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Rushdie Apprehended by Speech Patrol!

1. Oldies reprint - the timing is right:

Israeli Police Arrest Salman Rushdie (June 25, 200?):

In a surprise development, it has just been learned that Israeli police,
tipped off by the Mossad, have arrested controversial author Salman
Rushdie. The exiled Iranian writer had been on a private visit to Israel,
shortly after being knighted in Britain.

Rushdie was apprehended while visiting the Middle East Studies department
at the Hebrew University. He had originally been scheduled to address the
political science department at Ben Gurion University, but the professors
there all announced that they had decided to boycott Rushdie's talk, since
Rushdie was offensive to Moslem sensitivities and politically incorrect.

Upon commencement of his talk at the University, Israeli police suddenly
broke into the lecture hall and dragged a handcuffed Rushdie away. He is
being held in isolation in an unspecified Israeli prison while his fate is
being decided. Rushdie's arrest came as part of Israel's new campaign to
imprison those whose expression and speech is offensive to Moslems. It
will be recalled that a fanatical woman named Tatiana Suskin was recently
sentenced to two years in Israeli prison for distributing posters in
Hebron that show the Prophet Mohammed as a pig. Unnamed sources have been
quoted as saying that Rushdie and Suskin will be sharing the same cell.

The Knesset immediately went into emergency session to debate the Rushdie
Affair. The government's recommendation is that Rushdie be handed over to
Iran as a goodwill gesture. Iran has an outstanding warrant for the arrest
of the author, and it is believed he would be immediately executed if
extradited to Iran.

The Hadash Communist Party has initiated a Knesset resolution that would
create an exemption to Israel's criminal code, which generally bans
capital punishment, and would allow Rushdie to be executed within Israel
itself, or at least turned over to the Palestinian Authority for
execution. The Likud and Labor Party are expected to vote in favor of the
Hadash proposal, while other parties are still undecided. Newly appointed
President Shimon Peres insisted that both arrests were part of
the breaking out of good relations in the New Middle East.

Congratulations to Israel have been coming in from all over the world. The
heads of the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress in
the United States have issued statements supporting the arrest. "After
all," explained ADL chief Abraham Foxman, "Rushdie's Satanic Verses is at
least as objectionable as Suskin's pig poster. Israel is to be
congratulated for its defense of freedom of expression."

Reactions in the Moslem world have been mixed. While congratulating Israel
for the arrests of Suskin and Rushdie, the Prime Minister of Malaysia
added that this still did not excuse the international Jewish conspiracy
to control the world. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, backed by
singer Cat Stevens, is quoted as saying that while both Rushdie and Suskin
deserve the death penalty for offensive statements, Judaism is still a
gutter religion. Jesse Jackson expressed satisfaction that Rushdie and
"that Hymie-girl Suskin" got what they had coming to them for making
offensive statements.

Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen expressed satisfaction that
the Oslo peace process was at last producing some progress and forward

2. Academic Integrity

As The Jewish Press reported, Norman Finkelstein was turned down for
tenure at DePaul University, a Catholic institution in Chicago (news
story, June 15). Finkelstein is best known for defaming Holocaust
survivors, calling them liars and thieves, and for claiming that Germany
is the victim of Jewish extortion. Finkelstein also praises Holocaust
denier David Irving and cheers when Israel is the victim of Islamic

Finkelstein tried to build an academic career on anti-Jewish hate and
defamation. DePaul made the proper and courageous decision to deny
Finkelstein tenure, maintaining serious academic standards.

But DePaul's courage just serves to dramatize the cowardice of others.
A few weeks back, the spokeswoman for Ben Gurion University wrote a letter
to The Jewish Press defending school.s lack of academic integrity and its
refusal to take actions similar to DePaul.s. At Ben Gurion University
there are numerous anti-Israel extremists who have built academic careers
by manufacturing anti-Israel political propaganda and calling it

DePaul has behaved in an honorable and principled manner. It is sad
when an Israeli university fails to do the same.

Jeff Weiss

3. The Radical Evil Of The Palestinian Arab Population (Ben Shapiro On
The 21st Century Nazis Alert) ^ | 06/20/2007 | Ben Shapiro

Posted on 06/19/2007 11:25:42 PM PDT by goldstategop

The battle over the Palestinian Arab territory in the Gaza Strip is a
battle between extremists and more radical extremists. Last week, the
extremists, led by Holocaust denier and Fatah strongman Mahmoud Abbas,
were ousted in a bloody coup by the radical extremists, Islamist terrorist
group Hamas.

