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The Ford Foundation Finances Sedition in Israel

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Ford Foundation Finances Anti-Israel Sedition
28 Elul 5767, 11 September 07 02:40by "Back to Sanity" - Arutz 7
Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Company, was one of the worst modern
anti-Semites in history.

His hatred is summed up here:

Nineteen-nineteen was when Ford purchased the Dearborn Independent, a
local newspaper/pamphlet that was published weekly. By nineteen twenty the
Dearborn was almost three hundred thousand dollars in the red. To regain
interest in the newspaper, Ford decided to publish "educational" pieces.
The newspaper started to carry excerpts from "The Protocols of the Elders
of Zion", a document of dubious origins. "The Protocols" were actually
first published in nineteen hundred and five by the secret police of
czarist Russia. The document was used to take attention away from a
failing government and try to turn the focus on the Jews through gross
propaganda. Ritualistic killing of Christian babies to use in rituals and
a plot to overthrow the "Christian rule" present in the world were just a
couple of the ideals presented by "The Protocols" which was supposedly
authored by learned elders of the Jewish nation. Henry Ford proceeded to
publish ninety-one successive articles citing "The Protocols of the Elders
of Zion". Ford later condensed the "Protocols" and added some of his own
viewpoints to produce the notorious work, "The International Jew". "The
International Jew" was received with mixed reactions.

He was particularly fond of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He was
unabashedly pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi. That being the case, perhaps it is
not so surprising that the main source of financing for leftist sedition
and for groups seeking to undermine Israel's determination to resist and
survive is the Ford Foundation.

The Ford Foundation has long been financing anti-Zionist groups of leftist
Jews and Israelis, tiny groups that would be invisible without the Ford
megabucks being poured into them. These are groups who would otherwise be
unable to get their membership lists up into three digits or to attract
any bona fide Jewish support.

The Ford Foundation was taken over a few years back in a leftist coup,
and ever since its funds have been used to finance the Far Left. See this
expose. Ford steps in where even George Soros fears to tread. Among other
things, Ford currently funds the pro-terror jihadis in the Council for
American Islamic Relations.

It pumps oodles of dollars into PLO advocacy groups. It has never met an
anti-American far-leftist it does not wish to finance.

The main Jewish anti-Zionist leftist recipient of Ford Foundation wampus
is the "New Israel Fund," a group devoted to promoting the political
agenda of Tikkun Magazine. Ford just handed it a cool $20 million, on top
of lots of previous funding. Without Ford, the New Israel Fund could not
afford a felafel. Some of New Israel Fund's activities are harmless
political correctness wackiness. They fund Jewish homosexual groups,
Jewish "pluralism" groups, Israeli environmental groups, feminist groups,
and so on. They also fund just about every communist front group in
Israel, starting with the pro-terror Machsom Watch.

The New Israel Fund was in the news a few days ago when it leapt at the
opportunity to sponsor an event in the UK with Haaretz ultra-Israel-hater
Danny Rubinstein, so that he could spout his encephelophobic theory about
how Israel is an apartheid regime. But that is only the tip of its
seditious iceberg. NGO-Monitor has a detailed report on New Israel Fund.

The New Israel Fund people are up to their kafiyas in bed with Azmi
Bishara, the treasonous Israeli Knesset Member wanted for espionage.

About 10 years back, the New Israel Fund managed to hornswaggle the
Smithsonian Institute into letting IT organize festivities to mark
Israel.s 50th anniversary as an independent state. And who do you think
the NIF decided should represent Israel? None other than Azmi Bashara, of
course!! Just a typical sabra, kova tembel and all, eating felafel and
sunflower seeds!!

Of course Bashara is as representative of Israel as the NIF is of US
Jewry. The New Israel Fund in fact planned to invite several others to
stage one of those familiar Jewish-Arab unity events in which Jewish
leftists join Arab fascists in calling for Israel to be destroyed.

At the time, the valiant Americans for a Safe Israel had a word in the ear
of the Smithsonian, which - once it discovered who and what the New Israel
Fund actually was - cancelled the taxpayer-funded jihad. The Tikkunies of
the New Israel Fund then threw a tantrum and screamed about "McCarthyism"
and suppression of free speech. The New Israel Fund reportedly is covering
the legal costs for arch-murderer Marwan Barghouti. It is so anti-Israel
that the UN endorses it.

It funnels its funds into microscopic Israeli communist front
organizations and "peace groups." The "New Israel" that it seeks to erect
is in fact Palestine. Its agenda differs little from that of Israel's own
communist party. Among the major beneficiaries of NIF grants are the Arab
Association for Human Rights, Hamoked, I'lam, Adalah, Ittijah, the Ahali
Center for Community Development, the Arab Association of Human Rights,
and Mossawa. Each is essentially an anti-Israel propaganda organization.
It turns out Bash-Israel propaganda for a variety of international
organizations, and is an apologist for the Hamas. It funds many Arab
anti-Israel propaganda groups.

Most democratic countries (including the US) regulate the funding of
domestic political groups by those
outside the country. How much more so should Israel crack down on these
anti-Israel kibitzers, especially when those outsiders doing the funding
are seeking to harm that country and fund Israeli sedition.

Henry Ford recieved the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Adolf
Hitler's Third Reich, presented by Karl Kapp, German consul-general of
Cleveland (left), and Fritz Hailer, German consul of Detroit (right).

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