Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yes, We have No Homosexuals

1. The wonderful Ruth Wisse:

" Israelis have shown incredible courage, patience, and decency. The Nobel
Prize for Peace belongs almost annually to the IDF, perhaps (if facts
become known) never more so than in 2007. Israelis certainly did not
choose to be the fighting front line of the democratic world and would do
almost anything to escape the role in which they have been cast. But no
more than Jews of past generations have they been given the choice by
their enemies. Israelis should expect Jews and good people everywhere to
help them shoulder the responsibility of resisting Arab aggression in deed
and word."

2. Vegan Terrorism:

A vegan middle school teacher who vowed to persuade schools to change
their menus has been fired.

Dave Warwak of Williams Bay, Wis., was removed from the classroom at Fox
River Grove Middle School earlier this month. School officials say he
handed out materials on vegan diets some parents considered graphic.

The 44-year-old art teacher says he objected to the school's menu and its
posters featuring milk.

The school board has voted 7-0 to fire him.

Warwak was a teacher at the school for eight years. He had been suspended
with pay.

Warwak became a vegan in January. He admits urging his students to do
research about animal cruelty, and the hazards meat eating.

The district superintendent and the principal told Warwak to stop sharing
his vegan viewpoint. He refused.

Meantime Warwak has threatened a child endangerment lawsuit against the
district for failing to inform the students about the health risks of
eating meat.

See also

3. More on Columbia and Ahmadinejed:

4. You may recall that old song, "Yes we have no bananas," written by two
yiddin (Frank Silver and Irving Cohn in 1923)
Original Lyrics, worth reading, can be seen here:

It seems that a new version is now necessary, thanks to Ahmadinejed,
recovering from his trip to the Upper West Side, and similars from the
world of Islamofascism, insisting that there are no gays in the House of

First, here is Joseph Massad (the jihadnik from Columbia University),
commenting on tales of Gay Ramallah! No Castro Streets for us, please, we
are Arabs! (Or, The ZIONISTS Make us Gay!)

Well, worth a read!

We also thought these new lyrics, slightly adopted from Silver and
Cohn, might work well:

There are no fruits on our street
Not even no Greeks.
Even he seeks good things to eat
And you should hear him speak!

When you the Ayatollah anything, he always answers "no".
He just says no gays unto death,
And as he dissimulates, he tells you...

"Yes! We have no homosexuals
We have no homosexuals today!!
We have string beans and onions, cabBAges and scallions
And all kinds of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned toMAHto
A Long Island poTAHto, but

Yes! We have no homosexuals
We have no homosexuals today!"

Meanwhile, More on Yes we have No Homosexuals:

Here is an excerpt: .Fatah men had been spying on several senior PA
officials, some of whom were caught on tape having homosexual intercourse.
A DVD distributed among a limited number of Hamas representatives features
a former PA official having sex with another man. The disc, according to a
Palestinian journalist in Gaza City, is being sold on the black market for
NIS 20. According to one document, entitled .A Large Number of
Homosexuals,. a number of wealthy and influential figures in the Gaza
Strip had formed a .gang. for practicing homosexual intercourse . .Some of
them were summoned for questioning and they admitted to having sexual
intercourse with boys and adult males,. the document, dated May 12, 2005,
stated . .Some of them had individual sex, while others preferred group
sex. Some of them paid money for sex, while others performed sexual
intercourse with males in front of their wives.. . The document described
the homosexuals as a .very dangerous group. and warned that the phenomenon
might spread to other parts of the Gaza Strip, adding that rival political
factions could exploit the case to defame Fatah and .create chaos and
confusion . .Another Hamas official said his men had uncovered three
brothels that had been frequented by top Fatah officials in the Gaza
Strip. In a bid to counter the Hamas campaign, Fatah members have
published details about .sex scandals. involving Hamas activists.
According to Fatah, a Hamas imam was recently caught having sex with a
male minor in a mosque basement. In another incident, according to Fatah,
a senior member of Hamas.s armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, was expelled from
his refugee camp after he was caught having sex with a male colleague in a
vehicle. And according to a report on a Fatah-controlled Web site, a Hamas
man was caught naked together with his neighbor.s wife in her bedroom.

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