Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hide the Twinkies

Hide the Twinkies
by Steven Plaut

YNET News reports that Oprah Winfrey (which probably should be spelled
Wingfry) will be waddling into town.

Oprah has a history of running Israel-bashing pro-Palestinian articles in
a magazine she publishes: "O" Magazine. She also has made insensitive and
ignorant comments about the Holocaust.

Whenever the subject of terrorism is broached on her show, Oprah
studiously avoids allowing anyone to link it to Palestinians or the
Hizbollah. She interviewed mothers of suicide bombers who were distraught
because their houses were bulldozed. There was no mention of Israeli
babies and their mothers being blown up in buses, pizza parlours blown to
smithereens, nor Jewish teens murdered while at the disco in Tel Aviv. Not
even the Jews murdered when two guests of the International Solidarity
Movement blew up Mike's Place in Tel Aviv. Debbie Schlussel has dubbed her
the affable Joseph Goebbels of daytime talk TV. Columnist Naomi Ragen
demolished Oprah for her politicized bias. The Anti-Defamation League has
denounced her for bias, noting that 'Palestinian girls will be rescued
when their leaders say "No" to the incitement, hate and violence that has
permeated their political and cultural landscape for years now.'

Maybe she can analyze the problems of self-esteem among suicide bombers
and other terrorists. Israel may need Doctor Phil to treat us after Oprah
leaves town, to return to her bored overeating overspending housewives
with the closet reorganization crises.

2. The ISM terrorizes along with the Hamas:

3. Herr Finkelstein and Penn:

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