Monday, July 16, 2007

Shimon Peres' Shoah Show

The new President of Israel is a man who spent the past 25 years doing
everything in his power to destroy Israel.

But that is hardly the ONLY reason why his serving as President is a
mockery. Peres gave a Presidential speech that ranged from screaming
"They killed our Yitzhak Rabin" (guess whom he meant by THEY) to mouthing
fatuous Al Goreisms about the environment. Naturally he repeatedly called
for Israel to just pick up and get out of all the "territories."

We reprint here a column that appeared in the Jerusalem Post on June 7,
1994 - 13 years ago when Peres was Foreign Minister:

The Holocaust According to Shimon Peres
by Steven Plaut

Recently Foreign Minister Shimon Peres expressed a "Two-Holocaust" theory
of the events transpiring during World War Two. According to Peres, the
Nazi Holocaust of the Jews and the American dropping of atomic bombs on
Japan constituted twin Holocausts, and presumably this means they were
morally parallel or equivalent to one another.

Such a comparison has by now become fashionable in certain
politically-correct circles in Western countries, and it would not
represent the first instance in which the thinking of the current
government was motivated by a passionate desire to conform with
international political fashion. But going beyond political fad, it is
intriguing to attempt to reconstruct the thinking of our Foreign Minister,
leading up to this remark in his "Shoah Show".

If the Holocaust of the Jews is analogous to the destruction of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki in Peres. "mind", then it follows that he views the Holocaust
of the Jews as an event that must have occurred in the course of an
all-out conflict deliberately launched by the Jews, in which they, like
the Japanese, enslaved the better part of an entire continent, pillaging
and tormenting the populations while systematically murdering millions.
German actions must have been taken to prevent much greater suffering and
far larger numbers of victims, like the American actions.

If the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews is analogous to the American bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Peres. "mind", then the former must have been a
moral imperative and absolutely justifiable. The bombing of Hiroshima
brought an end to the War in the Pacific without necessitating the ground
invasion of Japan. In such an invasion, hundreds of thousands - perhaps
millions - of Allied soldiers would have died. Millions of Japanese would
also have died.

Shortly before the atomic bombings, 7,000 US soldiers were killed and
18,000 wounded taking a desolate island called Iwo Jima. Then 12,000 US
soldiers were killed and 35,000 wounded taking Okinawa, making that a
battle on a par with Gettysburg. On Okinawa 100,000 Japanese were killed.
(Okinawa was then held by the US as a militarily-governed "occupied
territory" for four decades with never a hint of an intifada.) All this is
indisputable proof of how severe the carnage would have been on the
Japanese main islands from an Allied invasion and conquest.

It is estimated that 55 million people died in World War Two. If the
atomic bombs shortened that war by merely a week, the carnage they wrought
was one of the greatest "bargains" of human history.

The atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki rank as one of the most moral,
high-minded, humane, and unambiguously justifiable acts in the history of
mankind. It is true that tens of thousands of Japanese died in Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, and that many of these were also "innocents". It is also
true that the number killed in both cities dwarfs in comparison with those
killed by the Allies with conventional weapons in the bombings of Tokyo
and Dresden, to name only the two most notorious examples in World War

In Dresden alone over 135,000 Germans were killed, doubtless many of these
"innocents". If the 70-100 thousand killed in Hiroshima justify ranking
that event as a "Holocaust", morally equivalent to the destruction of
European Jewry in Peres. "thinking", then I suggest that Peres should have
the courage of his convictions and speak out about the
"Triplet-Holocausts", adding Dresden to the cohort. He would just be
repeating what certain circles of Europeans have already been suggesting.
Better yet, why not add the 200,000 Republican Guards of Saddam Hussein,
mercilessly butchered by Allied weapons in the Gulf War, many of whom were
doubtless innocents, and raise the size of the cohort to quadruplets?

Let us have some consistency here. What is much harder to explain is how
it could be that the Number Two politician in the Israeli government could
voice such a position, 50 years after the real Holocaust.

(PS. Or someone serving as President of Israel 63 years after the

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