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'Man Bites Dog' Stories and Haaretz

1. DePaul's Disgrace:
Oh, for sure. At my campus and at your campus, there was usually a nutcase
professor who had very odd views, really very odd, about this and that. A
professor of engineering would believe that blacks were stupid or that
woman should stay home and do the wash...or a professor of chemistry would
believe that the Holocaust was a historical invention. It was unpleasant.
Maybe even worse than unpleasant. But it somehow didn't go to very heart
of the university which was that teachers should be experts in their

Well, you know about Norman Finkelstein who is truly a nutcase teacher in
the field for which DePaul University is now considering him for tenure.
Our Leon Wieseltier has called him "poison, he's a disgusting self-hating
Jew, he's something you find under a rock." Omer Bartov, the
world-renowned scholar of genocide at Brown University, wrote in the New
York Times that Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry is "an ideological
fanatic's a writer so reckless and ruthless in his attacks... [His
theory is] both irrational and international Jewish
conspiracy verges on paranoia and would serve anti-Semites." If his these
words from critics are not sufficient, how about those from his fans? The
wife of the neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Ernst Zuendel has gushed, "I
feel like a kid in a candy store. Finkelstein is a Jewish David Irving."

OK, don't take my word. Listen to him on YouTube for yourself.

If you can't stand listening and watching, take the easy route...and just

I'm going to try and be brief this afternoon, I know it's hot, and so many
people have already said so many important things. I want to make
basically 3 points. Number one, in my view reasonable people can disagree
about how the conflict in Lebanon began, but reasonable people cannot
disagree about what's happening now. The conflict is perfectly clear to
anyone who looks at it honestly. Israel has embarked, in its own words, on
a war of annihilation against the Lebanese people. Not a day passes when
the language they use doesn't escalate. One day they say for each
Hezbollah rocket we will destroy 10 Lebanese homes. The next day they say
we will flatten southern Lebanon. The next day they say we will cleanse
southern Lebanon. The next day they say we will obliterate and pulverize
southern Lebanon. We have to be honest about what they are saying. This is
pure and simple Nazi language. They're talking about -- and we shouldn't
be afraid to use that analogy. They are waging a war of annihilation
against the Lebanese people.

Number two, I heard a few days ago a member or several members of the
House of Representatives say, "We are all Israelis now." Now, I beg to
differ. Right now, and I say it publicly, right now we are all Hezbollah.
All of us. You can have differences, disagreements with their ideology,
with their values, with their organization. But right now at this moment
that is totally and utterly irrelevant; just as, for those of you who are
older in this meeting, in the 1940s you can disagree with Stalin and
Stalinism and the Soviet Union on this and on that. And there were
excellent reasons for disagreeing. But every victory of the Red Army over
the Nazi invaders was a victory for liberty and a victory for freedom. And
every victory of Hezbollah over the vandals and the marauders, the
invaders and the murderers; every victory by Hezbollah over Israel is also
a victory for liberty and a victory for freedom.

One last point, and that is the question of Israel. I personally remain
committed to the belief that ordinary people, Jewish and Muslim, Jewish
and Arab, if left to their own devices, they can live together in peace,
freedom, mutual dignity and mutual respect. But if Israel proves itself
unable to live in mutual dignity and mutual respect with its Arab
neighbors; if it chooses to become the garrison state for the United
States whose only purpose and being is to enslave the Arab people; if it
chooses, I am not saying it is, I am saying but if it chooses then it's
losing its right to be there in the Middle East. It's no different than Da
Nang airbase during the Vietnam War if your only purpose is to wreak
murder, wreak havoc, destroy, level, pulverize, flatten, cleanse. If
that's your purpose, if that's your raison d'etre, then you've lost your
right to be there.

