Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is the American Jewish Committee now Promoting the "Apartheid Israel" Libel?

1. The Socialist Workers endorse the Holocaust Denial Neo-Nazi
"cartoonist" Latuff:
Latuff won the Iran Holocaust Denial cartoon contest and is best known for
his caroons showing Ariel Sharon eating Palestinian children and Alan
Dershowitz masturbating.
He is close chums with Norman Finkelstein.
For a sampling of his filth, see this:

2. You know how the very liberal American Jewish Comnittee has a rep
among the moonbats for being rightwing? It is because the AJCommittee
nominally sponsors Commentary Magazine.

Well, now it appears that the AJCommittee is jumping on the Bash-Israel
Bandwagon and endorsing some of those assertions that Israel is an
apartheid regime. At least so says the Meretz USA web site here:

"Among the guest speakers who dropped by briefly, were Columbia U.
president Lee Bollinger (an impressively thoughtful individual) and Todd
Gitlin (the 60s-era radical and today's prominent liberal academic)....
The major distinction that was made is between those who use the
Apartheid analogy for 'eliminationist' or 'unconscionable' purposes -
with the intend of undermining Israel;s existence as a Jewish state - and
those (like Carter) who employ the analogy for 'conscionable' reasons, to
eliminate the inhumane hardships and injustices that the Palestinians
endure under occupation. The main difference of opinion seemed to be on
whether to simply refute or dismiss the Apartheid analogy or to allow the
truth of valid criticisms of Israeli policies. In the end, there was
consensus that a good response to the Apartheid analogy can be a nuanced
statement that would contain the following elements: 'Apartheid is not
the issue' but the issue includes ending settlement expansion and
occupation on the one side and the need to end violence and terror on the

Israel of course is the only Middle East regime that is NOT an
apartheid regime. So non-eliminationist assertions that Israelis an
apartheid regime are suddenly kosher for the AJCommittee members? Maybe
the AJCommittee will next claim - non-eliminationally of course - that
Israel was behind the 911 attacks on the US? Or that Jews drink gentile
blood for Passover?

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