Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Latest Wave of Treason at Tel Aviv University

The Latest Wave of Treason at Tel Aviv University

A while back, we posted an item about how the leftist anti-Zionists on the
faculty of Tel Aviv University, of which there are ever so many, were
planning an "academic conference" dedicated to the idea that imprisoned
Palestinian mass murderers and terrorists are in fact "political
prisoners", deserving of sympathy and support.

Now ordinarily, this would be the sort of story that the mainstream
Israeli media would studiously ignore and one that only Plaut listers and
readers of inciting blogs would hear about. But on Jan 12, 07, Ben Dror
Yemini (deputy editor of Maariv) devotes an entire full page in Maariv to
this "academic" atrocity (in Hebrew, at ).

The basic theme of the conference, sponsored in part by the Tel Aviv
University Law School (a bastion of the pro-terror Left), was that
Palestinians who blow up pregnant women and their children and then get
imprisoned are "political prisoners". Yemini in his column points out
that "rights discourse" is now little more than a weapon being used to
destroy Israel by Israel's enemies and by the enemies of human freedom.
He mocks "progressives" who rationalize the murderous behavior of
terrorists as part of "understanding the Other".

Restrictions on such misuses of academic freedom as the pro-terror
conference at Tel Aviv University are, says Yemini, no different from
restrictions on Holocaust Denial. That is because Holocaust Denial is not
an academic or scholarly theory at all but merely a political weapon of
hate. So is "academizing" terror and mass murder. Such a "conference"
is little more than an attempt at promoting the anti-Semitic agenda, adds

He writes that the fact that such a conference took place at Tel Aviv
University is testament to growing Israeli insanity and an Israeli death
wish. He mocks the conference participants as "serious people, sensitive
to the sufferings of others". (His tone is one of irony.) He points out
that all the "human rights groups" operating in Israel have an explicit
anti-Israel political agenda, one that denies Israel's very right to
exist. The "Physicians for Human Rights" used to be run by a certain Ben
Gurion University anti-Semite about whom Alan Dershowitz wrote that he
"got into bed with neo-nazis and anti-Semites."

Yemini then notes that an unnamed member of the Board of Governors of Tel
Aviv University wrote him (Yemini) a note about this "conference", asking
whether Tel Aviv University would next run an academic conference on the
question of how to murder Jews while enjoying oneself. "Why not," wrote
the man to Yemini, "after all, there are no limits on academic freedom at
Tel Aviv University!" Yemini compares the "academics" at the TAU
conference to those at the Tehran neo-nazi conclave.

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