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The Israeli Literary Left Rallies for the Hamas


Iran Dictator Upsets Columbia University's Rais

Don't you just love how Columbia University President Lee Bollinger was
all in favor of giving Mahmoud Ahmadinejad free speech on campus just as
long as he was merely demonizing Dem Joos and denying the Holocaust. After
all, free speech and democracy and all. It is good to let everyone have
their say. Bollinger has a long history of defending campus faculty

But then Ahmadinejad goes and disappoints the President of the university
that long hosted Edward Said, the professor of terror, and is sometimes
known as the Madrassa of the Upper West Side. Bro' Mahmoud had the
temerity to diss the gays, and at Columbia U no less! What chutzpa!
Suddenly in Bollinger.s opinion Ahmmadinejad becomes a "petty, cruel

When asked about gay folks in Iran, CNN reports: 'Asked about widely
documented government abuse of women and homosexuals in his country,
Ahmadinejad said, "We don't have homosexuals" in Iran. "I don't know who
told you we had it," he said.'

Oh dear. You realize what this means? This might actually alienate the
leftist moonbats who so adore Iran, and disrupt the Axis of Evil that
links leftism with Islamofascism! Tikkun Magazine and Meretz might be
forced to renounce their sympathies for Iran.

Where will it lead?

2. Israel.s Literary Left Rallies for the Hamas:
Leftist Authors Petition on Behalf of Hamas
13 Tishrei 5768, 25 September 07 10:04by Ezra HaLevi
(IsraelNN.com) Eleven of Israel.s most prominent leftist authors and
members of the intellectual elite have published a call to negotiate with
the Islamist Hamas terror group.
The statement, which was dispatched to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and
published in Haaretz, calls upon Olmert to .make every possible effort. to
reach a diplomatic agreement with Mahmoud Abbas and to open up
negotiations with Hamas for a ceasefire.
"We believe an opportunity to promote the peace process ahead of the
international conference in November has been created,. the statement
says. .We urge the prime minister to make the greatest effort to reach
substantial agreements with the PLO head and not miss this opportunity.
"The continued Qassam attacks from the Gaza Strip are intolerable. In the
past Israel has negotiated with its worst enemies. And now, the correct
course of action is to negotiate with Hamas in an effort to foment a
general cease fire that will prevent further suffering on both sides.
"These talks must include an attempt to reach a complete ceasefire,
without preconditions. An end to the mutual attacks would give the
residents of the western Negev a sense of security, would spare the Gaza
vicinity residents any further suffering, and would increase the political
process' chances of succeeding."
The signatories are A. B. Yehoshua, Amos Oz, David Grossman, Meir Shalev,
Eli Amir, Savion Librecht, Yehoshua Sobol, Esti G. Haim, Prof. Alice
Shalvi and Dorit Ravinian.
The signers are featured as commentators on state-run television on a
nearly daily basis and represent the trend among the Tel Aviv caf crowd
and privileged political elite. Oz was one of the founder of Peace Now and
most of the signatories are affiliated with the far-left Meretz Party.
Grossman, Oz and Yehoshua, along with several other of the signatories,
took part in the signing of the Geneva Accords initiative, which is very
similar to the leaked versions of PM Olmert.s negotiated settlement with
Mahmoud Abbas. During the height of the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the three
held a press conference calling for a UN-backed cease-fire. Grossman lost
his son, Uri, in the Second Lebanon War.
The cease-fire was adopted in the end, but has been severely criticized
for entrusting the UN with preventing Hizbullah from rearming. IDF
intelligence has report that Hizbullah has reached and even surpassed its
pre-war capabilities with the help of the cease-fire.

3. Yeah sure, the Zionists are silencing free speech:

4. What really happened in that Syrian raid? Here is the London Times.

5. The latest .cause. of the Israeli moonbatocracy:

Dear Sirs,

We, users of Adobe's products, wish to express our resentment and protest
against the acts and statements of Mr. Reuven Agassi, chairman of
Quicksoft Ltd., which officially represents Adobe in Israel.

Mr. Agassi has recently stated in public that he will not employ anyone
who did not serve in the Israeli army or did national service, and called
on other companies to do the same.

Such blatant discrimination is prohibited under Israeli law. We would like
to point out that over 20% of the Israeli population is non Jewish and is
not required to serve in the military. Furthermore we would like to
emphasis that the present discussion regarding conscription, obligatory or
voluntary, and the debate regarding alternative civilian service are an
important elements in the democratic dialogue being held in Israel today.
Your browser may not support display of this image.

Many young Israelis avoid serving the State as an act of protest against
the policies of the Israeli government. Avoiding military service for many
represents a rejection of militarism, so widespread in Israeli society, a
militarism exemplified all too well by Mr. Agassi.s statement.

In his public statement, Mr. Agassi offended many of Adobe's customers in
Israel. We are convinced that Adobe, represented by Mr. Agassi, does not
wish to offend its customers and that Mr. Agassi's statement will have a
negative effect on Adobe's international public relations. We find Mr.
Agassi.s statements to be inappropriate for a company that practices fair
employment policies.

We call on Adobe to publicly denounce the statements made by its
representative in Israel.
The Undersigned

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