Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Little Nukkie

1. Statement by Israeli Professors for Human Rights and Justice:

We, the progressive professors for peace and human rights and
justice, hereby condemn the barbaric Israeli attempt at preventing Syria
from producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction. How dare those
Zionists violate Syrian air space and destroy the North Korean nuclear
facilities Syria was developing for peaceful uses. After all, Israel has
nukes so why should not Syria under Asad get them also. Fair is fair It
is not like he was really going to use them on the Jews or anything.

All lovers of peace must support the right of Syria and Iran to build
nuclear facilities and accumulate lots of plutonium. It is the only way
to deter Israeli aggression and prevent Jews from abusing their
self-determination. It is nothing more than containment of Israeli
colonialism and protest againt settlement construction.

The Jews should defuse the situation by agreeing to live inside a
peaceful unified Middle East, one in which they would have nothing to fear
from Syrian nuclear weapons, especially if they convert to Islam. Some
might even be allowed to visit al-Quds after the One-State Solution is
imposed. As for those American imperialists, we make no promises. As
long as America is no more than a puppet of the Israel Lobby, occupying
Iraq on behalf of Zionism, and controlled by Jewish neoconservatives, it
remains unsafe from the weapons being developed by the oppressed masses of
the progressive world.

That being the case, we demand that Israel immediately accept the
suggestion already being made by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, that
Israel compensate Syria at once for the senseless attack by its air force
and give it replacement nuclear facilities. Once that is done, we have
no doubt that Syria will open peace talks with the Zionist entity.

2. Madonna had to talk down to him and use monosyllables:

3. Bumper Sticker of the Week: Assad Thought he could Get a Little

(see also,7340,L-3449381,00.html )

4. Anti-Semitism at the Harvard Crimson:

J. Lorand Matory is Harvard professor of anthropology and of African
and African-American studies. He is an anti-Semite and Afro-fascist.

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