Monday, May 14, 2007

About those "Tree Vandals" In the West Bank:

1. Dig the Khazars?

2. You know how the Moonbats keep inventing stories about Jewish
"settlers" vandalizing "Palestinian" olive trees?
Well, wonder what they will say about THIS vandalizion:
Arabs Uproot 100s of Jewish Trees and Grape Vines in Gush Etzion
Ezra HaLevi

Residents of the Gush Etzion hilltop community of Sde Boaz had hundreds
of grape vines and scores of fruit trees uprooted and destroyed Friday.
The latest vandalism, though the most costly yet, is just the latest in a
string of attacks on the community.s property.

The agricultural, eco-friendly community, located about a mile north of
the town of Neve Daniel, was victim to a similar attack on the Jewish
holiday of Tu B'Shvat earlier this year, when one of its orchards was

Systematic Destruction of Community.s Agriculture
Residents of the agricultural community said that in addition to the
destruction of the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards and fruit trees Friday,
expensive irrigation systems were damaged and stolen as well. The vandals
used donkeys to plow under the hundreds of vines and uproot the fruit

.This carob tree was planted so our grandchildren could eat of its
fruits,. said resident Gideon Kelman, holding the broken remains one of
the slow-growing trees. .They have destroyed that..
A resident holds one of the dead fruit trees
A broken carob tree
The milk cartons were used by the Gush Etzion Winery to protect the young
vines from deer
Most of the vines were taken, though a few dozen lay strewn about

Amit Barak, a native of the Galilee city of Nazereth and now in charge of
security in Sde Boaz, said that the entire incident happened during a
three-hour window period Friday morning. .Someone went down this morning
to prune his vines and everything was fine, and then, just a few hours
after he finished, we noticed everything had been destroyed..

The vineyards and fruits trees were located on terraces lower down on the
unfenced community.s hillside that cannot be seen from the community
itself, where the IDF and residents conduct regular patrols.

Irrigation was dragged down to the valley, though some hoses caught on
rocks and were left behind on the way
Residents followed the trail and found some of the irrigation stashed
nearby in the hope, ostensibly, that the vandals would be able to come
back for it later

Left-Wing Incitement Heralds Destruction and Attacks
Arabs and leftists have been frequenting the vicinity on almost a weekly
basis since the initial attack on the community.s orchard. That attack
took place in a valley below the community as residents stood by
peacefully on the Sabbath of Tu B.Shvat, refusing to respond to the
provocations by the crowd of foreign activists, who later attacked IDF
soldiers attempting to carry out an arrest.
Olive sapling planted in the middle of young vineyard on Tu B'Shvat

Last week, foreign activists, at least one claiming to be a journalist,
engaged residents in an hours-long discussion regarding Jewish rights to
live in Judea, Samaria and Israel as a whole. The foreigners, from the
International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Palestine Solidarity Movement
(PSM), Taayush and other groups, claimed to be on a fact-finding tour and
were accompanied by local Arab handlers.

.Every time we take the high road when dealing with leftist provocations,
we pay for it soon after,. said one resident who declined to have his name
published. .The Arabs they bring with them are emboldened by what they
view as our powerlessness and the clear message projected by the police .
that it is open season on Jews and their property. When they turn on the
radio and hear our Defense Minister [Amir Peretz] talking about how the
Jews in Hevron.s Peace House don.t have the right to be in a building they
paid $700,000 for . and they take it as a cue to attack us and grab state
land - land that belongs to Jews and is being systematically grabbed by
the PLO..

Incidentally, at roughly the same time Friday as the most recent
destruction took place, a left-wing/Arab protest against the Partition
Wall took place at the nearby Arab village of Um Salamuna, west of the
town of Efrat. At the protest, one of the main handlers hosting
international activists in the village of Beit Omar was arrested.

What is Worse Than Police Inaction?
Residents decided not to call the police. They said it was a statement of
protest due to police inaction, and even persecution, following such
complaints in the recent past.

Sde Boaz has suffered from a string of attempted robberies, with Arab
thieves caught stealing old cars belonging to a local mechanic as well as
playground equipment, to be sold as scrap metal. Twice residents and IDF
soldiers stationed in the area caught thieves, but after being handed over
to police they were reportedly released from custody. Residents say there
is a concrete police decision not to enforce the law against those
committing crimes against communities considered .unauthorized. by the
government and "illegal" by local and foreign media.
Note: This was not the first such case of Arab-Leftist environmental

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