Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jail Time

1. Ben Kobani was murdered yesterday by Hamas terrorists east of Khan
Yunis in the Gaza Strip. He was part of an operation against terrorism
there by the Golan infantry brigade. He was 20 years old. See

He began his military career with a stint in the military prison. When he
was inducted, he demanded to be assigned to the tough Golani Brigade. The
clerks wanted to assign him to a softer job. He refused. He obstinately
disobeyed the order to go with the others not assigned to Golani. He did
some jail time for refusing to obey an order but eventually got his wish
and was assigned to Golani. He was fighting with Golani when he was

The Israeli Left will not be honoring Kobani's willingness to do jail time
in order to be allowed to fight for his country in one of the toughest
jobs in the Israeli army. They are too busy encouraging soldiers to
refuse to serve altogether until Israel capitulates to all of the demands
of the Hamas and the Hizbollah. They cheer when leftists go to jail
rather than serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. They seek to create
enough mutiny so that Israel will have no choice but to capitulate.

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