Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The President Shimon Peres Waltz

1. Well, it is now official. Shimon Peres, the godfather of the Oslo
appeasements and "peace process", is the new President of Israel. For
those who dismiss this as a harmless empty gesture to the old geezer,
think again.

The President of Israel is mainly an honorary post, like a member of the
House of Lords. But Peres will not be out hunting foxes in tweeds. In
Israel, the President has powers of granting clemency. And smack at the
top of Peres' new presidential appeasements will be his granting clemency
to imprisoned PLO mass murderer Marwan Barghouti! (For more information
on Barghouti. Go here:

and here


All of which brings us to the new song about Israeli President Shimon
Peres, with apologies to Irving Berlin:

The Peres Presidential Waltz
To the tune of Fred Astaire singing "Cheek to Cheek"
(written by: Irving Berlin)

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
And my brain hurts so that I can hardly speak;
For I cannot find the sanity I seek,
When he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
Cause the Knesset chose a loser and a geek;
And it's soon to be Barghouti's lucky streak,
When he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

Oh! He loves to patronize us,
Oslo victims in his heap;
But that doesn't scare me half as much,
As his prancing sheik to sheik.

Oh! he loves to take us floating,
With no paddles down his creek;
And he loves to go appeasing,
when he's dancing sheik to sheik.

The Peres Waltz,
Barghouti's arm about him;
No terror halts,
He'll produce more 9-11s:

Heavens, Nine Elevens,
and I'm speechless at this presidential freak;
And I cannot find the sanity I seek
Cause he's dancing with Barghouti, sheik to sheik.

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5. Summing up the Presidential election in Israel: What Moshe Katsav is
accused of doing forcibly to several young women, the NEW president of
Israel did to the entire country!

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