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Tel Aviv University to declare jailed Murdering Terrorists are "Politial Prisoners"

1. On-campus anti-Israel indoctrination has entered a new phase at Tel
Aviv University. On Jan 8 the Law School at TAU will be conducting a
conference dedicated to the proposition that jailed Arab murderers and
terrorists who have perpetrated mass atrocities against Jewish civilians
are "political prisoners". Co-sponsored by the Law School, the "Minerva
Center" (a far-leftist group pretending to be a human rights watchdog),
and "Adalah", a radical Arab NGO, the conference is titled "Security
Prisoners or Political Prisoners?" and the answer that the conference will
give to that question is obvious from the roster of speakers. It includes
ultra-leftist and anti-Israel extremist Anat Matar (arrested a few months
ago for violently assaulting police
protecting Israel's security wall), Avigdor Feldman, and other leftists.
They will be arguing that the best way to improve Israeli security is to
put hundreds of murderers and terrorists back on the streets.

2. Reprint:
Open Letter To Neturei Karta

By: Steven Plaut Friday, May 21, 2004

Neturei Karta is a small sect of ultra-Orthodox "Jewish" extremists, best
known for marching arm in arm with Yasir Arafat and endorsing every
anti-Israel terrorist and anti-Semite on the planet as part of its jihad
Israel. Neturei Karta is a small sect of ultra-Orthodox "Jewish"
extremists, best
known for marching arm in arm with Yasir Arafat and endorsing every
anti-Israel terrorist and anti-Semite on the planet as part of its jihad

Neturei Karta (?Guardians of the City? in Aramaic) was created in
1938, mainly by Hungarian Jews, as a breakaway group from the more
mainstream Agudath Israel movement.

The organization openly calls for Israel to be destroyed and openly
supports the
worst genocidal anti-Semites on the planet.

Recently, in response to one of my columns, I received a series of e-
mails from someone associated with the Neturei Karta movement. He and I
carried on a correspondence of sorts for quite a while. Below I have taken
essence of the notes I sent him and compiled them into an "open letter."

Dear Sir,

In the Amida prayer, which Jews recite three times every day, there is a
section in which the minim are denounced. The minim were small groups of
treasonous Jews who collaborated with the Roman enemies of the Jewish
people, and the prayer explicitly mentions that these minim were tattlers,
snitches, people who served the anti-Semites of their day as agents, and
against Jewish existence and survival. Since then, of course, the segment
in the
daily prayer has been understood to be a curse in general upon
and especially Jewish anti-Semites working against their own people.

I mention all this because I can think of no more apt illustration of a
cult of minim than Neturei Karta. Your cult is nothing more than a
pseudo-Jewish pagan group working against Judaism and in collaboration
the worst enemies of the Jews. You would have no problems serving the
Romans or Assyrians if they were still around.

You claim that you are simply opposed to Israel because it is full of
people who trample upon Jewish observance. Well, let me tell you
The most secularist pork-eater on any kibbutz in Israel is halachically
Jewish than the "rabbis" in the Neturei Karta cult. Why do I say this?
as you know, there is a clear halachic rule that says that living in the
Land of
Israel is equivalent to observing all 613 religious commandments or
All of them ? even the ones reserved for priests and even the ones that
only be performed in the Temple (and so may not be performed today).

No, I am not suggesting that living in Eretz Yisrael should be regarded
as a blanket exemption from the observance of all other Jewish religious
precepts. I am simply saying that even someone who observes nothing at
but who lives in Israel, is on a very real level more Jewish than the
"rabbis" of
your minim cult.

When you march in anti-Israel demonstrations alongside anti-Semites,
when you endorse Arafat and his stormtroopers and serve as their public
relations agents, when you support terrorists and excuse mass murders of
you are acting as followers of the evil Bil'am, not as sons of Jacob or
of Abraham.

You say you want Israel destroyed because it was not set up properly,
because the Messiah has not yet come. Do you really think that Israel can
destroyed without there also transpiring a second Holocaust? Do you not
realize this is the unavoidable consequence of what you are proposing, and
what the people you are supporting seek?

