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Haaretz Battles against the Threat of Democracy in Israel

1. In recent months, a group of anti-Semitic leftist Jews, Arab
terrorists, and international anarcho-fascists have been attacking Israeli
police and soldiers every day near the town of Bil'in in
Palestinian-occupied Jewish land near Modi'in. The hoodlums try to
vandalize the security fence and regularly savage security personnel.
Israel treats them with kid gloves instead of shooting them. If Israel
were to use against its own invasion of anarcho-fascists at least one
third of the force that is now being used in Copenhagen against the Danish
anarcho-fascists burning down Copenhagen....!!

2. Well, yet another Israeli moonbat "academic" has come out in
defense of the blood libel charlatan from Bar Ilan University, Ariel
Toaff. The newest defender of the right to claim that Jews murdered
Christian childen in Italy in the middle ages to use their blood for
Passover rituals is one Yeshayahu Zelink (English spelling?), who signs
his name "Professor" Zelink. Well, "Professor" Zelink has a letter in
Haaretz today defending Toaff and denouncing those who attack Toaff simply
because he is proliferating fraudulent blood libels about Jews.
"Professor" Zelink also is a long time signer of petitions by the far-Left
anti-Zionists in Israel denouncing Israel (see in Hebrew) and making Norman
Finkelstein like claims about how Israel just uses the Holocaust as an
excuse to oppress poor Palestinians.

I could not find any evidence that "Professor" Zelink, who claims to be a
historian, has ever been a professor anywhere. He lives in Beer Sheva.

Haaretz is the main Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew. It is also a
decidedly anti-democratic newspaper. It is about as pluralistic as Pravda
was back in the days of Brezhnev. Its post-Zionist political bias infects
every page in the paper, from the news to the Op-Eds to the letters to the
editor to the book reviews to the entertainment reviews. For every 100 or
so far-Left opinion pieces (which are often disguised as news items) it
achieves balance by running one non-left piece, often by Moshe Arens.

And Haaretz has been one of the main promoters of judicial activism,
meaning judicial tyranny, in Israel. Haaretz and others with similar
anti-Israel views approve of judicial activism because how else can the
Left impose its will on the country? After all, if the Israeli public has
any say in the matter, it will oppose just about everything the Far Left
wants. So since the Left cannot count on popular support in anything, the
best way to achieve hegemony is to get friendly unelected leftist justices
to veto and trump the parliament and simply make up what the justices want
the laws to say and impose these imaginary laws on a resistant legislature
and public. These are judges, by the way, whom the electorate cannot
dismiss nor impeach! That, you see, is the highest form of democracy.
Democracy is just too important to be left to the voters and their elected

Haaretz columnists have been having noisy conniptions ever since Olmert
appointed as the new Minister of Justice a brilliant anti-activist
academic, Prof. Daniel Friedmann. (See

). Almost every day 3 or 4 Haaretz columnists attack Friedmann and his
agenda of reining in the judicial tyrants. Friedmann wants to impose a
Canada-style set of rules on the Supreme Court, under which any time the
Supreme Court revokes a law passed by the Knesset, the Knesset can
overturn the Court veto via a simple 61 vote (out of 120 Knesset votes)
and then the law sticks.

Gevalt, scream the Haaretz legal columnists! How can we EVER impose our
will on the unenlightened masses THAT way!

But the height of Haaretz enlightenment came this past Friday March 2.
And this is NOT a Purim joke. The editorial for the day, representing the
publisher and editor of the Palestinian paper printed in Hebrew, is
entitled "Who will Protect us from the Knesset?" Yes, civics students,
Haaretz demands that "we" be protected from democracy, by having a system
in which unelected judges defend us from the legislative powers of the
elected parliament. Think I am joshing you? . Take a look here: .

My guess is that Haaretz will be soon calling for a public burning of the
Magna Carta, the US Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of the
Rights of Man. After all, these can all serve as precedents for allowing
elected representatives of the people to make laws and THAT must never be

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