Friday, September 21, 2007

Will Israel's Cabinet Minister Yuli Tamir start a war with Egypt?

1. I know this is really going to upset the Israeli Minister of Education.
But the New York Times reported Sept. 20, 07 that there are people in
Egypt opposed to female "circumcision," meaning female genital mutilation.

In Egypt the procedure is done under filthy conditions and sometimes
results in the death of young girls (it is done to them when they are 13
years old). The Times reports: "A nationwide campaign to stop the
practice has become one of the most powerful social movements in Egypt in
decades, uniting an unlikely alliance of government forces, official
religious leaders and street-level activists. Though Egypt's Health
Ministry ordered an end to the practice in 1996, it allowed exceptions in
cases of emergency, a loophole critics describe as so wide that it
effectively rendered the ban meaningless. But now the government is trying
to force a comprehensive ban."

The NY Times article gets more graphic from there, but I will spare you
the details.

Now why will this news upset Israel's Minister of Education, Yuli
Tamir, better known for introducing school programs in Arab schools that
teach that Israel's very existence is a "Naqba" or catastrophe?

Well, as reported here and on the Arutz7 blog a while back, see,

Madame Tamir
is a great fan of the "Clitoridectomy." That word means what you think
it means. Eleven years ago she published an article endorsing and
defending the practice, and denouncing those narrow-minded Western racists
who express disgust at it. The problem is not the "Clitoridectomy,"
insists Tamir in that article, but the intolerable denunciations of it by
patriarchal bigoted women-hating Westerners who fail to respect the
cultural practices of The Other. For more citations from Tamir's rant,
go here:

You realize what this means? While Israel's relations with Egypt
are not very good, once Tamir starts denouncing the Egyptians who
criticize and oppose female genital mutilation, this will enrage Egypt and
could even trigger a new all-out Middle East war!! True, Egypt got very
angry, diplomatically-speaking, when Israeli comedian Eli Yatzpen made fun
of President Mubarak on TV, but that is nothing! Egypt might attack
Israel with missiles to force Tamir's removal if Israelis do not fire the
educational airhead themselves!!

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Hatima Tova!

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