Sunday, March 04, 2007

Queen Esterina vs. Mordecai Marciano

1. Over the past few weeks Knesset Member Esterina Tartman (Tart, man,
that is her real name) has become something of the Dan Quayle of Israel, the
butt of endless political jokes and jabs by comics on TV and in the press.
It began when Tartman came out strongly against the appointment of an Arab
politician as cabinet minister, someone who had once organized radical
violent anti-Israel rallies. It escalated when it turned out that Tartman
had pretty much fabricated the educational credentials on her resume. She
had also been granted state recognition as a disabled person who could not
work, yet was at the same time being touted by her party, Israel Beitenu,
led by the Rightwing Avigdor Lieberman, for Minister of Tourism. Israel
by the way has a Ministry of Tourism for reasons that remain one of the
great state secrets which no one has ever uncovered.

Anyway, Esterina became something of a national joke and in particular an
embarrassment for Lieberman and his party, and in fact for the entire
Israeli Right. Lieberman trashed the idea of making her a cabinet
minister and my guess is she will now be perma-muzzled if she stays on in
the Knesset.

Meanwhile the hypocrisy of the Israeli media, as always the occupied
territories of the Left, is on display for all to see. First, the
behavior of media snobs making fun of poor Esterina's lack of college
credentials should be considered in light of the fact that most of these
same people have never gotten around to mocking or objecting to Amir
Peretz's having even less schooling than Esterina. And Esterina has not
lost any important wars in recent years, unlike Moustache Pete!

But the media hypocrisy is seen even more glaringly when one compares the
Quaylization of Esterina to the downright deference of the Israeli media
to Knesset Member Yoram Marciano from the Israeli Labor Party. If you do
not know what I am talking about, that proves my point!

Yoram Marciano
( ) is a
Labor Party backbencher. Marciano is a poodle for Shimon Peres and runs the staff
trying now to get leftist Labor airhead Collette Avital elected as the
next President of Israel, once Moshe Katsav officially resigns.
Deliciously, Marciano had been acting as the Labor Party consiglieri
trying to get Katsav impeached! After all, we would not want any
criminals holding office in Israel, right Yoram?

This past Wednesday, Marciano (who, as far as I know, also has no college
degree) got drunk and assaulted some security guards outside a Herzliya
club, near Tel Aviv. Seems that when he gets drunk, he confuses himself
for Rocky Marciano. For three days Marciano lied himself blue, trying to
lie his way out of trouble Clinton style, claiming the guards attacked HIM
and not vice versa
(,7340,L-3371210,00.html ). He filed a
false police report against the guards, hoping to confuse things when they
filed one against him. Filing a false police report is a pretty serious
crime (as of course is battery).

Now drunken leftist politicians are not exactly a novelty in Israel.
While we will not spread the full batch of police sheets out for you here,
perhaps the best remembered lush was Saint Yitz, Yitzhak Rabin, himself.

Drunken leftists are not usually things about which the Israeli media
report. But Marciano behaved as a violent hooligan and then filed false
complaints with the police and kept lying, well after his drunkenness had
worn off.

Marciano would have continued to try to lie his way out of trouble and to
lie the police into prosecuting the victims of his own violence, except
there were too many eyewitnesses who saw what had really happened

) . Then today Marciano suddenly changed his story!

Seeing that no one in Israel other than maybe Shimon Peres believed that
he was the victim and not the aggressor in the street brawl, Marciano
admitted everything, and even asked the Knesset Ethics Committee to punish
him. Oh, how touching. The media are all over themselves, weepy-eyed,
saluting his honorable admission and confession, demanding that he be
treated with understanding since he has come clean, treated like a fine
honest statesman who has his minor faults.

You know, unlike Esterina.

2. Will mocking the jihad be allowed in the Euro-bimbo song contest?

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