Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spokeswoman for Ben Gurion University in the US turns to McCarthyist Lies

So let us see if we have this straight. Ben Gurion University's new
president shoots off her mouth in an interview and makes derogatory
comments about donors to her own university. That triggers roars of
outrage around the world. The head of the American Associates of Ben
Gurion University then decides that **I** am responsible for the whole
affair, and that there are no faculty at BGU who are calling for Israel to
be destroyed, that non-leftist Jews in the US have no right to express
their opinions (especially not if they are associated with the Zionist
StandWithUs group), unlike leftist Jews in the US like the one serving
as the head of the "American Associates of Ben Gurion University" (who
evidently does not know Hebrew). What am I talking about? See the
bottom 3 letters at
Note her gratuitous comments about that mysterious "BGU slanderer
convicted of libel in Israel."

What triggered that outburst from her is this article by Allyson Rowen
Taylor's description of Carmi's words in the controversial interview is
far closer to the truth than Saal's.

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