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Tel Aviv University's Prof. Biletzki battles against Israel and Zionism

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Tel Aviv University

Professor Anat Biletzki.s "philosophy" is to smear Israel abroad
for its enemies

Professor Anat Biletzki is Professor and Chair of the Department of
Philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. She grew up in the
United States and Canada where she was educated through her high school
years, then earned her college degrees in Political Science and Philosophy
at Tel Aviv University. She earned her Master.s degree with a thesis on
Aristotle's logic and determinism and her PhD with a dissertation on the
history of the philosophy of language. An instructor at Tel Aviv
University since 1979, she has traveled widely as a guest lecturer, a
visiting fellow and scholar in the Philosophy departments of such
distinguished universities as Cambridge and Harvard and in the Social
Sciences division at Princeton. She is considered an expert on the
Philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein and Thomas Hobbes, on .analytic
philosophy,. .political thought. and .human rights.. She is also the
former chairperson of B'tselem .

According to her own profile, she .has been engaged for three decades now,
in bridging
the two --philosophy and attempting to use analytic philosophy
in the investigation and study of human rights. and by .investing her work
in human rights organizations with philosophical grounding.. In her own
words: .Philosophy is my profession, politics is my life..
Sadly, Professor Biletzki.s analytical philosophy is to smear Israel
abroad politically at anti-Israel symposiums and events on college
campuses and elsewhere that are fundamentally organized by Arab
irredentist groups that frequently use the words .human rights. and
.peace. as a deceptive cover to destroy the Jewish state. As an expert in
the philosophy of language, Professor Biletzki of all people should
understand how language is used to mask real intent, particularly by Arab
propagandists. Despite this, she speaks frequently to and is quoted
extensively by members of the International Solidarity Movement
( who claim
to be "nonviolent human rights advocates" in one breath, then endorse
violence against Israelis as "legitimate resistance" in the next as they
act as human shields for terrorists.

Like the ISM, that claims it merely seeks peace, but instead helps one
side wage war against Israel, Professor Biletzki claims she is working for
the human rights of the Palestinians but somehow never touches on the
Israeli need for self-defense. Hence, this expert in the philosophy of
language uses terms such as .Apartheid Wall. for a Security Fence to keep
out suicide bombers and terrorists and brands almost any anti-terrorist
activities by the Israeli government just as in Arab propaganda as being
violations of the human rights of Palestinian Arabs. As an expert on
Wittkenstein who postulated "the limits of my language are the limits of
my world," Professor Biletzki limits herself to Palestinian propaganda:
demolishing a house where a terrorist cell builds bombs is demolishing
Arab homes for no reason, checkpoints are merely there to .humiliate. the
Arabs who praise and encourage suicide bombers and terrorists, and Israel
is an .occupier. with no claims to the land, biblical or otherwise.
Wittkenstein was a Jew who abandoned his faith for Christianity, then
embraced atheism and ultimately went back to Christianity. Perhaps
Biletzki is carrying through the same philosophy of the Jew who abandons
other Jews for Jew-killers and does so through her own philosophical
window of language that exists in her own world separated from reality.
Meanwhile, people get killed perpetually on both sides, hardly a
sustainable outcome promoting "human rights." Hobbes on the other hand
was someone who in some circles has been claimed to ruin biblical studies
( for Christianity. What
better way for a
philosopher like Biletzki to make a new name for herself as a Jewess and
philosopher who equally discounts the right to exist of a Jewish state
that many of its inhabitants consider a biblical miracle and struggle to
keep alive against a massive Arab force out to destroy it? iker.htm

While some other Israeli academics may take a one-sided and almost
passionate stance against Israel on behalf of the Arab strategy of
boycotting and slandering Israel unconditionally at any price, Biletzky
has come out against the Academic Boycott of Israeli academics like
(bad for business, you see) while still endorsing an economic boycott of
Israel. The Arab League boycott of Israel of course sends 30% of Israel.s
population to soup kitchens, mainly the elderly and children, including
Arab Israelis, but these people do not fit into Biletzki.s .human rights.
worldview (the ability to tour the world, expenses paid, to speak at
events paid for indirectly by petrodollars to fund Middle East Studies
Centers and various anarchist communist groups against Israel on college
campuses with academic departments where Israel-bashing is the rule is no
doubt too good to pass up for personal principles). Biletzki underscores
her need to continue doing so in part to deny what she does is
The French writer-philosopher Voltaire summed up Biletzki.s type of
philosophical academic thinking and use of language best when he wrote
"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit
atrocities." If one can be judged by the company one keeps (and academics
who travel the world keep a lot of company), then Biletzki.s friends with
whom she meets and uses propaganda language in support of the Palestinians
seeking the destruction of Israel are very telling. Biletzki clearly is
part of the pro-communist/anarchist clique
that is allied with Arab irredentists against the Jews.

She has spoken at symposiums given by Al Awda, (
the Palestine Right to Return Coalition that unequivocally calls for the
end of all of Israel by declaring the Arab right of return
"non-negotiable" (unconditionally allowing five million Arabs to move
inside Israel's borders, thus spelling the end of the Jewish state). Al
Awda was founded by a former Yale geneticist, Mazen Qumsaiyeh, who was
fired for using the University.s email system to send out an anti-Semitic
missive and who has called Jews living in Israel .a disease.. According to
ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat, Qumsiyeh is a former member of the Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
a designated terrorist group. Biletzki has no qualms about rubbing elbows
with or supporting Al Awda and its goals, even though the organization has
even been linked to the Aryan Nations (American Nazi Party)
( due to equal antipathy against
Jews and openly supports Hamas and Hizballah. Its affiliated Radio Islam
website even speaks of Jews as "Satan's Jewish soldiers" and lists all Al
Awda events (scroll down to the letter from Aryan Nations leader Pastor
Redfeairn ( of the Aryan
Nations, then the schedule of activism events for Al Awda).

And Biletzki certainly lives up to her statement that "politics is her
life" both inside and outside of Israel. In Israel she gathered signatures
for high school students to refuse to serve in the army and became a close
supporter of Asmi Bishara, the Arab Knesset member who openly calls for
the dismantling of Israel (Bishara has called Biletzki one of his
She called for the release of Tali Fahima who smuggled weapons for
terrorists to kill Israelis. As an academic with the ear of American (and
some even Jewish) college students she appears as an "educated voice"
calling for the unconditional right of return of any Arab to Israel as a
means of dismantling Israel. ( She has
done this
from Boston University
across the US to Santa Cruz, California.
Biletzski even wrote a memorial to Edward Said
(, who reviled even
Arafat for making any kind of peace or negotiations with Israel and said
the Arab scholar was born in Palestine (Said, like Arafat, was born in
In doing so, she called Said the ultimate champion of "Palestinian

But what is freedom in her philosophy of language?
( Is it the reality of
the freedom to live under dictatorship and Sharia Law
( that would be
doubly bad for the Jews who were not murdered in the takeover? Biletzki
also conveniently classifies terrorists killed by the IDF as " civilians.
killed in violation of "international law"
on behalf of a movement that has no respect for international law to stop
terrorists or end terrorism against her fellow Israelis. This isn.t the
process of a human rights philosopher as much as a sophist
( who
discounts the value of the lives of her fellow citizens. It is also a
common tactic of Israel.s communist party and their allies across the

Like her Marxist and anti-Zionist allies in the International Solidarity
Movement, Anat Biletzki says one thing but has another purpose and
meaning, and that meaning is to smear Israel and help its enemies achieve
their goals of domination over the Jewish people and destruction of the
Jewish state as a haven for all people.

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