Tuesday, November 14, 2006

See? A professor need not be from Tel Aviv University in order to not recognize Israel!

1. Someone has kindly translated the interview with the two Nobelists from
which I quoted a few days ago. Go to

2. Another moonbat "rebbe":

3. Norman Finkelstein's beer hall "university" and CAIR:
CAIR vs. DePaul
By Thomas Ciesielka
TC Public Relations November 14, 2006

Newly released evidence has revealed that the Council for American Islamic
Relations (CAIR) worked privately to pressure DePaul University to fire
adjunct professor Thomas Klocek for telling Muslim activist students that
their views on Middle-East issues were wrong. According to a letter to
DePaul.s President from CAIR.s executive director M. Yaser Tabbara, .In
light of .Mr. Klocek.s biased remarks, we are requesting that the
University.reprimand Mr. Klocek for his conduct by permanently dismissing
him from any teaching post at DePaul University.. (Exhibit # DPU 945).

At a student fair on September 15, 2004, during the same month that DePaul
launched its Islamic World Studies Program, Professor Klocek engaged
several Muslim students in a heated discussion about the Arab-Israeli
conflict. He strongly disputed their assertions that Israeli treatment of
Palestinians was equivalent to the Nazi treatment of the Jews. He also
cited a Chicago Sun-Times columnist who was quoting an Aljazeera writer to
the effect that although not all Muslims are terrorists, today most
terrorists are Muslim. Later, in another connection between DePaul and the
Muslim community, a DePaul Trustee, Michael Murad, wrote to DePaul.s
president asking, .What steps have been taken to ensure that DePaul
programs in the Middle East are not undermined by this incident?. (#DPU

According to documents furnished by DePaul in response to document
discovery in the lawsuit between Klocek and DePaul, less than a month
after the student fair incident, on October 12, 2004, CAIR.s Tabbara sent
an email to those who opposed Klocek, stating, ..we [CAIR] will be ready
to file a formal complaint with the Illinois State Board of Higher
Education. This will also be accompanied by a press release, a press
conference or both.. (DPU 003493)

Tabbara.s email also referred to a letter sent to DePaul.s president the
next day in which Tabbara made the following demands of DePaul, .In light
of the grave implications of Mr. Klocek.s biased remarks, we are
requesting that the University take appropriate and immediate responsive

1. Provide a formal written apology to the students who experienced the
incident firsthand.

2. Reprimand Mr. Klocek for his conduct by permanently dismissing him
from any teaching post at DePaul University..

CAIR continued its campaign against Klocek when, according to another just
released document (DPU 000763), on December 16, 2004 CAIR wrote Prof.
Klocek.s Dean, Suzanne Dumbleton, and said, .The gravity of Mr. Klocek.s
actions towards the students should result in his permanent dismissal as a
matter of policy. Any alternative action will set a dangerous precedent..

John W. Mauck, attorney for Thomas Klocek, said, .These documents confirm
our suspicions. Rather than protect academic freedom or even treat Thomas
Klocek, a professor with a 14 year spotless track record at DePaul, the
university surrendered to behind-the-scenes Muslim activist pressure. At
DePaul academic freedom has been subjugated to Sharia..

To see copies of documents cited in this press release, please visit
http://freedepaul.blogspot.com or contact TC Public Relations at

4. Andover High - almost as bad as Ben Gurion University:

5. Defeating Affirmative Apartheid:
See also http://www.michigancivilrights.org/index.htm

6. The latest SLAPP suit against a Zionist:

US journalists show British how to win at libel
See you in court ? in London
A US author has declared war on Britain.s .libel imperialism.. brendan
o.neill reports
This is about defending my First Amendment rights." Rachel Ehrenfeld, a
New York author, has declared war on England's 'libel imperialism'.
This week she will argue before the Federal Court of Appeals in Manhattan
that a libel ruling made against her at the High Court in London in 2005
should be struck off as an infringement of her right to free speech.

Ehrenfeld is a tough-talking anti-terrorist commentator, an American
Melanie Phillips. After 9/11, which she witnessed from her flat, she wrote
a book called Funding Evil. In the book, she made allegations about a
Saudi billionaire, whom she accused of funding terrorism. He sued her - in
"I'm an American citizen. My book was published in America. If he has any
qualms with me, he should sue me here," she says. The Saudi sued her in
London on the basis that 23 copies of her book were bought by

.I.m an American citizen. My book was published in America. If he has any
qualms, about me, he should sue me here.

Britons via internet booksellers, and thus the libel was "repeated in
Ehrenfeld points out that, in America, claimants must prove not only that
the accusations made against them are false, but also that they were made
"with actual malice". No wonder, she says, many of the rich and powerful
around the world prefer to use England's "claimant-friendly laws".

Ehrenfeld says the London ruling has had a "chilling effect on free
speech". Some US publishing houses are considering restricting the
availability of their books in Britain. "We all suffer under your libel
imperialism," she says. Her appeal is supported by the American Society of
Newspaper Editors, Forbes Inc and Amazon.com. Other US outlets have been
hit by our 'libel imperialism'. Last year, Roman Polanski sued American
magazine Vanity Fair in London, and won 50,000 damages. Earlier this year
Britney Spears sued the Florida-based National Enquirer in Belfast.

"It's more than 200 years since America won independence from Britain, yet
we're still being punished by your archaic laws", says Ehrenfeld.

7. So now it is not ONLY Tel Aviv University professors who refuse to
recognize Israel:
Professors New Hamas Govt Wont Recognize Israel
16:14 Nov 14, '06 / 23 Cheshvan 5767
by Hillel Fendel

The Hamas Authority is trying to put on a new front by installing a
professor as prime minister, but Hamas officials admit that the new gov't
will continue not to recognize Israel's right to exist.

Mohammed Shbair, a former head of the terrorist-hotbed Islamic University
of Gaza,
has been all but chosen to succeed his former assistant, Ismail Haniye, as
prime minister in the Hamas Authority. An independent legislator in the PA
legislature, Shbair is ideologically close to Hamas, but is not an active

Shbair, who has a doctorate in microbiology from West Virginia University,
would be expected to head a government of technocrats that would deal less
with Israel and more with internal domestic problems.

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