web site, Gordon has a vested personal interest in
praising Finkelstein, Cockburn's close friend and accomplice. That should
have disqualified him from reviewing the book.
Gordon devoted the first two paragraphs of his book review to me rather
than to the book, claiming that I "tried to stop the University of
California Press from publishing" Beyond Chutzpah. But I did no such thing
and have said so many times in print.

Among Finkelstein's defamations are his allegations that I "almost
certainly didn't write" The Case for Israel "and perhaps [he] didn't even
read it prior to publication." Finkelstein even suggests that all of my
books are written for me by the Israeli Mossad: "[I]t's sort of like a
Hallmark line for Nazis. ... [T]hey churn them out so fast that he has now
reached a point where he doesn't even read them." When I produced my
handwritten manuscript to prove that I had written The Case for Israel,
Finkelstein changed his story, claiming that I plagiarized the book, a
claim Gordon accepts at face value. But several distinguished scholars
have concluded that Finkelstein's plagiarism claim against me was absurd
on its face. Harvard investigated and dismissed the charges, finding "that
no plagiarism had occurred." Yet Finkelstein persists in making this
charge--part of his long pattern of leveling personal attacks against
those who support Israel or justice for Holocaust survivors rather than
engaging them on the merits of their views.

I invite all fair-minded readers to read my account in Chapter 16 of The
Case For Peace, compare it with Finkelstein's and make up their minds
based on the facts rather than on the misrepresentations of a politically
biased and personally interested reviewer.
Alan Dershowitz
Cambridge, Mass.

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5. October 17, 2006
The Sheik's Apprentice
October 17, 2006; Page A14

It was a case of radical chic and the radical sheik. Yesterday in New
York, Lynne Stewart, a self-styled "civil rights" attorney whose past
clients include the Black Panthers and Weather Underground, was sentenced
to 28 months in prison for illegally passing messages between her
imprisoned client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, and his followers in Egypt's
Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, the terrorist group responsible for killing 62
mostly European and Japanese tourists in Luxor in 1997. Some of those
tourists were beheaded; others were disemboweled. The Sheik was also
involved in planning terror attacks in New York, for which he is serving a
life sentence.

In an age when courts routinely impose five-year prison terms for drug
offenders, and life sentences on former CEOs, 28 months may not seem an
appropriate sentence for a terrorist accomplice, especially when the
government sought 30 years. Ms. Stewart certainly had the sympathy of the
judge, John Koeltl, who praised her as a champion of "the poor, the
disadvantaged and the unpopular." She herself seems to have had few
misgivings about her actions: "The government's characterization of me and
what occurred is inaccurate and untrue," she told the judge. "It takes
unfair advantage of the climate of urgency and hysteria that followed

In similar circumstances -- albeit with a different defendant -- a case
could be made for leniency. Ms. Stewart is 67 and recovering from breast
cancer. But remorse is also a prerequisite for mercy, and Ms. Stewart
shows none, either for her crime or for the arc of a career which flows
too naturally from championing the "liberation" movements of the 1960s to
the Islamists of the present day. What her clients have in common is that
they loathe America.

Now she basks in the pity and praise of her fellow radical travelers, who
haven't seemed to spare much thought for the victims of Luxor. It says
everything about her, and about them.

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