Monday, February 19, 2007

So many fences....

1. The headline in today's Israeli press: The Minister of Internal
Security (meaning police) offered to appoint Amram Miztna as Director
General of the Ministry. Now why exactly is that funny?
Because Amram Mitzna, the ex-Mayor of Haifa, current Mayor of Yeruham, and
has-been contender for Prime Minister as past-Rais of the Labor Party, is
one of the most crooked politicians in Israel. His crooked deals and ties
with Israeli oligarchs make those in post-Soviet Russia look tame.
Appointing him as chief of the police is a bit like appointing Ahmad Tibi
as commander of the army.
After it hit the press, the Minister, Avi Dichter, seems to have backed
away from the idea.

2. More anti-Semitic conspiracist balderdash:

3. Ben Caspit attacks the Israeli Biased Media:

4. So many fences, only one "apartheid fence" in the "minds" of the Left:

5. From Jerusalem Post:
Haman & Amalek

Sir, - In "The Amalek syndrome" (UpFront, February 9) Samuel G. Freedman
suggests that Alvin Rosenfeld's report on "progressive" Jewish
intellectuals' anti-Israel positions is an example of the "Amalek
syndrome." Most Passover celebrants understand the agenda behind the
traditional, self-contradictory, remembrance of Amalek, whose memory is to
"be blotted out from under Heaven," not as quenching nonconformists among
themselves but as remembering that every generation of the Jewish people
has external enemies.

Prof. Freedman, who describes himself as a "political Zionist," accuses
Rosenfeld not only of an attempt to suppress discussion and "invalidate,
delegitimize and disenfranchise" the objects of his immediate criticism,
Jacqueline Rose, Michael Neumann, Tony Judt and Tony Kushner, but also of
effectively disempowering young Jewish intellectuals on college campuses
who "yearn" for a "chance to openly dissent about Israel" without being
"banished from the Jewish community."

No such sanctions are recommended by Rosenfeld's report, which is
thoughtful, extremely well-informed, academically precise and free from
the "demagogic" tendency Freedman imputes to it. It is not easy to meet on
its own intellectual ground. Hence the outcry against it: Apparently
freedom of opinion is limited to the side against which Rosenfeld engages
in debate.

Freedman opens by referring to Purim. It might be apt to recollect that in
the Book of Esther the main danger is not the military attacks of an
Amalek, but the scheming of Haman, an anti-Semitic politician in the
Persian capital.

Hebrew University

6. No, the Pestilinians are NOT deserving of their own state:

7. Self-hating Jews reduct:

8. Will Eric Hunt by granted tenure at Ben Gurion University now?,7340,L-3366306,00.html

9. Demos and Iran:

10. Well, the GOOD news is that neither Shulamit Aloni nor Yael Dayan
were posing:

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