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Exodus, the Sequel

1. I realize it is getting hard to tell the real news from the
spoofs. But this item really needs special attention.

The "Physicians for Human Rights" (PHR) is an anti-Semitic far-leftist
pro-terror organization specializing in bashing Israel. A few years back
it distributed anti-Semitic cartoons with "Der Sturmer"-like caricatures
(for details, go to

) . It is so anti-Israel that it was once run by Neve Gordon. Here is
NGO-Monitor's take on them:

Well, the good doctors and doctor impersonators over at PHR have a new
cause. They are campaigning to get an imprisoned Palestinian murderer a
kidney transplant.

Now kidney transplants are not the easiest thing to set up.
Ordinarily the wait for available kidneys is very very long. But PHR
wants Ahmed al-Tamimi to get his right away, pronto, chop chop. Al-Tamimi
happens to be an imprisoned murderer. Due to kidney problems, he is on
dialysis. He says his cousin is willing to donate a kidney to help get
him back on his feet so he will be fit to murder more Jews. I personally
demand to know who is paying for his having access to an expensive
dialysis machine! The prison medical staff have been dragging their feet
about arranging for the surgery.

So PHR is organizing a public campaign to help expedite things. You
know, more of those famous human rights that PHR supports as long as no
one suggests that Jews have any human rights.

2. Meanwhile, conflicting reports are coming out all week over the
plans of Knesset Member Azmi Bishara. Bishara is an Arab fascist Knesset
Member best known for illegally running into Lebanon and Syria to call for
Israel's annihilation. He suddenly disappeared. He is overseas and his
people are claiming he is not returning to Israel and will resign his
Knesset seat. First Pappe leaves and now Bishara? Is God still doing
Passover cleaning?

So it occurred to me the Hollywood lefties may now want to do a new
movie, "Exodus II". As you recall, when we last left Ari ben Canaan from
Exodus I, he was burying the poor little blond girl murdered by the Arab
terrorists but was expected to get himself the blond shiksa as his steady
girl. Zeev the little Stern Gang fella, was off doing his stuff.

So now in the new movie, Ari gets sent back to Europe in a secret
undercover operation. Bring our People Home, he is ordered. So he steals
an old rusty steamer out of Rotterdam port and equips it to bring Azmi
Bishara home, slipping him past guards and carrying home over snowy

You get the idea....

3. D'Souza Goes Native:

4. Guy Bechor is a leftist Israeli coplumnist. Here are some comments on
him by Dr. Yuval Brandstetter:

Guy Bechor falls prey to Iranian Stratagem

Doctor Guy Bechor is one of Israel's better known experts on Middle East
affairs. He holds the position of the Head of Middle East Studies at the
Prestigious Multi-Disciplinary Center in Herzlia, and is a frequent
commentator on main-stream Israeli Media. Recently he has launched his own
web-site where he expounds his insights and hosts other commentators.
In a recent article ( ) titled Divine

Dr Bechor develops the study of the stratagems used by the
traditional Shi'a Islam for survival along-side the belligerent majority,
Sunni Islam. I contrasted this well-written and informative post with an
article placed by Dr Bechor in Israel's most-read newspaper, Yediot
Aharonot in June 2006, titled "The enemy becomes a friend". In this
article Dr Bechor expounds on the ways and means to make Shiite Iran the
second pro-Western democracy in the Middle East following Israel. In that
article Dr Bechor decried the seemingly inevitable collision between the
USA and Iran, and suggested the USA should engage Iran in a dialogue
towards the development of Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes, in
exchange for complete transparency of the Nuclear program for, and I quote
"it is the right of every nation to develop its own program of peaceful
Nuclear Energy" end quote. In exchange for this Iranian concession the USA
will "halt all intentions and actions designed to topple the Iranian
regime, which is exceedingly solid, and announce the cessation of all
sanctions applied ever since the Islamic revolution" end quote.
Now in April 2007, in the aforementioned web post, Dr Bechor describes the
four motifs which underlie the deceit and psychological warfare used so
successfully by Iran and her proxy in Lebanon, Hizzballah, headed by the
mullah Nasrallah.

