Friday, March 23, 2007

Israel's Politicians Get Tough with Crime!

SO let's se if we have all of this clear. The Minister of Finance
is evidently a crook who stole oodles and got caught trying to transport a
quarter million dollars in evidently criminal cash out of Poland. (Caught
by the Poles!) And the Israeli media and police hush it up for ten years.
Not a whisper in the press.
Then nary a day goes by without new information
about Olmert's own criminality. The heads of the income tax
administration get arrested for taking bribes. Haim Ramon gets convicted
for sexual harassment but is still Olmert's choice to replace the current
Minister of Finance when HE goes to prison. Ehud Barak, probably the
most corrupt politician ever to head the Labor Party, is the leading
contender to take it over again and has never been indicted for HIS many
corrupt financial dealings. Amram Mitzna was never indicted for his dirty
deals with oligarchs and just managed to hornswaggle the taxpayer into
subsidizing housing in his new hangout Yeruham in enormous amounts. Half
the mayors in Israel should be in prison for intentionally creating
astronomical deficits that the Histadrut wants to dump on the taxpayer.

The Olmert junta is trying to suppress information
on its colossal failure in the war last summer. Maariv reveals that one
of the katyusha missiles Ehud Barak placed in Lebanon landed smack in the
middle of the Haifa refineries and only by divine intervention did not set
the place ablaze, giving off poisonous gas. And the paper says there were
OTHER hits still classified.

And after ALL of that, who is actually going to jail? Poor little Naomi

Who? Naomi Blumenthal was a Knesset backbencher in the Likud. Frankly
I never liked her and think she is a fool. However, she is also one of the
politicians in Israel LEAST deserving of being imprisoned. Her heinous
crime? At a Likud primaries evening vote, she paid for some hotel rooms
for party central committee voters who lived too far to go home after the
vote and who cast votes for the Likud slate composition.

It is not even clear that there is anything wrong with that. So Naomi
just lost her last appeal and will do prison time to create the impression
in the press that Israeli politicians are intolerant of criminality and

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