Monday, June 11, 2007

Repression and Defenestration (R&D)

1. When Israel adopted the "Oslo" strategy for achieving peace by means
of pretending that war does not exist, it attempted to appease the terrorists
into making peace, including via endless unilateral "goodwill gestures"
and capitulations. We know what happened.

Among the countless victims of the mega-stupidity of those Israeli leaders
who opted for the Oslo route is poor Mohammed Sawirki.

Let me explain.

Mohammed Sawirki was a member of the "Palestinian presidential guard", a
small militia that guards the Palestinian Authority "president" Abu Mazen.
Not guarding him from Israelis but from the Hamas and Jihad peace

Israel's Yediot Ahronot reports that Sawirki was kidnapped by the Hamas
and yesterday was tossed out live from an 18th story window in Gaza.
Unlike many members of Peace Now he could not fly. Two other Fat'h
militia men were murdered by the Hamas, which carved Jewish stars into
their corpses. (The Hamas claims that the Fat'h are Israeli
collaborators.) In retaliation, the Fat'h killed an Imam at a Gaza
mosque, one associated with the Hamas. All of this is a direct
consequence of Israel turning the Gaza Strip over to the barbarians and
evicting all the Jews there.

I have long argued that there is no solution to the situation other than
R&D and that everything else is a delusion. By R&D I mean Re-Occupation
and De-Nazification. But now the Gaza savages have given the term a new
meaning: Repression and Defenestration.

Sawirki paid the ultimate price for the inane foolishness of the Oslo
"process". He will not be the last.

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