Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bar Ilan University circles its wagons around its Blood Libeler

1. Fast current events quiz? At which university is the world's most
open "academic" endorser of anti-Semitic blood libels employed? Did you
say Ben Gurion University? Did you say DePaul?

No, grasshopper.

The world's worst endorser of medieval blood libels against Jews is
employed at Bar Ilan University. Yes, Israel's supposedly Orthodox Jewish
university, created largely for observant Jews, not only employs Ariel
Toaff, a pseudo-academic crank who claims Jews drank gentile blood on
Passover in medieval Italy, but it is now circling the wagons in
solidarity with the good "professor".

What is Bar Ilan going to do about it? Defend Toaff's "academic
freedom"! He will not be fired. (He is scheduled to retire in the

Now let us bear in mind that all over the world there are limits to
"academic freedom", including in the bastions of democracy. Open
Holocaust Deniers have been fired from several schools in Europe. The
infamous quack Ward Churchill was removed from some of his positions at the
University of Colorado for his "little Eichmanns" comments and
endorsements of al-Qaeda. Some positions are simply indefensible as
"academic inquiry", amounting to little more than inane stupidity and hate
speech, automatically disqualifying someone from pretense to be a scholar.
And all over the world crackpots such as Holocaust Deniers can be
stripped of tenure and dismissed from university jobs. David Irving does
not hold an academic post in the name of academic freedom, but rather
until recently warmed a prison cot in Vienna.

And at Bar Ilan University? Medieval blood libels are business as
usual! See
See http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/825351.html

Indeed, the heads of Bar Ilan are defending their "Solidarity with the
Blood Libeler" by claiming that, after all, they did not fire Prof. Hillel
Weiss either. Weiss is an activist professor from the right who opposes
Oslo. The only problem is that there is no comparison nor similarity
between Weiss and Herr Toaff. Weiss is a serious academic who is indeed
deserving of protection of academic freedom of speech even if he takes
positions that some people may not like, while Toaff is a pseudo-academic
crackpot who is now responsible for an explosion of anti-Semitic
demonizing all over the world. The vile comparison of Weiss to Toaff by
the heads of Bar Ilan University is roughly equivalent to defending free
speech for Neo-Nazis David Irving and Ernst Zundel because after all the
president of Bar Ilan also enjoys freedom of speech.

2. Desperately needed now - a Saudi protectorate in control of the
political science department at the Hebrew University:

3. The Hillel houses from Chelm:

4. Lying about the Temple Mount:

5. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

6. The Israel Bar Association has denounced retired Supreme Court
"judicial activist" judge Mishael Cheshin for uttering threats of violence
against the new Minister of Justice Prof. Daniel Friedmann. Friedmann
means to rein in judicial tyranny in Israel and Chechin and his comrades
in arms for "judicial activism" are upset by Friedmann.

7. Brigita Muhauft, a terrorist from the infamous Bader-Meinhof
commie-terrorist organization that operated in the 70s, is soon to be
released from German prison after serving 30 years for murder.

Will she be offered an academic post in political science at Ben
Gurion University? Or in history at Bar-Ilan University? In the name of
academic freedom?

8. Or maybe Harvard?

9. When greenies team up with anti-Semites:

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