Sunday, March 11, 2007

Palestinian Lesbians to Meet in Haifa

1. For those who watch "Law and Order", a police-law drama, you of course
know that the show has long suffered from a track record of preachy
political correctness. It is always opposing detah penalty, in favor of
affirmative action, pro-gay, etc. Well, it is also anti-Semitic. See

2. This sounds like a Purim trick or a Plaut spoof. The lead headline in
Haaretz today" Prime Minister Olmert advises Abbas (PLO head): Dpn'e
Appoint Cronies as Cabinet Ministers."

Really. First, Olmert is handing Abbas advice. And Olmert of all people
is suddenly against appointing incompetent cronies as ministers.

Headline next to that: Labor Party cabinet ministers are blaming Olmert
fo rthe appointment of Labor Party head Amir Peretz as Defense Minister.
You see, all the Labor Party did was to appoint Peretz as head of the
party, but then that damned Olmert had the nerve to appoint Peretz Defense
Minister, putting him in a position to lose the last war. What was wrong
with making him Minister of Tourism?

3. Pappe's new groupies over at the Washington Post:

4. A group calling themselves "Palestinian Lesbians", but including both
women from the West Bank and from inside Israel (the latest Newspeak from
the Left is to refer to Israeli Arabs as "Israeli Palestinians") will be
holding a conference --- inside Israel. In Haifa on March 28. I know
I'll be going.

So why is it being held in Haifa? Well, because if it were held anywhere
in the "Palestinian" areas, the participants would all be murdered.
Meanwhile, allowing the conference to take place has aroused the enmity of
the Islamic movement inside Israel. The Islamists are denouncing Israel
for allowing the "Palestinian" lesbians to meet in Haifa and threatening
violence in revenge. The Arab-cum-Pappe Stalinist party HADASH is
celebrating and endorsing the conference.

5. Israel's leftists have a new bogeyman to hate:
The writer is Amos Oz's daughter.
Here is what Melanie Phillips earlier wrote about Oz-Salzberger:

6. Tikkun Business Opportunities:

7. Treason de jure:

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