Friday, June 01, 2007

Court Rules against Peace Now Libels

1. Finally, Israeli Courts Issue a Verdict against Libel in a Case in
which Libel really took place, as opposed to the mere expression of
non-treasonous or non-leftist political opinion:

Court Orders 'Peace Now' Fined For Slander

15 Sivan 5767, 01 June 07 03:57by Maayana Miskin(
A Jerusalem judge ruled Wednesday that Peace Now must pay 58,000 shekels
($14,336) to Aryeh King after slandering him on the left-wing Peace Now

The group had claimed that King, a well-known activist for Jewish
settlement in eastern Jerusalem, had announced that he planned to break
the law by bringing 40 Jewish families to live in an area that lacked
building approvals. The site called King a racist and a fascist, and
accused him of threatening the peace of Jerusalem and leading to its

The judge found that Peace Now's allegations were false and slanderous,
and ordered the group to pay the full penalty required by law.

The group still has the right to appeal the court's decision, and King's
lawyer, Gili Israeli, said after the ruling that the affair may be far
from over.

2. Martin Peretz on the Moonbrits:

3. Well, the Kassams keep falling, Sderot is the Israeli Guernica,
Israeli soldiers are still being held hostage by the terrorists, teh
Hezbollah is planning new attacks.

But the Tel Aviv University Law School, the same
school that regularly holds Bash-Israel one-sided politicalized
indoctrination conferences, is analyzing the most important current
events at this conference:

Roundtable: "40 years of occupation, yoter lo namtin?" (we will wait no
longer) - on pride and occupation
As part of the annual Lesbian & Gay Studies and Queer Theory Conference.
Tuesday, 29.5
Tel Aviv University, Law School Building (Trubovich), Kagan Hall (100),
18:15 - 19:45
chair: Aeyal Gross
participants: Roy Wagner, Yuval Yonay, Yael Barda, Hanin Ma.ichi and Tal

4. Life in Sderot:
First Hand Account of Sderot Under Attack

5. Very Interesting Article:

6. The Hebrew University's Solidarity-with-Hamas contingent has a new
To: "Hacampus Lo Shotek" <>
From: (Prof. Victoria Buch, Hebrew University
anti-Zionist extremist)
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 00:01:49 +0300
Subject: [Hacampus-lo-shotek] Copy of a letter to Magidor
Today in the morning I faxed the following letter with all the
signatures, Victoria

To: Prof. Menachem Magidor, President
The Hebrew University
CC: Board of Governors.
Re: Appointment of Mr. Carmi Gillon

Dear Professor Magidor

We write to urge you to cancel the appointment of Mr. Carmi
Gilon for the position of Vice-President for External Affairs of the
University. The Vice-President of the University is an important
representative of the Hebrew University and the image of the
university depends to a large extent on the choice of this official.
The University is a humanistic and intellectual endeavor; its
essence is rooted in the attempt to understand nature as a whole and,
in particular, the human phenomenon. Indeed, its fundamental ethos
relies on the acceptance of human beings, as they are, independent of
where they come from.
The .Shabak. - General Security Services in Israel (the
Israeli Secret Service) and thus Mr. Gilon, the previous head of this
organization, have aspirations and use methods of operation that are
totally incompatible with those of an academic institution. We
therefore request to be represented by a person whose professional
credentials are based on a lifetime of a civilian career in service of
humanistic objectives. We are sure that there are many excellent
Israelis of such qualifications.

Prof. Amotz Agnon, Institute of Earth Sciences,
Prof. Dorit Aharonov, Engineering and Computer Science.
Prof. Victoria Buch, Institute of Chemistry
Prof. Edit Doron, Department of English
Alma Eliaz, Math
Prof. Sidra Ezrahi, Institute of Arts and Letters
Prof. Yaron Ezrahi - Department of Political Science
Prof. Emeritus Raphael Falk - Institute of Life Sciences
Dr. Ruth Hacohen, Institute of Arts and Letters
Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem, Institute of Jewish Studies
Dr. Daphna Golan, Law School
Prof. Raz Kupferman, Math Institute
Prof. Yonata Levy, Department of Psychology
Prof. Nati Linial, Math Institute
Dr. Edna Lomsky-Feder School of Education
Prof. Uzi Motro, Institute of Life Sciences
Dr. Ophir, Institute of Jewish Studies
Dr. Yuri Pines, Department of East Asian Studies
Yoav Rubin, Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Julia Resnik, School of Education
Noa Schwartz .. Student Advising
Prof. Idan Segev, Neurobiology
Prof. Benny Shanon, Department of Psychology
Prof. David Shulman, Institute for Asian and African Studies.
Dr. Dudy Tzfati, Life Sciences
Dr. Amiel Vardi, Institute of Arts and Letters
Daniela Yoel, librarian

7. Another columnist who writes at the same time for Counterpunch and for
Neo-Nazi Holocaust Denier web sites:

8. Moonbrits:

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