Huddah: A facade of insurmountable strength, unassailable superiority,
which will quail the heart of any potential adversary, and a-priori
precludes all attempts at administering defeat. Thus did Nasrallah, with
his frequent TV appearances, convince the Israeli public that the IDF was
routed in each and every firefight versus the feared Hizballah fighters,
says Dr Bechor. My comment upon this revelation is the Dr Bechor fell
right into the Huddah trap in his 2006 article, when he asserted the
Iranian regime is exceedingly solid. It may be, it may not be, but Dr
Bechor has been utterly convinced of its unassailability so that the only
way to deal with the regime's malign intentions is to "drop the sanctions"
Thanpiyyah: A tactic to make the enemy lose his own superiority. A recent
example presented by Dr Bechor is the use of civilian living shields made
by Hizzballah in its engagement with the IDF. Civilian deaths are
cynically presented to the western media which mindlessly curtails the
superiority of the Israeli armed forces. My comment is the Dr Bechor falls
into the Thanpiyyah trap when he suggests the USA should offer Iran full
unrestricted relationships in exchange for meaningless promises to stop
its support of Syrian and Hizzballah activities in Iraq and Lebanon. Thus
the tremendous American superiority in airpower is negated in exchange for
a piece of paper useful only for wrapping stale fish.

Thakiyyah: When the Shiite is in the minority or at a disadvantage he is
allowed to dissimulate, hide his true intentions, pretend integration and
well-meaning. My comment is that the Thakiyyah is exactly the commodity Dr
bechor suggested the USA should buy from the Iranian regime: A pretense of
democratic reform and peace-making while the Iranian Shiite leadership's
true intentions consist of Judeocide, a nuclear-backed take-over of the
Persian/Arab oil-rich gulf, and the coming of the Shiite messiah, the
twelfth Imam. The grand vision, quote "It is specifically Iran that can be
the first candidate for a pro-Western true democracy" end quote, is the
kind of Thanppiyah bait which Dr Bechor appears to swallow hook line and

Quote, April 2007: "Cathmann denotes the denial of your words and deeds
though you continue to try and attain your pre-ordained ends. The present
Shiite demeanor concerning the Nuclear subject and especially the
invocation of Civilian Nuclear Energy is an example of Cathmann, typically
this stratagem does not consist of an outright lie, because the denial is
bracketed by 'small print' additions such as 'according to Islam' and
'consistent with Sharia (Islamic law) and some such" end quote. The above
sentence is a cut and paste section from the April 2007 article. Lo and
behold, the 2006 article contains no mention of Cathmann, Dr Bechor
advocated a voluntary offer of nuclear plants for peaceful purposes as
part of reforming the Shiite Regime from an enemy to a friend. It is plain
that Dr Bechor, impeached by his own insight, or shall we say hindsight,
was deceived by Shiite 'Cathmann' as he was by all the other motifs of
Shiite psychological warfare.

What a difference can a month make. By July 2006 Israel was engaged in
vicious fighting in Lebanon following a cross-border Razzia in the Islamic
tradition, where the Shiite proxy of Iran deployed the full range of
Shiite psychological warfare to great effect. Contrasting the two articles
I should think Dr Bechor visage should be in shambles. And if the cedars
of Lebanon are on fire, what should the shrubs say? It is no wonder that
lesser thinkers such as the misbegotten Israeli leadership of Olmert
Peretz and Livni (the government with the lowest approval rating ever in
Israel) and their bevy of Media bootlickers should fall for the same
Shiite Islamic tricks, and propel Israel to defeat at the hands of a
guerrilla Islamic rag-tag army.

On the other hand the claxon which was set off by the first Iran-Israel
war is the most sobering event since the Oslo accords, or the Oslo
stupification. We now know that we have been duped, deceived, slayed, and
convinced that in the end it is our own fault and there is nothing we can
do about it. Today Dr Bechor, and any sane person with his eyes firmly set
in his head (rather than his behind) that "Peace Now" is a sure-fire
recipe for War now. That "Four Mothers" (a hyper-blown Media construct
which advocated the year 2000 rout from southern Lebanon, allowing the
Hizzballah dig in and set up along the border) is a super recipe for four
hundred bereaved mothers. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchil when
Chamberlain returned with the Hitlerite pledge for Peace, we can choose
between war and surrender. Should we choose surrender, war becomes

By this time the Shiite Islamic stratagem should now be an open book, and
proper action to defang the Shiite threat must be taken, and soon, before
three hundred Shihabs armed with a Nuclear device make their debut.

