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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Corrie:

An Open Letter to the Parents of Rachel Corrie
22 Iyar 5767, 10 May 07 09:19by Prof. Steven Plaut(

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Corrie,

You are continuing with your campaign of demonization and delegitimization
against Israel, a campaign that now manifests itself in a shallow
anti-Israel propaganda play being staged in Seattle. All this, of course,
came after your earlier open letter to the world, "A Call to Action;
Rachel's Words Live," which was reprinted in many different media outfits,
including the viciously anti-Semitic Counterpunch magazine, and the
Guardian of the UK.

In that letter, you begin by recalling that your daughter was "killed by
an Israeli bulldozer," but you neglect to mention the circumstances under
which she was so killed (and the fact that she died from her injuries
while under Palestinian medical care). You then add, "She had been working
in Rafah with a nonviolent resistance organization, the International
Solidarity Movement, trying to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes
and wells."

No, she was not. She was trying to prevent the demolition of tunnels used
to smuggle weapons for Palestinian terrorists seeking to murder Jewish
civilians. The International Solidarity Movement, or ISM, to which she
belonged openly endorses Palestinian "armed struggle" against Jewish
children and civilians and openly collaborates with terrorists . It has
hidden wanted terrorists and their weapons in its offices. It is an
accomplice in murder. Two Arabs who entered Israel under ISM auspices blew
up a Tel Aviv pub and murdered Jews. Lying is not the best way to drum up
sympathy for your dead daughter.

Your daughter was in Rafiah in the Gaza Strip to serve as a human shield
to defend and promote Palestinian terrorism. When you yourselves were
nearly kidnapped in Gaza last year, you were there for the same reason.
You pretend that your daughter died trying to protect an "innocent house."
You are lying again. That "innocent house" she was protecting was
camouflage for a not-so-innocent terrorist smuggling tunnel, and the
residents of that "innocent house" knew all about the tunnel. Explosives
and arms were being smuggled by terrorists through that tunnel to commit
mass murder.

Your daughter was in a war zone as a belligerent, as one who had - perhaps
wittingly and perhaps not - recruited herself on behalf of a genocidal
movement of Arab fascists seeking to destroy Israel and murder as many
Jews as possible. Your daughter died while interfering with an anti-terror
operation carried out by an army in a land in which she had no business
being at all. You demand that we in Israel feel your pain at the loss of
your daughter, yet your daughter conscripted herself as an aid for those
seeking to murder my children.

The raison d'etre of the ISM is to assist Palestinian terrorists murder
Jewish children, and to prevent all Israeli efforts to fight that campaign
of murder. Your daughter foolishly put herself in harm's way by
challenging a large bulldozer and placing herself in a position where the
operator could not see her. You know quite well that the bulldozer
operator was not seeking to harm your daughter. And you know very well
that no harm would have fallen her had she not decided to "play chicken"
with the machine - about as responsible a form of behavior as running
across unlit segments of LA freeways at midnight.

In that earlier open letter of yours you write, "We had not understood the
devastating nature of the Palestinians' situation." Of course, you have
never expressed any interest in the devastating nature of the Jews'
situation. The Jews have been battling Arab fascism and terrorism for a
hundred years, before, during, and after the Nazi Holocaust of six million
Jews. Your daughter was allied with those seeking to continue the
perpetration of Nazi-like atrocities against randomly selected Jews. You
smugly praise the propaganda play about your daughter in London, which
ignored all the other Rachels, the Jewish women victims of terror in
Israel, who were murdered by the genocidal terrorists with whom your
daughter's ISM friends collaborate.

Your daughter, and apparently you as well, never had any understanding of
the Middle East conflict. The Middle East conflict is not about the right
of self-determination of Palestinian Arabs, but rather, it is about the
right to self-determination of Israeli Jews. For a century, the Arabs have
attempted to block any expression of Jewish self-determination, using
violence, armed aggression and terrorism. The Arabs today control 22
countries and territory nearly twice the size of the United States. They
refuse to share even a fraction of one percent of the Middle East with
Jews, even in a territory smaller than New Jersey.

The Arab countries invented the imaginary Palestinian "people" and their
imaginary "plight" after 1967 as a propaganda ploy, in imitation of the
German campaign on behalf of Sudeten self-determination in the 1930s. Just
as the struggle for "Sudeten liberation" was nothing more than a fig leaf
for the German aggression aimed at annihilating Czechoslovakia, so the
struggle for "Palestinian liberation" is nothing more than a jihad to
destroy Israel and its population. And it is in support of that goal that
the ISM operates, even taking its operational orders from terror leaders.