Yet, instead of allowing Fatah and Hamas to slug it out, Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice informed newly appointed Abbas frontman Prime
Minister Salam Fayyad that America would resume aid to the Palestinian
Authority. "I told the prime minister that we want to work with his
government and support his efforts to enforce the rule of law and to
ensure a better life for the Palestinian people," Rice told the media.

Ah, the fabled Palestinian people. The Palestinian people, who simply want
"a better life." The Palestinian people, who, President George W. Bush has
repeatedly informed us, "long for a society in which the y can raise the
ir children in peace and hope."

The Palestinian people, who support, fund and execute suicide bombings.
The Palestinian people, who dress the ir toddlers in bomb belts and the n
take family snapshots. The Palestinian people, who cheered on September 11
as the World Trade Center towers fell. The Palestinian people, who
followed terrorist extraordinaire Yasser Arafat, supported Saddam Hussein,
shredded the blooming rose that was once Christian Lebanon, and almost
toppled the Western-friendly Jordanian monarchy. The Palestinian people,
who destroy relics on the Temple Mount , openly call for the destruction
of the state of Israel , ally with Syria and Iran , and elect Hamas. The
Palestinian people, who teach the ir children that the Holocaust is a
fairy tale, and that Jews routinely poison Palestinian candy. The
Palestinian people, who stage injuries in order to solicit Western media
sympathy, and the n roar madly as the y hold up the ir hands, red with the
blood of murdered Israeli soldiers.

The idea of an entire population corrupted by bloodthirsty anti-Semitism
and anti-Americanism violates modern ideas of politics. According to the
Bush administration, the problem with the Palestinian Arabs isn't the
Palestinian Arabs -- it's the ir leadership. During Yasser Arafat's
tenure, the problem was Yasser Arafat, not the hundreds of thousands who
followed him. Now the problem is Hamas, not the hundreds of thousands who
supported and elected the m.

The problem runs deeper than a few figureheads. The Palestinian Arab
population is rotten to the core. There are many to be blamed: Yasser
Arafat, who lined his pockets with cash and subsidized murder while
playing the victim of oppression. An Arab world that refused to absorb the
Palestinian population, preferring to use it as a political pawn against
Israel . The United Nations, which suckled the Palestinian Arab population
into dependency at the international teat. Israel , for emboldening the
Palestinian Arabs by conceding to the m.

But in the end, the blame must lie with the Palestinian Arabs the mselves.
They have accepted the ir role with relish. They are as responsible for
the ir government's longstanding evil as the Germans were for the Nazis'.

It is far more convenient, however, for the Bush administration and the
international community to treat the Palestinian Arabs' thoroughgoing
radicalism as a top-down problem. Throw a bit of money at the Holocaust
denier, pressure Israel into concessions and hope that the Palestinian
Arabs will abandon the ir attachment to Islamofascism, the logic runs.

Such policy demonstrates an adolescent understanding of Palestinian Arab
motivation. Palestinian Arabs will not be bribed: The West has bribed the
m for decades, and the Palestinian Arabs have demonstrated the ir
preference for suicide bombing over working toilets. Palestinian Arabs
will not be moderated: Israel has ceded land continuously since 1993, and
the Palestinian Arabs have demonstrated the ir preference for murder over
peace. Palestinian Arabs must be fought on the ir own terms: as a people
dedicated to an evil cause.

So far, Israel and America have willfully blinded the mselves to the harsh
reality of popular evil. They have refused to come to terms with the harsh
fact that collective choices require collective treatment.

Treating collective problems as problems of individuals is a vacuous
panacea. Waiting for Arafat to die of old age did not moderate the
Palestinian Arabs; supporting one radical over ano the r will not moderate
the m, ei the r. The Palestinian Arab population breeds terrorism,
anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. If Israel and America refuse to
recognize that simple truth, the y will continue to pay the price in blood
and treasure.

4. You will all be happy to hear who the guest speaker is to be at Sapir
College, a college in Israel. One of its "lecturers" is Eyal Sivan, the
fanatical anti-Israel far-leftiest film maker who cussed his way thru the
Knesset as we recently reported. Well, he decided to host terrorist Tali
Fahima, who spent time in prison for helping her Palestinian boyfriend
plan terror atrocities, as his special guest lecturer at the college.
Story in Hebrew is reported here:
Want to tell the bosses at the college what you think of their turning its
campus into a Hamas training grounds?
Write Prof. Zeev Tzahor, President, and Dr. Nachmi Paz Director,
Fax 972 -8- 6899412
Phone 972-8-6802764

Let them know their chances of ever doing any fund raising in YOUR

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