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"Progressives" Against the Exodus, by Daryl Temkin

1. In his Jerusalem Post column this past weekend, Jonathan Rosenblum,
one of the Post's best columnists, wrote:

"No doubt the hatred directed at Jews and Israel wearies the soul. And
even more so the piling on of so many Jews here and abroad in that hatred.
Amnon Rubinstein described in Haaretz a few weeks back how the academic
discourse in many Israeli humanities and social science departments takes
place exclusively from Meretz leftwards. The president of one of Israel's
leading universities told him there are departments in which no one
espousing a Zionist worldview would be accepted."

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4. "Progressives" Against the Exodus
March 20, 2007
By Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.
Why did Moses have to stop and take notice of that burning bush? Couldn't he have
simply walked past it and not have engaged in conversation?
In a progressive view, Moses became a radical Egyptophobe who publicly denounced
the terrible conduct of the Egyptian taskmasters, slave owners and, worse, he discredited
the words of Pharaoh. Moses exposed Pharaoh and embarrassingly demonstrated that
he was not a "moderate". But in spite of a mountain of evidence, the progressive
view insisted that Pharaoh's political leadership was just fine. Moses' view was
marginalized and seen as alarmist and extremist.
The "progressive" slaves hated Moses' freedom campaign because they saw it as disruptive
to Egypt, and a justification for anti-Jewish protests. The progressive intellectual
slaves proclaimed Moses to be a stupid stutterer who couldn't even pronounce basic
words. Although all the documents of Egypt consistently pressed for the annihilation
of the Jews, the progressives argued that Pharaoh was really benign and had recognized
the existence and rights of the Nation of Israel -- it was only for political reasons
that Pharaoh couldn't publicly state his recognition.
Two professors from the prestigious Nile University published research which indicated
suspicion that the Israelite nation was not politically supportive of Egyptian attitudes
and was organizing to achieve its own goals. Progressive slaves quickly argued in
favor of continued Jewish enslavement.

The fact that Moses the radical wanted the Jews to abandon Egyptian enslavement was
a terrible affront to Egyptian taskmasters and was a reason to initiate widespread
anti-Semitism. The progressives claimed that if the Jews would only stay and cooperate
with the Egyptian plan to kill them, then hatred of the Jews would not have to be
       The progressive slave position declared
that Moses was an "imperialist expansionist" whose goal was to have the Jews leave
Egypt and become a free people in their own land.  Leaving Egypt meant that
the Jews were planning to conquer the entire universe. The progressives warned that
the Jews who entered the Sinai desert would be the beginning of an unbearable occupation
and would create an unsightly refugee problem of Jews living in makeshift tents for
decades. The world would be in constant fear regarding where the Jews would settle
and which indigenous population would be displaced.
       In the face of trying to negotiate with
an administration that doesn't recognize you, Israel embarked on a unilateral decision
to leave Egypt.  The progressives protested the decision claiming that it
was misguided, it wouldn't lead to the betterment of the Israelites, and that the
Egyptians were given virtually no choice in the matter.
       By leaving Egypt, the Jews robbed the
Egyptians of their slaves.  Robbing a nation of its slaves was a human rights
violation of the Ramsee Convention's Protection of Slave Owners' Rights.  At
the Nile International Court of Justice, crowds of progressives joined Egyptians
chanting, "Give us back our slaves so they can serve us."
       The prosecution's legal argument stated
that the slaves couldn't leave Egypt because that would cause an enormous loss to
Egyptian brutality and would basically destroy Egyptian brick production.  The
price of bricks would skyrocket and cause the collapse of the international brick
       Progressive slaves joined the Egyptian
conspiracy theory stating that the Jews knew the opening and closing times of the
Red Sea and therefore planned the entrapment and destruction of Pharaoh's army.  Furthermore,
they claimed that the Israeli apartheid leaders had filled Egyptian swimming pools
with blood so that an entire generation of Egyptians couldn't learn how to swim.
 The enormous damage caused to Egypt with the loss of countless waterlogged
chariots, army uniforms, drowned horses and soldiers would be the fault of the Jews. 

Egyptian historians conducted conferences to prove that the Jews never belonged in
Egypt and that they only came to steal the Egyptian land.  Yet, the Egyptian-Goshen
two state solution was touted by progressives as being a safe and secure living condition
that would guarantee Jewish enslavement.  The security fence surrounding
Goshen would comfort Egyptians that no slave would ever escape.
       Moses realized that no matter how hard
Jews slaved away for the Egyptians, and no matter how many "Nile Prize" science awards
the Jews would earn, the Egyptians would continue publishing anti-Semitic school
textbooks.  No matter how perfect the Jews would be, the Egyptian media
would continue preaching that the Jews are the usurpers of the land, pariahs and
blood sucker expansionists whose only interest was to rob Egypt and to push the Egyptians
into the sea. In response to the blatant Egyptian anti-Semitism, the progressive
slaves chose to be silent and just act as if nothing was wrong.
       Using magical thinking, the progressives
claimed that eventually Egypt would recognize the Israelites and the Egyptian taskmasters
would stop killing Jews for sport. The progressives claimed that everything would
be fine if only  Moses would stop his demands and the Israelites would behave
as model cooperative slaves.  But if Moses continued to demand freedom and
liberty, the Egyptians and the world would be forced to hate the Jews.
       Although the progressive slaves would
fight ferociously for other people's right to be free, when it came to themselves,
it was better that they remain a no-people with no rights and no-land, and let the
nations of the world decide where and what should be done with them.
       Then, the progressives turned the discussion
of freedom up-side-down. They claimed that Moses was the real threat to the Jews,
not Pharaoh, and that Moses was the enslaver. They claimed that the world hated the
Jews because of Moses' plan to take the Jews beyond their borders.  The
progressives just wanted to be loved by those who articulated their plans to kill
       Pharaoh preached that he wasn't anti Semitic
-- after all, he was a Semite; so how could he be called anti-Semitic?  Pharaoh
was just "anti-Israel".  He just didn't want the Jews to go off and become
their own people in their own land. The fact that he made it legal to kill, murder,
and abuse the Israelites was just a minor detail which human rights groups would
choose to ignore.
       It is estimated that 80% of the Egyptian
Jews were against the Moses plan of seeking personal and religious freedom.  If
there had been a democratic vote, Moses would have been defeated by a landslide,
imprisoned, and likely lynched.
       The 80% of the slave community who sounded
so rational in their refusal to leave Egypt vanished; some say they disappeared during
the biblical Plague of Darkness.  Basically, they became invisible because
their beliefs led to the erosion and dismantling of the Jewish mission.
       How different are things today?  The
official progressive position is that Israel must work at becoming loved. They are
to accept Hamas and its non-recognition of Israel's existence Palestinian Unity Government.
Israel is expected to make more high risk concessions and accept more security restrictions.
 As Pharaoh of old, the new "PA Unity Government pharaoh" wants the same:
to make the lives of the Jews more vulnerable with very few rights to self protection,
fewer rights to self-preservation, and basically a renewed enslavement.
       Progressive, which means "to progress",
needs to be renamed, perhaps more accurately, "recessive".  For all who
consider what the Jews have brought to this world to be of great value, had the so-called
"progressive" ideology prevailed, the whole world would have all remained in a plague
of darkness.

Daryl Temkin is the founder and director of theIsrael Instiuteand can be contacted
at: [].

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