Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Rude Awakening of Professor Aaron Ciechanover

1. Everyone knows that Prof. Robert Aumann, the Nobel Prize
wininng Israeli economist who leans to the starboard side (mean, the
right), strongly opposed the abandonment of Gush Katif and the Olmert
capitulation last summer.

Now another Nobel Prize winner has spoken out. Only this time, it is
in some ways more significant. That is because Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, a
Technion chemist, in the past paid lip-service to touchy-feely peace
making and "converting swords into Technion labs" and things of that sort
and has long been well left of center. But on Oct 27, 06, the professor
was interviewed in Yediot Ahronot, together with Aumann. The
interview is not available on line, but as part of the interview, this
other Nobel Prize winning Israeli said the following:

" Until a few months ago I would not have agreed with Prof. Robert Aumann.
Today, even though I have not altered my basic position within the Israeli
political spectrum, I must agree with him. Last year I was all in favor
of the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which seemed to me an act of
unilateral goodwill and generosity towards the Palestinians. I hoped they
would respond in kind, but I was wrong.
"After the unilateral withdrawal (by Israel) all we got was terror and
more terror. The whole idea of unilateral concessions has gone completely
bankrupt and along with it the entire soap bubble of a party that was
established on its basis has gone bankrupt (he means Kadima -- SP). True,
it is still in power but what message does it have for today? This party
and the entire government do not have so much as a shred of an agenda...."

While we are discussing errors in judgment, let me add my own. I had been
under the impression that Haifa academics were unaffected by the 4000
katyushas that landed on northern Israel and so the naifs and
pipedreamers among them were no smarter than before the war. But at
least one important academic has been woken up by the booms of the

The English web site of Yediot runs an abridged version of the article
in question here,7340,L-3320959,00.html
but it cuts out the offending passage in which Professor Aaron Ciechanover
describes his entrance into the real world.

2. I have purposely stayed out of the ruckus over the "gay pride parade",
mainly because there were so many other hundreds of articles and
commentaries on it in the media. I think little was left that needed to
be said.

Just one aspect that should be mentioned. Last summer, when the Olmert
regime was conducting the Gush Katif capitulation and the ethnic cleansing
of the Jews from Gaza, a number of mass protests were prohibited by the
government lest they trigger violence, or result in large expenses for
police protection, etc.

Then there is the little matter of those Jews who want to pray near or on
the Temple Mount. For decades the Israeli government has prohibited THAT,
lest such a demonstration offend the feelings of people, Moslem people.
And of course because of the danger that it could trigger violence and
cost money to pay for police presence.

Suddenly, the "Gay Pride" parade is Holy of Holies for the Israeli
government. It HAS to be held in Jerusalem, no matter what the population
of Jerusalem (and of the rest of the country) think. No Gay Pride March
has ever taken place in Mecca, the Vatican, or in the temple of the Dalai
Lama, but Jerusalem is not entitled to any similar consideration.

3. Telling off Yellow-Wind Grossman:,7340,L-3325213,00.html

4. Judge coddles ISM terrorhoids:

5. Spoof News:

LONDON -- Following their groundbreaking study which found that more than
650,000 Iraqis have needlessly died since the US-led invasion, the Lancet
Medical Journal has published a new study that estimates the current U.S.
population at 57 trillion.

"As of Thursday, October 12th, 2006, at 4:47 a.m.," the study reports,
"the 57 trillionth American was born."

Other demographics experts and population researchers have estimated the
U.S. population at 300 million. But Lancet, according to a spokesman, used
a radical new method by employing what they call, "expert guestimators,"
who "chose a random densely populated neighbourhood in a random big city,"
and stopped people in the street "at rush hour, asking them how many
Americans they thought there were, just judging from taking a look

A Lancet spokesman called the method "utterly reliable," and added that
should current U.S. obesity rates continue to also grow, "the whole planet
will turn on its axis, and we will all fall off. And it will all be the
fault of the United States, per usual."
Marni Malarkey for Iconoclast

BEIJING -- North Korean President Kim Jong-Il today reportedly told
Chinese diplomats that he regrets his government.s recent detonation of a
nuclear device, and he revealed that he had been molested as a child.

.President Kim is sorry, and he takes full responsibility for the atomic
bomb test,. said an unnamed Chinese source, .but in the spirit of
transparency and vulnerability, he wants people to know about the
childhood molestation incident..

The North Korean leader has reportedly checked himself into a rehab center
to .heal his inner child and boost his self-esteem,. but a spokesman said
he is not ashamed to come out of the closet as a fascist dictator.

.A lot people are going to trot out the old myths that fascist dictators
are dangerous to society,. said the spokesman. .But short of a few
isolated genocides and unprovoked invasions, there.s little evidence to
substantiate that claim. It.s time to move past recriminations over the
nuclear test, and let bygones be bygones..

Scott Ott, courtesy Scrappleface, Copyright 2006 Scrappleface. All rights

(Undisclosed Location, Pakistan) -- Osama Bin Laden and Hungarian
billionaire George Soros have announced the merger of and
Al-Qaeda into a 527 political action committee to be called The Fund for a
Democracy-Free America.

Speaking at a joint press conference yesterday at Bin Laden's rustic
mountaintop retreat in western Pakistan, Soros praised the Al-Qaeda
leader's commitment to defeating the Republican Party in next month's
elections. Soros also stressed the shared values that unite and
Al-Qaeda. "We both hate America and Israel and all agents of the
International Zionist Conspiracy, such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, the
Duke of Wellington, Grandma Moses and Dwight Eisenhower," said Soros. "So
it made sense to merge our operations and eliminate duplication of effort.
From now on the Democrat Party, Islamofascists and anti-Semites will speak
with one, united voice."

Bin Laden added his agreement with Soros' comments. "Right now, terrorist
branding is the name of the game. It's a win-win situation for all
involved and allows us to leverage our terrorist quotient by a factor of
four. We're currently at a place we want to be synergy-wise."

Details of the Al-Qaeda/ merger have not been completely
revealed. The Iconoclast has learned, however, that all members of
Al-Qaeda will receive 1.85 shares of stock in Soros' "Death to the Zionist
Entity and Her American Lapdogs" hedge fund for each year of membership in
Al-Qaeda. Members of will receive three wives, two cows and an
option on a camel in exchange for junk bonds.
William Grim for Iconoclast

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