Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finkelstein Defender has History of Shilling for Holocaust Denier David Irving

The leading defender of Hatemonger Norman Finkelstein in his battle to get
tenure at DePaul University, a battle lost, has been one Peter Kirstein, an
anti-Semitic leftist professor of history at St. Xavier University in Chicago.

Not exactly a surpise, it seems that Kirstein has in the past lobbied, shilled
for, and praised Neo-Nazi David Irving. See

Note these quotes from Kirstein there:

'I accepted a speaking invitation from a historian who has been castigated as
anti-Semitic.a charge that Mr. Irving has consistently denied.and denounced for
a falsified revisionism of Nazi Germany and the destruction of European Jewry.
My mission, since my egregious suspension on Veterans Day, November 11, 2002,
for an act of conscience through a harshly worded antiwar e-mail, is to demand
academic freedom for university historians and no censorship of any historian
for antiwar or historiographical incorrectness

'As an outspoken peace activist, pacifist and war resister, which were the
underlying reasons for my suspension in the twelfth week of a semester, I
commend Mr. Irving's courageous and febrile opposition to the Anglo-American
invasion of Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I was not unmindful
of this when I agreed to speak at his conference. If antiwar advocates can
build coalitions across the ideological divide, then future degradations of the
Palestinians, future Holocausts, future illegal walls of separation, future
attacks on Jewish interests and future neoconservative crusades against
nonthreatening Islamic nations may be averted....'

Kirstein is one of the rogues featured in the book "The Professors: The 101
Most Dangerous Academics in America," a volume to which I proudly contributed a
couple of chapters!

2. Speaking of Apartheid:

3. You know how Haim Ramon's groupies have been complaining that he was
tarnished unfairly just for planting an unwanted tongue in a young woman's
mouth? Well, it seems his close buddy paid for and ordered an illegal
surveillance on the woman who complained about Red Haim, and has now been
caught. No doubt he was looking for dirt on her that could help Ramon's
defense. See,7340,L-3424005,00.html


4. Preparing Israel's next unilateral capitulation:

5. Rachel Carrie's Doofus Parents Again:

6. Yesterday a lawyer who worked in the Ministry of Justice in Israel
a Knesset Member from the United Torah Judaism Party for calling him some
names. The violence was in the Knesset chambers
( ). The interesting part
though is that Haaretz ran the story with a companion comment by its
writer Yair Sheleg endorsing the violence because religious Knesset
members are such evil people. That comment in Hebrew only at

7. You know how Israel's government whines that there is nothing it can
do to
keep Palestinians from infiltrating Israel through the Gaza security fence
or even sabotaging it? Well, yesterday the Hamas showed how it can be
done. When some Palestinians approached the Kerem Shalom checkpoint to
pass into Israel, the Hamas opened fire on the Palestinians with mortars.
Really! ( )

8. Campus Mind Control

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