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Get ready for Swastika Day on Campus

1. Israelis lefties meeting in London to call for Israel's annihilation
(what they call the "one state solution" where the one state is
Palestinian, Israeli scholars to advance one-state solution in London
Report, The Electronic Intifada, 12 November 2007

Leading Palestinian and Israeli scholars and activists will be among the
speakers at an unprecendented conference to explore a one-state solution,
at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London on 17-18

Organized by the London One State Group and the SOAS Palestine Society,
the conference, "Challenging the Boundaries: A Single State in
Israel/Palestine," will explore new models for a just peace including
binationalism, secular democracy, a 'state of all its citizens' and

The London conference comes as prominent politicians including US
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UK Foreign Secretary David
Milliband have recently warned that the window for implementing a
two-state solution is fast closing. Israel has continued to block the
establishment of a Palestinian state by accelerating its colonization of
the occupied West Bank and tightening its starvation siege of the occupied
Gaza Strip, even as Rice makes last ditch efforts to implement a

"Unquestioned support for the two-state vision" among international elites
"remains firm despite the disastrous failure of the peace process," a
statement from the London One State Group notes, thus necessitating
efforts "to broaden the discourse regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict
towards consideration of a One State vision as a desirable and achievable
alternative." The statement adds that the "birth of the non-racial
democracy in South Africa and the implementation of the power sharing
arrangement in Northern Ireland have strengthened the belief that
partition is not the inevitable, nor necessarily the most desirable
resolution to the conflict."

Over the past several years the failure of the two-state approach has led
to a resurgence of interest in a one-state solution and the London
conference brings together many who have written or spoken in favor of it.

Those scheduled to participate include Nur Masalha, Ghada Karmi, Ilan
Pappe, Joseph Massad, Ali Abunimah, Haim Bresheeth, Ghazi Falah, As'ad
Ghanem, Leila Farsakh, Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Nadim Rouhana, Omar
Barghouti, Tikva Honig-Parnass, Louise Bethlehem, Kathleen O'Connell,
Gilbert Achcar, Sumantra Bose, Haidar Eid, Eitan Bronstein, Eyal Sivan,
Yousef Faker el Deen and Rajaa Omari.

The two-day conference includes sessions on aspects of a one-state
solution including its rationale and historical context, geography,
geopolitics, citizenship and identity, and rethinking the nation-state.
Speakers will provide a comparative perspective on conflicts in Ireland,
India-Pakistan, South Africa and Lebanon.

Sessions on grassroots activism will bring together one-state advocates
from all over Palestine and the Diaspora including the One State Group
based in Gaza, according to the published program.

Conference organizers cite as one of their inspirations the late
Palestinian scholar Edward Said, who wrote in 1999, "The beginning is to
develop something entirely missing from both Israeli and Palestinian
realities today: the idea and practice of citizenship, not of ethnic or
racial community, as the main vehicle of coexistence."

The full conference program and details can be found at

2. Peace paganism:,7340,L-3471648,00.html

3. Stay tuned for Campus Swastika Days: Students clash on 'Kaffiyah
Arab and Jewish students demonstrate at Haifa, Hebrew Universities on
self-proclaimed 'Kaffiyah Day.' Chairman of Hadash students' board in
Haifa: 'No reason to prohibit an Arab student from wearing his traditional
garb on campus'
Ahiya Raved
Published: 11.14.07, 19:10 / Israel News

Some 100 Arab and Jewish students held opposing demonstrations on
Wednesday at Haifa University as Arab students gathered to mark the newly
christened "Kaffiyah Day." A scuffle between the two groups was avoided
only after campus security guards intervened. A similar protest was also
held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

"Kaffiyah Day" was declared by national Arab student organizations
following an incident earlier in November in which an Arab student wearing
a kaffiyah at the Hebrew University was assaulted by a group of Jewish

The Arab protestors in Haifa arrived at demonstration wearing the
traditional headscarves. They chanted slogans and waved the Palestinian
flag. The opposing demonstration held Israeli flags and sang the national
anthem. Campus security was eventually forced to separated the groups or
risk an escalation in the tensions.

Chairman of the University's Hadash students club, Rabiyah Shaa'ir, said
"there is no reason an Arab student should be attacked for wearing this
traditional garb on campus. We reject the racist behavior of the Jewish
students who tried to make him take off the kaffiyah."

Freshman student Eva Biton told Ynet she was shocked to see Palestinian
flags on a Jewish-Israeli campus: "I come from France where I witnessed
many similar demonstrations. I didn't believe that I will see these flags
in Israel."

Tension at the Hebrew University
Arab and Jewish students faced off in Jerusalem as well as tensions
continue to rise on the Hebrew University campus. Earlier in the week a
large-scale fight broke out between the two groups.

"These students are the future of the Israeli-Arab sector," said Ali
Baher, chairman of the Arab students' board in Jerusalem.

"We need a generation of people who stand up for their rights and fight
for their beliefs. We have a right to express our opinion, study here and
confront those who don't want us."

The counter-protest was organized by Haifa University's Student's Union.
Shai Panini, Chairman of the Union, said: "I cannot grasp the holding of a
rally for the memory of a man (Yasser Arafat, who singlehandedly turned
the kaffiyah into an enduring Palestinian icon) whose name brings
revulsion to every Israeli citizen. I call on Haifa University not to
allow rallies like these from now on for the sake of the fragile
coexistance at Haifa University."

4. Peace thru Appeasement:

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