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Richard Wagner as J Edgar Hoover?

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Richard Wagner did a J Edgar Hoover in Corsets and Lace
12 Adar 5767, 02 March 07 03:59by "Back to Sanity" - Arutz 7

Oh, darned.

Now we will never be able to prevent the Caring Crowd from demanding that
the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra play Wagner's music. This sounds like
it is taken from Mel Brooks' "The Producers", but it turns out that
Hitler's favorite composer was a transvestite. And this is NOT a Purim

Adolf Hitler once said that "Whoever wants to understand National
Socialistic Germany must know Wagner." Richard Wagner was an early
promoter of racialist theories about Jewish inferiority. Wagner's opera
"The Ring of Nibelung" was particularly anti-Semitic, although now we all
must wonder on what Wagner must have been nibbling when he composed his
Nibelung. The Nazis found many of Wagner's rantings inspiring and
lionized him.

The Guardian in the UK has just reported that Richard Wagner was a cross
dresser. Seems the pre-nazi composer himself bragged about it. He wrote:
"The bodice will have a high collar, with a lace jabot and ribbons;
close-fitting sleeves; the dress trimmed with puffed flounces - of the
same satin material - no basque at the front (the dress must be very wide
and have a train) but a rich bustle with a bow at the back, like the one
at the front) ..." His letter about his passion for ladies' garments was
revealed by a new web site, the Wagner Journal, run by an Opera buff and
groupie of Wagner.

Barry Millington, co-editor of the Wagner Journal, is cited in the
Guardian as saying: "He obviously had a very pronounced feminine side,"
said Mr Millington. "There was this whole business with silks and satin
underwear: he had to wear silk next to his skin." Moreover, Wagner
shopped for his clothes with fancy French dress designers. Oo la la!

Now performing Wagner has long been controversial in Israel. On the one
hand, there may be as many as 300 people in Israel who actually like to
listen to opera music and a few of these want the Israel Philharmonic to
perform Wagner until the fat lady sings. As Mark Twain once said, opera
music is better than it sounds. The orchestra however refuses to perform
Wagner; one can occasionally hear Wagner on Israeli radio. Zubin Mehta
requested to conduct Wagner and was turned down flat. Anti-Israel moonbat
maestro Daniel Barenboim has to go to Bayreuth to conduct Wagner. Many
non-Jews are also uncomfortable with performing Wagner.

But now that it turns out that Wagner was politically correct, that is, a
transvestite in lace as well as a fruit, how on earth will we be able to
stop the demands from the Moonbatocracy that he be celebrated in Israel as

2. The Soldier Posing for a Souvenir Photo-op /
By Tali Silberstein, Open University, Communications)
and Ishai Menuchin (Hebrew University, Political Sciences and managing
director of the Jerusalem Spinoza Institute)

"The IDF is not the Israeli Defense Forces anymore, but rather the Israeli
Occupation Forces. It fails repeatedly in defending the country's borders.
Meanwhile, it has become proficient and enthusiastic in the arts of
Occupation and oppression, and has internalized their mentality."
The full article:

3. Bar-Ilan University professor has a fan in Egypt:

----- Forwarded message from Memri <> -----
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 15:17:23 -0500
From: Memri <>
Subject: Egyptian Researcher Discusses Protocols of Zion & Blood Libel


Special Dispatch-Egypt/Antisemitism Documentation Project
March 2, 2007
No. 1485

Egyptian Researcher Muhammad Al-Buheiri Discusses Protocols of the
Elders of
Zion and Blood Libel Which Still Occurs Today

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit: .

The following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian researcher
Al-Buheiri, which aired on Nile Culture TV on February 25, 2007.
Al-Buheiri is
a past recipient of an Egyptian Ministry of Culture scholarship (1) and
maintains a website. (2)


Interviewer: "What is this story of the blood matza, which some authors
. even
Arab ones . say is antisemitic lies and nonsense, while others say it
is true?"

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "Unfortunately, some Arabs want to be holier than

Interviewer: "A journalist like Salah 'Issa, for example, wrote in
Nahdhat Masr
that we don't need to decide whether the blood matza story was true or
not, but
that we should examine how we deal strategically with the Jews and the
in the 21st century."

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "That's true, but it doesn't mean that we
shouldn't deal
with such issues. Let's not forget that the West in its entirety
celebrated Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. So why shouldn't we do
same? I called for a Nobel Prize to be awarded to the Israeli Jewish
the son of the chief rabbi of Rome..."

Interviewer: "He's the son of the chief rabbi of Italy..."

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "He's the son of the chief rabbi of Rome, who is
alive at 90 years of age."

Interviewer: "He wrote Bloody Passover, the book we are discussing."

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "This man proved scientifically and objectively...
He's an
academic, who heads the department of Jewish history at the Israeli
University. We are not talking about an amateur, a fraud, or someone
looking to
get famous. We are talking about an academic, who follows scientific
objective principles. He reached the conclusion that there was indeed a
of extremist Jews, who used to slaughter Christian children, and to
their blood in order to make the Passover matza. It had to be a child
who had
not reached puberty. They would abduct him, and put him into a barrel
for this purpose, which had holes in the sides at the place of the
They would insert iron skewers through the barrel, and make the boy's
flow that way. Then they would collect the blood, and use it for
Passover. Some
sources in Jewish halacha say that preparing a single matza on Passover
this way
is sufficient for all the Jews. Others believe that such matzos should
prepared in each country separately."

Interviewer: "They sacrifice Christian children... When was it? In what

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "It has been substantiated since the Middle Ages."

Interviewer: "Since then?"

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "Yes."

Interviewer: "My question is: Until when did it happen?"

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "That is the question we must ask. Have the Jews,
with all
their extremists, especially in Israel, given up... Have they given up
customs and religious rituals, which are important to them? There were
many cases. There were similar cases in Syria. There were similar cases
in 1700
and 1800. Such children were abducted."

Interviewer: "I have another question. Who are the people who prepare
matzos? Are they Jewish extremists or moderates? As a researcher
in inter-faith dialogue, do you believe this still occurs in Israel?
rephrasing the question."

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "I believe it does, because these are religious


Interviewer: "In some Israeli newspapers and media, we have seen that
they take
an Israeli hen or rooster, and shed its blood, and they say that this
is a form
of Israeli sacrifice that brings blessing. We have witnessed this on
occasions. The question is why this important book, Bloody Passover,
the Jews throughout the world, who said that this renowned Israeli
historian is

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "First of all, we should be aware that the Jews
implement a rule they consider basic: A loud voice is capable of
erasing the

Interviewer: "A loud voice?"

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "Yes."

Interviewer: "They are quite loud, aren't they?"

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "Precisely. If they attack somebody, they announce
in the
media and propaganda tools, which they control so skillfully,
throughout the
world... They turn the facts upside down. They turn the attacker into

Interviewer: "The media are controlled by the Jews."

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "The Jews have made great efforts to conceal the
issue of
the Passover blood. They even called it 'blood libel.' In Jewish
culture, this
is called 'blood libel' . the lie about the use of Christian blood to

Interviewer: "Some people say that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
. and we
are talking about the Israeli blood matza . is a complete fabrication
about the
history of the Jews and Judaism. How do you respond to this as a

Muhammad Al-Buheiri: "By Allah, even if I did not have historical
proof, like
the proof obtained by the Israeli historian Ariel Toaff, the current
proves that it is true, or, at the very least, raises the possibility
that it
is true. We await a generation of new Israeli historians, who are
by scientific objectivity, and, incidentally, deserve our respect.
We're waiting
for them to look into this issue, and it will surely turn out to be


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