A ketuba, or marriage contract, that is signed on the Sabbath is still a
valid one and must be respected, even though signing it on the Sabbath is
violation of the day. A kohen who marries a divorcee has sinned, because
a marriage is prohibited by the Torah, but the marriage must be
and even accepted and honored. It stands.

Whether or not Israel was created properly or at the correct time, the
fact that it exists changes how Jews must behave and requires a certain
of responsibility and arvut ze l'ze, or mutual support and defense, even
from the
most smug, self-righteous pretenders at ultra-religiosity.

Whatever you think about the establishment of Israel, you have no right
to endorse those who seek to destroy it and its Jewish population through
violence. And if you do endorse such people and march with them, you are
collaborators with Haman. You are worse than Dotan and Aviram.

Had you lived in Shushan in Persia in the days of Queen Esther and her
Uncle Mordecai, you would have been marching arm in arm with Haman. After
all, among those Persian Jews were no doubt many who violated the Sabbath
and other religious principles. Neturei Karta would have supported Haman
as a
way to "punish" them.

In Elijah's generation, all but a handful of Jews were acting as pagans.
Strange, but I do not recall Elijah justifying anti-Semites murdering
Indeed, Elijah enthusiastically endorsed the very worst pagan of all, King
Ahab, when the king went on the warpath to kill the enemies of Israel.

The Neturei Karta "rabbis" are not recognized as Torah authorities by
real Torah authorities outside the cult ? not by Sephardic rabbis, not by
Ashkenazic rabbis, not by misnagdim, not by chassidim. In essence,
all Jews see Neturei Karta as a pathetic minim cult. Can you name a single
rabbi outside Neturei Karta who endorses the view of your own "rabbis"? Of
course you can?t.

So you think collaborating with the worst anti-Semites on the planet,
people who openly endorse genocide of Jews, is better than collaborating
misguided Israeli secularists, people who perhaps need to be pulled back
to the
traditions of Israel? You believe that when a Jew sins, he ceases to be a
and should be murdered? I wonder what books you are reading as
for the Torah.

You insist the Zionists are the Devil, not the Palestinian terrorists. And
of course, if the Palestinian terrorists are not the Devil, why should
think the German Nazis were? Since you defend the Palestinians? right to
murder my family ? and, as it happens, my family does not eat pork ? then
what is wrong with the Germans murdering my grandparents?

In the interest of consistency, why not march around in your pro-PLO
parades wearing swastikas? Why not put one on your website?

The Neturei Karta cultists are inverted Bil'ams. Bil'am was ordered to
curse Israel, yet ended up blessing the Tents of Jacob. You are the
reverse. You
are ordered by the Torah to bless Israel, but you curse the Jewish people.
have no concept of Jewish solidarity because you are, at best, a
minim cult.

3. (taken from various news sources:)
Holocaust denier David Irving won an appeal against his imprisonment in
A Vienna court on Wednesday found in favor of an appeal filed by the
British historian, who was arrested during a November 2005 visit to
Austria and sentenced to three years in prison for denying that Nazi
Germany had carried out an organized genocide against European Jewry.

The court agreed to reduce Irving's sentence and admonished him to leave
Austria at the earliest opportunity.

Holocaust denial is a crime in Austria, Hitler's birthplace, and
prosecutors had wanted Irving's prison term extended.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center deplored Wednesday's ruling, saying it would
only encourage Irving and his ilk.

The judge, Ernest Maurer, who freed Irving reportedly has close ties
to a far-right Austrian party. Had Maurer heard the ORIGINAL Irving
suit against Lipstadt, he would have found for Irving. Hmmm, where have
we heard before of a neo-nazi judge openly identifying with and siding
with someone who promotes Holocaust Denial?

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Austria, as well as in a other
European countries such as Germany and Switzerland, and is punishable by
up to 10 years in prison. Austria's Jewish community called the verdict a
"misjudgement," adding that
Irving's record was far from spotless. On the contrary, Irving was a
prominent "icon of the neo-Nazi scene," the community said in a press

Efraim Zuroff, the head of Jerusalem's Simon Wiesenthal Centre which hunts
down Nazi war criminals, said the court's decision would "only encourage
and strengthen the Holocaust deniers throughout the world".

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