You write, "Clearly, our daughter has become a positive symbol for
people." I am afraid you are mistaken. Your daughter has become a symbol
for dangerous foolhardiness. She committed suicide as an empty gesture
meant to assist murderers and terrorists.

You want the world to mourn for your daughter, who died as part of her
efforts to assist those trying to murder my children. You demand, on the
pages of anti-Semitic propaganda web magazines, that the world mourn your
daughter, but you do not have a single word of sympathy for the families
of the thousands of innocent victims of the terrorists with whom your
daughter chose to ally herself. Copyright
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Latest From The Land Of Oz
By: Kenneth Levin Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Amos Oz never tires of finding ways to blame Israel for the absence
of Arab-Israeli peace, no matter how clearly the voices on the other side,
in Palestinian and broader Arab media, mosques, and schools, declare that
their idea of peace is the annihilation of Israel and the destruction of
its people. Nor does the celebrated Israeli novelist tire of grossly
rewriting history to serve his blame-Israel narrative.

His latest article in this vein appeared on the Yediot Aharonot
website on April 29 under the title .Israel Partly at Fault.. Among the
unconscionable falsehoods Oz tosses out in the piece is the statement that
.On the Israeli side there is a fixed tendency to increasingly reject the
.core issues. of the conflict: Refugees. Jerusalem. Borders. Settlements.
This rejection was perhaps what led to the failure of the Oslo Accords..

Was Oz away, visiting some other planet, during, for example, the
Camp David summit in the summer of 2000, when Israel offered to uproot the
great majority of settlements, return virtually to the pre-1967 armistice
lines, divide Jerusalem, and give pre-1967 Israeli territory to the
Palestinians to compensate for the five percent or so of the West Bank
that it would retain?

Was he still off somewhere, beyond the reach of the media, when
Israel sweetened the deal even further a few months later at the Taba

Has no one told him either of the Israeli proposals or of the
Palestinians. rejections? Or perhaps he knew at one time but has since
forgotten that the Palestinians responded to Israel.s offers by launching
a terror war.

Even on the refugee issue, Israel apparently made some concessions
during the talks in 2000, offering to take in tens of thousands of 1948
refugees and their descendants.

But Oz is so desperate to blame Israel, to define some step that
Israel only need take to resolve the conflict, that he ignores all this.
His focus in this latest piece is the refugee issue, and he agrees that
there can be no .right of return,. that Palestinian demands for such a
.right. are a formula for transforming Israel into another Arab state.

But, he argues, Israel has been too averse to discussing the
problem, and if it would only bring itself to acknowledge some fault for
the plight of the refugees . some partial responsibility . and
preparedness to help resolve the problem in ways short of .return,. then
its doing so, Oz avers, .is likely to send an emotional shockwave through
the Palestinian side. It will serve as an emotional breakthrough of sorts
that will significantly facilitate the continuation of talks..

What talks? And to what end? His argument is at once absurd and

It is absurd, of course, because the Palestinians do not want
resolution of the issue in any manner other than .return. and have made
that clear in innumerable ways, including in the incessant message
proffered by all their instruments of indoctrination.

It is dishonest in that Israel has on numerous occasions expressed
the very preparedness to help that Oz is urging. In addition, while Oz
suggests Israel has always refused to acknowledge any expulsion of
Palestinians during the 1947-48 war, mainstream Israeli historians have
written at least since the late 1950.s about instances of expulsion . most
notably from Arab towns and villages that were part of the Arab blockade
of Jerusalem . which in their totality perhaps accounted for ten to
fifteen percent of the refugees.

(What is rarely written of in glosses on the war and the expulsion
of civilians is the fact that, of Jews living in areas that came under
Arab control, 100% were killed or expelled and none remained at the
fighting.s end. In contrast, within Israeli territory, there remained at
war.s end an Arab community of more than 120,000, constituting about 16%
of Israel.s total population. That community has since grown to number
over a million.)

Oz could send copies of those acknowledgments to every Palestinian
household, and could no doubt even arrange to read the relevant passages
aloud on Israel state television and have their contents endorsed by
leading Israeli officials. But his doing so would not, unfortunately,
serve as any .breakthrough..

Indeed, no step by Israel, short of national suicide, can provide a
.breakthrough. that would open the way to ending the conflict. But Amos Oz
refuses to acknowledge that essential truth, and prefers instead to
conjure up fantastical indictments of Israel and delusional assertions
that, but for this or that Israeli fault, all would be well. It is a
monomania, an idee fixe, that for Oz appears beyond cure.

Kenneth Levin is a psychiatrist and historian. He is the author of
.The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege. (Smith and Kraus
Global), now available in paperback.

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