One last point. For those of you who are indifferent to moral arguments,
there remains a, the fancy word is a realpolitik argument, a real world
argument. And the real world is, Israel is courting its own disaster.
Maybe the blind, the arrogant, those who are drunk with power, intoxicated
with their weapons, they don't see it; but rational people, reasonable
people see what's going on. Hezbollah is not, thank goodness, the PLO.
They're serious, they're committed, they're determined. Hopefully, and I
mean hopefully, reasonable, sane people will see that, and will recognize
that even if they don't like the Arabs, and even if they don't like
Muslims, it's a wiser strategy, it's a more prudent strategy just from the
vantage point of self interest. It's wiser and more prudent to learn to
live with your neighbors rather than try to destroy them, because sooner
or later before you destroy them they will destroy you; which means at the
end of the day we all have a common purpose, though maybe we don't see it.
And the common purpose is we are all fighting, resisting, struggling to
make this world a decent place, a fair place, a place where dignity and
mutual respect is allowed for; and where everyone can live, everyone to
live who wants to live in mutual respect and mutual dignity. Those who do
not -- the monsters and freaks in the White House and their collaborators
in Tel Aviv -- so far as I'm concerned they can all drop dead. But let's
the rest of us struggle, work hard, reach out to everybody. Make it a
common struggle for a common goal -- truth and justice. Thank you.

2. Raise University Tuition in Israel!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Man Bites Dog and Haaretz discovers "Terrorism"

It is said that dogs biting men are not news but when a man bites a dog,
THAT makes the headlines! (To right, photo of the "Jewish terrorist" with
the psychiatric problems.)

Newspapers love reversal of roles and stereotypes. When Arabs murder Jews
simply because they are Jews, it is hardly news. THAT happens all the
time. Boring!

Haaretz, Israel's leftwing Post-Zionist daily, sometimes called the
Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, has never been very interested in
Arabs murdering Jews because they are Jews. Following the lead of the
overseas Bash-Israel media, Haaretz always refers to such perps as
"activists" and "militants". The "T" word (terrorism) is never used to
refer to Arab murders of Jews in stories at Haaretz.

But let a Jew go and murder an Arab, and Haaretz runs banner headlines
about "Jewish terrorism". In 2005 when Eden Natan-Zada, a mentally ill
19-year-old AWOL Israeli soldier, killed four Arabs on a bus in Shfaram
(and was then himself murdered by the mob there), Haaretz headlines
screamed about the Jewish "terrorist who murdered Arabs because they are

This week Julian Soufir, a French Jew living in Israel, murdered an Arab,
claiming he did so because he just wanted to kill an Arab. He was arrested
and is pleading not guilty by reasons or mental illness, and he may well
be mentally ill. He has been under psychiatric care since some domestic
violence incidents. Justice Muki Landman wrote in his judgment that the
investigation material indicated that the suspect suffered from a mental
illness. "Under these circumstances, and due to the fact that in the best
interest of the investigation and reaching the truth it is imperative that
his mental condition be evaluated."

But Haaretz has yet another example of the worldwide scourge of "Jewish

Pluralism at Haaretz resembles that in Pravda back in the days of
Brezhnev. There is only one correct opinion, that of the ultra-Left, and
it is repeated ad nauseum by almost all writers in the paper. Today
Haaretz runs an Op-Ed by one of its countless leftists, Goel Pinto,
demanding that Jews collectively apologize to Arabs for "Jewish
terrorism". We can't seem to recall many cases when Arabs apologized for
mass murders of Jews because they are Jews.

Pinto in Haaretz blasts Jews, especially French Jews, for being "racist".
His evidence? Many of them voted for Sarkozy! Of course most French
citizens voted for Sarkozy. Pinto adds:

'The Jewish murderer Soufir immigrated to Israel before he murdered an
Arab - and not because of any shortage of Muslims in France. Rather, it
was because in France many Jews prefer to wrap themselves in the tallit of
victimhood - and the anti-Jewish incidents there give them sufficient
ammunition to do so....Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Acting President
Dalia Itzik should pay a visit to the family of the murder victim and ask
for forgiveness in the name of the state and the Jewish people....This is
also the appropriate time for the heads of France's Jewish community, led
by Chief Rabbi Yosef Sitruk, to visit the Great Mosque of Paris and to ask
for forgiveness. Forgiveness for the murder, but also for the anti-Muslim
racism that is rooted in their community, which is one of the main causes
for the deterioration in relations between Jews and Muslims in France.'

Now here is a thought. Since reversal of stereotype is so newsworthy,
maybe Haaretz should try an experiment in it and reverse its own role
playing and stereotype. All it need do to create the biggest Man Bites Dog
story in decades is come out clearly in favor of Israel's right to defend
itself against Arab terrorism and Islamofascist aggression, including by
means of assassinating terrorists, and also come out clearly in opposition
to Palestinian demands, including the "right of return."

4. The Folly of Withdrawal:

5. Jews: 1; Moonbats: 0:

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