Wednesday, December 20, 2006

About that gentleman for whom 450 murderers were set free...

1. Almost three years ago, Ariel Sharon released 450 murderer terrorists from Israeli prison in order to free Elhanan Tannenbaum, an Israeli criminal who had entered Lebanon under suspicious circumstances and was kidnapped there by the Hizbollah. Sharon also obtained the three bodies of Israeli soldiers (two Jews and one Bedouin) murdered in cold blood by teh Hizbollah, murders that were never avenged by Israel. At the time I published an article, "I am Ashamed to be an Israeli" ( There I predicted that Sharon's cowardly capitulation would result in additional kidnappings and murders of Israeli soldiers and escalating terrorism by the Hizbollah. The mass release of terrorists also served as precedent, and that is why Olmert is currently considering putting hundreds more of murderers back on the street.
At that time, and in that article, I reported the theory that the civilian held by the Hizbollah and released in the deal, Elhanan Tannenbaum, was in fact a drug smuggler, in Lebanon to buy drugs. In fact, I suggested that Israel might consider releasing some terrorists as a reward for the Hizbollah keeping Tannebaum in captivity. Some people criticized me harshly for that and for reporting the theory when Tannebaum was a fellow Jew who had not been convicted of drug smuggling nor had admitted publicly to it.
Yediot Ahronot today reports {,7340,L-3342415,00.html and,7340,L-3342404,00.html)
that Tannebaum has now indeed admitted he was in Lebanon as part of a drug smuggling operation. This means that hundreds of terrorists were released, Israeli deterrence was turned into a mockery leading to 4000 katyusha and other missiles landing on Israeli civilians this past summer, and serving as role model for new Olmert capitulations, all because of a now-admitted drug smuggler.
Tannebaum was testifying in a customs smuggling trial for two other criminals and admitted all this in court. Tannenbaum, who personally did more to damage Israel than almost anyone else outside Israeli politics, has not been indicted in Israel for anything.

2. At the risk of ruining your Hannuka, take a careful look at this, which is on the site of one of the main Holocaust Denial web sites:
It is written by a far leftist Israeli leftist "journalist" living in Switzerland. I make no comments - please read it and form your own impression. This same writer (Elam) recently claimed (not very persuasively) that he was getting "death threats" from some unknown organization in Europe.

3. ABout those patriotic loyal Israeli Arabs:

4. Ben-Gurion University, Department of Geography and Environmental
Oren Yiftachel to speak in Ramallah at "End the Occupation" Conference
Yiftachel has devoted much of his academic career to promoting the theory that Israel is a colonial apartheid regime. It is illegal for an Israeli to go to Ramallah. Will Yiftachel be prosecuted? (Yeah, right.)
International Conference: Ending the Occupation and Siege: The Need for
New Coalitions.
Internationals, Palestinians and Israelis Working in Solidarity for a
Complete End of Occupation And Just Peace.
Ramallah, January 5-7, 2007.
First day presentations: Naomi Chazan, Salim Tamari, Oren Yiftachel, Akiva
Eldar, and Eyad El-Sarraj.
Organized by FFIPP-I and Combatants for Peace

5. Soy-Eating Pride Parade Coming to Jerusalem?

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