Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is Marijuana Kitniot?

1. Important Passover Message
This is a special message with important information for all readers of
Tikkun Magazine. You know, Tikkun - the pro-drugs Sixties-fixated hippy
magazine for aging New Agers.

I am afraid I have some bad news for all you Tikkun fellas and gals out
there. It seems that there is some fear that your marijuana counts as
hametz because it contains kitniyot. According, you may have to get rid of
it before the holiday or sell it back to your supplier (but not at a
profit because that would amount to earning prohibited neshech interest on
the funds you had on deposit).

According to the Jerusalem Post this week, six rabbis in Israel were
interviewed about this cosmic issue. The conclusion?

As Rabbi Daniel Kohn of Bat Ayin explained, the issue ultimately boils
down to an individual decision by each rabbi about whether hemp seeds
themselves could be considered edible. If a rabbi decides that the seeds
are edible, then hemp - and, by extension, marijuana - would not be
considered permissible for Pessah. Israel's Green Leaf Party ("Aleh
Yarok") said it was not taking any chances. Following an inquiry by the
Post, a spokeswoman for the party said the group was sending out an e-mail
to members warning them about hemp's possible kashrut problems.
The pro-marijuana Green Leaf Party by the way has no Knesset parliamentary
reps. It just runs in each election so that Tikkun readers can vote for

Now if marijuana really is a form of kitniot, it raises several questions.
Can one smoke it the morning before the Seder as part of biur chametz?
What about selling it to one's non-Jewish pothead friends before the
holiday under a repurchase contract, to be restored to previous owners
after the last day of Passover? Are such contracts kosher? We are waiting
for Rabbi Cheech and Rabbi Chong to publish an authoritative opinion about
that in the Tikkun Passover issue.

Tikkun readers have already suffered a great deal for their devotion to
the commandment to smoke marijuana and get as stoned as the two tablets.
In the Shulkhan Arukh, marijauana plants or cannabis are already
prohibited for use as Succah coverage. They cannot be held together with
the lulav as a sort of Fifth Kind of Fifth Min. The Orthodox establishment
has failed to endorse the psak of several Tikkun Rabbis holding that
smoking hashish on the sabbath is not only permitted but is downright

The Jerusalem Post cites Dan Sieradski, an editor at JewSchool.com who has
been at work on a book on Jews and drugs for several years. "Clearly, you
can use hemp in food (during Pesach)," he said. "You might mix it into
brownies. You aren't going to make bread out of it."

It is so tough being an observant Tikkun reading Jew....

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