Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Four Cheers for Meshi-Zahav!!

1. I have always had a soft fond spot in my heart for Yehuda Meshi-Zahav.
(His last name means golden silk). Years ago he was the bogeyman of the
secularist Left, because he ran a group of ultra-Orthodox "Chareidi"
radicals, who sometimes got physical with roudy youths in Bnei Barak whose
behavior was not what they approved. See

But later Meshi-Zahav mellowed and has devoted his life to running ZAKA
since 1989. ZAKA as you probably know, is the
organization that attends to the victims of terror attacks and accidents.
It carefully collects body parts for burial with dignity, and for
identification. It does the
work that would probably drive most of the rest of us to insanity and it
does it as a religious misison. Its members have also served in other
countries after disasters (such as the Tsunami) or atrocities. See
It should surely be on your Zedaka list.

Meshi-Zahav is a fascinating guy. I actually bumped into him once
face-to-face at an airport in Europe. He looks mischievous, like a
chareidi leprechaun.

WHich takes me to the event this week in which Meshi-Zahav emerged as one
of the great contemporary heroes of Jewry:

ZAKA head hits Neturei-Karta rabbi

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, chairman of ZAKA and former operations officer for the
Ultra-Orthodox community, hit the Jewish man who kissed Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it was reported on Monday.

The violent incident occurred last Friday in Poland during a mass visit of
Orthodox Jews to the country in order to honor Hassidic Rabbi Elimelech of

When the visitors arrived at Lizhensk on Friday morning, they heard that
Moshe Arye Freedman, a member of the fanatic anti-Israel group Neturei
Karta, was present as well. Freedman recently made headlines when he was
photographed kissing Ahmadinejad during the Holocaust denial conference in
Teheran three months ago.

Meshi-Zahav, along with another ZAKA member, quickly located Freedman and
set upon him, punching the man, kicking him and breaking his glasses.

The fight was dispersed when local police arrived at the scene.

As an act of appreciation, Meshi-Zahav was called up to read the Torah in
I would now like to invite Meshi-Zahav to meet with some Post-Zionist

2. Darwin was wrong:

3. More Oslo Success:

4. Can you guess what I thought it meant when I read the headline here?

5. On March 11, the University of Haifa held a one-day conference on the
Deir Yassin "Massacre". The conference was in fact a one-sided
indoctrination session, which never challenged any of the lies about what
the Arabs claim happened in Deir Yassin. Most of the speakers were Arabs,
including such people as Knesset Member Azmi Bishara, who regularly
travels to Lebanon and Syria in order to cheer on terrorism and call for
Israel's annihilation, and Knesset Member Muhammad Baraka, arguably even
worse than Bishara. For balance, the conference featured Uri Avnery, who
has devoted his life to promoting anti-Zionism and to delegitimizing the
existence of Israel, and Prof. Tamar Katriel, wife of Jacob Katriel, both
Stalinist anti-Zionists. There were several other Jewish speakers who
discussed the "massacre" at Kfar Kassam, from the Arab point of view of

Now in recent years, a number of articles have come out revealing what
REALLY happened in Deir Yassin. Suffice it to say that a battle took
place in 1948 there but no massacre. Nevertheless at this conference at
the University of Haifa, no one so much as mentioned these articles and
facts, not so much as mentioning them as an "alternative narrative". For
the truth, you would have to go to web sites such as these:

This was but the latest in a long series of one-sided anti-Israel
political indoctrination "conferences" held at the University of Haifa and
at other Israeli universities.

You can find the list of University officers and their email addresses
here, in case you want to let them know what you think of all this:

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