Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yet another Israel-hating Radical Faculty member at Tel Aviv University

1. Reinstate Klocek Petition:

2. Religious sensitivity:

President Shimon Peres harshly criticized New York's Columbia University on
Tuesday for allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he called "the
world's greatest false leader," to speak there on Monday night. This was
significant because most Israelis consider Peres to be the world's
greatest false leader.

4. The Greatest collection of anti-Chomsky material on the web:

By the way, this is hardly the world's most pressing matter, but I really
resented the fact that the Jewish girl in the Gilmore Girls has a poster of
Noam Chomsky on the wall of her dorm room. No - it is not a show I ordinarily
watch, but when I am on a treadmill in the gym I look for TV shows to watch
that do not require thought because my brain is not getting much oxygen. (Of
course half the professors in Israel have brains that NEVER get any oxygen!)
And in one of the episodes of Gilmore Girls assaulting me upon the
Paris (played by a Jewish actress), the neurotic Jewish girlfriend of the
younger Gilmette, has a huge poster of the Chomsky on the wall of her dorm
room. A neurotic Jewish coed having a pretentious name who likes
arch-Stalinist anti-Semite Noam Chomsky? Talk about offensive ethnic
For more on this atrocity, see

Here is the dialogue from one episode:
PARIS: I'm not alone.
JANET: Oh, really? Who do you have besides your poster of Noam Chomsky?
PARIS: Who do I have?
JANET: Yeah. [Paris begins to speak but falls silent.] That's what I thought.
Very sad.
[Janet exits to her bedroom. Paris stomps off to her own bedroom, followed by
PARIS: I'm gonna grab Barbie's neck and squeeze until her expandable hair falls
out and she's dead, dead, dead.
(kind of like Noam Chomsky's Khmer Rouge friends affectionately squeezing
the life out of hundreds of thousands of Cambodians?)

5. Yet another Israel-hating leftist at Tel Aviv University:
Carlo Strenger, Psychology, Tel Aviv University

Carlo Strenger wants to see Israel boycotted, Israel is the cause for
terrorism, "that shitty little country" he quotes.
Here is the learned scholar: .Israel's way of dealing with the Palestinians and
Lebanon in the last few decades has led to a long-term process in which the
Western world is beginning to see Israel as a pariah state that has no true
affinity to Western values. Hence, it is not on the 'right' side of the clash
of civilizations, as was reflected in the French ambassador to Britain calling
Israel "that shitty little country" not long ago.
'This development is consistently disregarded by Israeli decision makers.
Short-term political bickering is on their minds more than the survival of
Israel, which in theory is their main goal. Any criticism of Israel's policies
is dismissed as an expression of the New Anti-Semitism. The proof often
provided is that we are not judged by the same standard as our neighbors:
"Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia can get away with inhuman behavior a lot
worse than ours," the argument runs...My argument is not just about being
by the world - though this factor must not be dismissed. Many of us believe
that Israel's moral fiber has been fatally harmed by the occupation and by the
two Lebanon wars. The result is that both morally and strategically, the
continued occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people has put us on
the wrong side of history.'
(So when were we on the RIGHT side of history? 1943? -- SP)

6. Interesting story:,7340,L-3453679,00.html

7. Terrorists really happy Columbia U invited Iranian dictator:

Terrorist: Columbia invite big boost for Iran 'power'
Leader says Ahmadinejad appearance reveals questions on reality of

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