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Brandeis is being Held Accountable by its Jewish Donors

Brandeis has alienated the Jews
Why not hold Israeli universities similarly accountable?

2. Israeli "Apartheid" Week in California

3. Correction: Yoam Marciano is NOT from the Meimad faction of the Labor
Party, as I had written, but rather from the plain old Labor Party.

4. Nice tolerant Oregon?
Eugene Synagogue Vandalized

By Andy Peterson EUGENE, Ore. - Worshipers at a Eugene synagogue are
awaiting word on the status of two sacred documents, damaged when
vandals broke into their building earlier in the week.

Eugene police say they think it was simply a crime of opportunity
that led four men to vandalize the Ahavas Torah, but worshipers say
they fear it was something much more.

"It was horror," said Paul Feinstein, "especially when I heard about
the attack on the Torahs."

Feinstein is still picking up the pieces after his synagogue, Ahavas
Torah, was vandalized Thursday night. The suspects did about $100,000
in damage, but Feinstein said you can't put a price tag on some of
what was lost.

"These are Torah scrolls that are the first five books of Moses,"
Feinstein said. "These are the most sacred items in this
synagogue... the ones that, during the Holocaust, the rabbis would run
into a burning synagogue to save them."

In fact, one of the Torah scrolls was saved from the Holocaust,
rescued from Poland and hidden during the war then brought to America
and donated to the synagogue.

Decades of history were put in peril in mere moments as that scroll
and another were badly damaged -- one thrown out in the rain and the
other thrown on the floor with other items, as if to be used in a
bonfire, Feinstein said.

The synagogue is located at the end of a dead-end street in a
secluded portion of South Eugene adjacent to a park. Officers believe
the suspects were hanging out, if not living, in the park prior to
the attack.

"We arrested two at the scene, and took them to jail," said Eugene
Police Lt. Scott Fellman. "We cited one who doesn't appear to have
been involved in going inside, and then we have two other people of
interest that we're looking for."

Police said they are not yet sure the synagogue was targeted for its
religion, but Feinstein said he has little doubt of that.

"They did not touch our office at all -- there are computers,
printers, other material. They didn't touch it," Feinstein
said. "They just went for the Torahs, and went for the Talmud. They
ripped that up.

"My feeling is that was more than vandalism. This was a hate crime."

The two men who were arrested have been released on bond, and
Feinstein said he fears they will never be brought to justice because
the men are believed to be homeless.

The damaged scrolls are being kept in a secure place until a rabbi
can come down from Portland to look at them and decide how they can
be repaired.

5. Sudetenized Palestine:

6. Dershowitz Inviting Nazis, like Neve Gordon's guru Finkelstein, to

7. The Israeli ex-nazi has identified a "fascist", published with his
neo-nazi Counterpunch jihadnik friends:


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Israel's grassroots defenders

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