Yuval Brandstetter MD
Lehavim Israel
Please see my entry in NATIV, published by ACPR,

5. . By the way, no one ever had anything to say when IMUS dissed Jews!

April 11, 2007
Imus's Enablers
April 11, 2007; Page A14

Let's have more talk about Don Imus's enablers -- all those prominent
journalists and politicians who go on his show knowing that they will be
featured along with degrading and allegedly humorous one-liners about
blacks, gays, Jews and women.

The celebs like to talk about the high-minded Imus, who brings a
sophisticated knowledge of public affairs to early morning radio. They
wish to separate themselves from the low-minded Imus, the one who delivers
racist wisecracks and featured "The First Lady is a Tramp," a song about
Hillary Clinton, complete with references to her urinary habits and
menstrual cycles. Like the piano player in the brothel, Imus's notables
seem shocked that anyone would associate them with what goes on upstairs.

Back in 1996, Bob Dole and Joe Lieberman were attacking, respectively,
Hollywood cultural pollution and trash TV. Both regularly went on Imus,
where they were surrounded by material quite similar to the stuff they
were complaining about. Besides, almost any pol might earn an Imus
endorsement (He came out for Mr. Dole in 1996 and John Kerry in 2004.)

Jeff Greenfield once said that appearing on Imus is like being an
important novelist excerpted in Playboy. You wish to be judged by your
brilliant writing, not your proximity to the centerfold mammaries. But
this raises the question of what the pols and journalists are doing when
they go on Imus's show: Are they elevating our political culture or
debasing it by legitimating an unusually low level of public discourse?

Imus taunted one reporter as a "boner-nosed, beanie-wearing Jewboy" and
referred to the publisher Simon & Schuster as "thieving Jews," returning
later with a mock apology explaining that he misspoke, since the term is
redundant. He called the New York Knicks "chest-bumping pimps." Tucker
Carlson, he said, is a "bowtie-wearing pussy." According to a Mike Wallace
report on "60 Minutes," Imus said he picked a particular producer to do
"nigger jokes" on air. Emily Rooney made one anti-Imus comment on CNN and
said Imus pummeled her for three weeks as "a cow" and accused her of
"getting into the liquor cabinet." An Imus assistant, reporting on sports,
called tennis star Amalie Maurismo " a big old lesbo" and referred to the
Indian men's doubles team as "Gunga Din and Sambo."

In 2001, commentator Clarence Page extracted a public pledge from Imus:
The broadcaster would "cease all simian references to black athletes" and
ban "all references to noncriminal blacks as thugs, pimps, muggers and
Colt 45 drinkers."

Mr. Page is a rare example of a well-known journalist challenging the
inflammatory rhetoric. Imus's prominent guests almost never get around to
criticizing his vitriol. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), a
left-of-center press watchdog group, points out that in 2000 Tim Russert
suggested that George W. Bush's appearance at Bob Jones University was
"giving affirmation to that institution." Mr. Russert asked Mr. Bush, "Why
are you associating with them?" Obviously, the same question can be asked
about Mr. Russert's cozy relationship with Imus. New York Times eminence
Frank Rich, a regular Imus guest, is ever alert to smears of gays and
women and virtually went into a swoon when George Allen used the word
"macaca." Yet a computer search failed to turn up any complaints from Mr.
Rich about Imus's bigoted remarks.

During Imus's abusive speech at the radio and TV correspondents' dinner in
1998, there was talk of walking out on the speaker. It didn't happen.
Later there was murmuring of a celeb boycott but the only notable to
declare one was Cokie Roberts. ("I really don't think it would be
appropriate for any of us to go back on.") Imus abused her on air, and Ms.
Roberts returned.

What hold does Imus have on these people? Well, he sells a lot of books,
and writers don't want to walk on principle if it's going to affect sales.
Journalists who appear regularly on Imus know that speaking out will earn
them days of on-air abuse and decertify them as important in Washington.
Better to look the other way and stay in the big-time morning
conversation. They can always complain about slurs delivered by folks who
lack an important show.

Mr. Leo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

6. Racist Academics:

7. How Middle Easterners view Western Moonbats:

8. Please Sign the Anti-Finkelstein Petition!
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