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The "Naqba Day" Nitwits

1. Dershowitz on Nazi Norman and his Chomsky-Goodman marketing agents:
Democracy Not!
By Alan M. Dershowitz | May 16, 2007

Democracy Now!, the hard left radio-television talk show starring Amy
Goodman, boasts of its fairness and of presenting both sides of the
issues. A recent experience with the show exposes this claim as a bold
face lie. A few weeks ago, Noam Chomsky was invited on the show and,
spurred on by Amy Goodman.s question, proceeded to attack me for
conducting a .jihad. against Norman Finkelstein, who is up for tenure at
DePaul University.

For those of you unfamiliar with Norman Finkelstein, he is
Holocaust-justice denier and overt anti-Semite, who repeatedly attacks
Holocaust survivors as frauds and says that Jewish leaders resemble the
grotesque anti-Semitic cartoons published by the Nazis and in Der St.rmer.
He repeatedly calls Israel a Nazi regime and calls prominent Jews, like
me, Nazis and moral perverts. He claims that Elie Wiesel made up his past
and calls him a .wimp.. Leon Wieseltier, the literary editor of The New
Republic, got it absolutely right when he described Finkelstein as
.poison, he.s a disgusting self-hating Jew, he.s something you find under
a rock..

As if to prove Wieseltier.s statements, Finkelstein recently published an
article entitled .Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself For
Assassination?. In the article he called me .moral pervert who missed the
climactic scene of his little peep show.. To illustrate this point, he
commissioned a Neo-Nazi cartoonist, who had recently finished second in an
Iranian Holocaust denier cartoon contest, to draw a cartoon of me
masturbating in ecstatic joy while watching Lebanese civilians die on a
television set while sitting in a chair labeled .Israel Peep Show. with a
Star of David. If you want to throw up, you can view this cartoon.

Well enough about Finkelstein, let.s get to Democracy Now!. After
learning of the Chomsky attack I had my office call the show and ask for
an opportunity to respond. They conditioned my response on my willingness
to debate Finkelstein or one of his clones. Since I have a policy against
debating anti-Semites, and because I know Finkelstein only name-calls
rather than debates, I insisted on the right to come on the show by myself
and respond to Chomsky.s false charges. After all, Chomsky was on by
himself. Democracy Now!.s Aaron Mate told me that the show has an
absolute policy of never having any controversial guests on without having
a contrary view presented at the same time. Since I rarely listen to the
show, I could not contradict them, though I had my doubts. He spent more
than an hour with me on the phone earnestly trying to sell me a bill of
goods that Democracy Now! always has a balanced presentation and that it
would be unfair to present me alone responding to Chomsky. In the end,
they refused to have me on the show. I then learned that several days
later they had two strong supporters of Finkelstein on their show, without
anyone there to respond to them and present the other side. The net
result of their phony attempt to achieve .balance. was that they had at
least three pro-Finkelstein zealots, on two separate occasions, with no
one presenting an opposing view. So much for balance. So much for
honestly from Mate and Goodman. Democracy Now! is the Pravda of the
airways. Democracy NOT!

2. The Naqba Day Nazis:

3. More Naqba Day - at the "Hebrew" University
Confrontation as Hebrew University Arab Students Mark 'Nakba'
28 Iyar 5767, 16 May 07 02:34by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz( Arab and
Jewish students at Hebrew University squared off against each other on
campus this Tuesday, despite the ongoing student boycott of classes, when
a group of Arab students staged a march and demonstration condemning the
foundation of the State of Israel as "the catastrophe," or "Nakba" in
Arabic. This was the ninth year that Arab students at the Jerusalem
university have so marked Israel's establishment on May 15 in the civil
calendar (Israelis, however, mark Independence Day on the 5th day of the
month of Iyar, according to the Jewish calendar).

This year, the Arab students' event was particularly inflammatory, as it
fell on the eve of Jerusalem Day, which marks the re-unification of the
capital under Israeli sovereignty during the 1967 Six Day War. The Zionist
student group called Im Tirtzu ("If You Will It") organized an active
patriotic counter-demonstration to greet the Arab student protesters. The
Jerusalem police department, which had been warned of potential clashes,
deployed a heavy presence at the campus entrance, where it eventually
managed to keep the sides separate.

In the morning, dozens of Arab students took an organized trip to the
ruins of an abandoned Arab village in the Jerusalem area. Afterwards, when
the students returned to Hebrew University for a pre-planned anti-Israel
demonstration, they were greeted by an equally large crowd of patriotic
Jewish students waving Israeli flags and chanting pro-Israel slogans. Arab
students claimed that some of the Jewish students attempted to beat them,
leading campus security to separate the two groups and force them off
campus grounds.

Outside the school, the pro- and anti-Israel demonstrations continued,
with the street, police and physical barriers dividing the two groups from
one another.

Arab students chanted pan-Arab and anti-Israel slogans, including the
Palestinian Authority anthem Biladi, "Palestine is Arab" and chants
linking Beirut, Gaza and Jenin. The Arab demonstrators also denigrated
Israel as a "police state," and called for "national unity" over the
"Syrian Golan Heights," terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails and what they
called "the right of return" for Arab refugees currently outside Israel.

As police reinforced their presence, the Arab demonstrators flashed the "V
for Victory" hand gesture and concluded with chants of "Here Palestine was
lost and here we will regain it."

4. Interesting new web magazine:

5. Leftist economic lies:,7340,L-3399580,00.html

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