Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ehud Barak's Newest Plans for Capitulation

1. For those who suffer from the delusion that there exists a new Ehud
Barak, one different from the Prime Minister who ordered the cowardly
capitulation by Israel to the Hizbollah in 2000 resulting in 4000 rockets
landing on Northern Israel last summer, think again.

As current Minister of Defense in the Olmert junta, and as head of the
Israeli Labor party, Barak is still determined that Israel capitulate its
way and appease its way to peace.

How do we know?

Consider the statement of strategy written in Haaretz today by Ehud's
senior advisor on Palestinian affairs (can be read at ). How to achieve peace,
asks the expert? Well, Israel has to remove all security checkpoints and
roadblocks that interfere with the ability of the terrorists to transport
bombs, guns and murderers and then it must halt altogether any targeted
assassinations of terror leaders. And if it does all that, the
Palestinians will be feeling so friendly and grateful to Israel that they
will support the moderates in Ramallah and then peace and lemonade will
prevail! He adds: "We know that the real reason Israeli citizens are
exposed to terrorists is not the non-completion of the fence or the number
of roadblocks, but rather the refusal by Jewish settlers and their
military-political lobby to allow the full inspection of every vehicle and
person entering Israel from the West Bank." See that? The settlers cause

Let us recall that Ehud Barak nearly destroyed Jerusalem in 2000 by trying
to turn it over to the barbarians. He almost moved Syrian tanks up to the
shores of the Sea of Galilee. This is the same Barak who once claimed
that he would be a terrorist if he had been born an Arab.

Meanwhile - more on Barak's cowardice here:

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The "curses" were citations from Scripture:,7340,L-3437820,00.html

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