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Stop the Lobby!

Stop The Lobby!

By: Steven Plaut Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In an amazing development, archeologists digging in the campus
grounds of Harvard University near the statue of John Harvard have
uncovered a forgotten buried document about a long-defunct organization of
professors and students operating on American campuses in 1937.

Numerous campus organizations at that time were protesting the
nefarious activities of the Czech Lobby, which was accused of suppressing
free speech on American campuses. Professors from Harvard and the
University of Chicago led the movement to expose and rein in the
all-too-powerful Czech Lobby and to promote divestment from

Here are the exact contents of the document discovered and
published this week by archeologists:

November 1937

Faculty Members, Students, University Presidents, Journalists,
and Patriotic Americans .

At long last a group of courageous people is confronting the
Czech Lobby.

For too long, fear of this Lobby has intimidated professors and
others. This Lobby seeks to suppress the freedom to criticize and to speak
out against human-rights abuses by Czechoslovakia against the Sudeten
Germans living in the occupied Sudetenland.

For too long, American foreign policy has been undermined by this
Lobby, which seeks to substitute the interests of the Czechs for those of
the American people. Agents from the Czech Lobby and the
Czechoslovakia-First neo-bohemians have infiltrated the American
government and are forcing the United States to support Czechoslovakia in
its obstinate refusal to grant self-determination to the Sudeten Germans
and to remove its illegal Czech settlements from the Sudetenland.

Moreover, the Czech Lobby is not content with imposing on the
world its agenda of unbalanced support for Czechoslovakia in its
aggression toward the Third Reich. The Lobby is also behind the foolish
American policy of antagonizing Japan and of the ongoing bloody American
occupation of the Philippines.

The Lobby has been spreading propaganda about human rights abuses
in Germany and about the oppressed status of women in Japan, but since
when is it the proper business of the United States to interfere in the
internal affairs of those sovereign states?

The Czech Lobby has its appendages everywhere. It commands
enormous sums of capital, controls large portions of the Western media,
and uses these to terrorize those who express criticism of its behavior
and those who oppose the reckless and abusive policies of Czechoslovakia.

The Czech Lobby has begun exceeding all bounds, and its agents
are even interfering with freedom of speech on American campuses. For
example, a political science professor at DePaul University who built up
his career by writing anti-Czech books and articles for the Der Sturmer
newspaper in Germany was recently denied tenure.

Clearly, the only reason he was turned down was because the Czech
Lobby was pressuring the authorities at that university. A second
professor who fell victim to the conniving of the Lobby was fired from the
University of Colorado for suggesting the United States is an evil,
imperialist country threatening world peace and that Americans would
really deserve it if Japan were to bomb the dickens out of Pearl Harbor.

Elsewhere, courageous academics willing to speak their minds about
the inhumane and arrogant policies of Czechoslovakia have been harassed by
the Lobby. The Czech Lobby controls so much of the American media; many of
its loyalists among the ranks of U.S. columnists have unfairly attacked
professors who endorse Germany.s demands that Czechoslovakia liberate the
oppressed Sudeten Germans and allow them to set up their own state.

Newspaper criticism of these professors is obviously a threat to
American democracy and an attempt to suppress academic freedom and
neutralize the First Amendment. Clearly the neo-bohemians and their fellow
travelers have no respect at all for the Constitution.

Meanwhile, a new book has been published by two courageous
scholars who were willing to defy threats and intimidation . a book that
exposes all of the machinations of the Czech Lobby. Written by professors
Helmut Walther and Heinrich Johnsheimer, the book was brought out by a
major publishing house and the authors are being interviewed on radio
stations coast to coast. A whistlestop train tour is being planned to help
promote their book.

Meanwhile, the Middle European Studies Association has issued a
series of statements condemning the Czech Lobby and its attempts to
suppress academic freedom in America. It has called on DePaul University
to reinstate the professor who was denied tenure because of outside
pressure from agents of the Lobby.

Awareness of the power and threat of the Czech Lobby has been
growing among the public. We are seeing growing efforts to expose its
nefarious aims. Campus teach-ins have been held. There is now a large
movement to divest from Czechoslovakia until it frees the Sudetenland.
Demands to boycott Czechoslovakian universities and sever all ties with
Czech academics are increasingly heard.

Delegations of international solidarity demonstrators are being
sent to the Sudetenland to help protect Sudeten Germans from being abused
by the Czechoslovak police and military. A multi-city film festival is
being planned, featuring films documenting the discrimination and abuses
suffered by Sudeten Germans living under Czechoslovakian occupation.

We must liberate American policy from being held hostage by a
group that serves alien interests. And we must defend academic freedom and
the right of scholars to denounce and criticize freely the policies of the
Czechoslovakian regime.

Please, come join us in our campaign for freedom.

Professors and Students for an Independent Sudetenland.

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