Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Haaretz Campaigns on behalf of terrorism

1. Haaretz is all upset. It seems that the wanted terrorists from
the PLO's al-Aksa Brigades are unable to get women to marry them. And it
is all Israel's fault. You see, Israel sometimes kills such people. Not
often enough, but nevertheless they are not exactly good prospects for
term life insurance. They are hardly in hiding, as the Haaretz reporter
found a group in a West Bank caf. and interviewed them and took their
photo. But these Les Miserables have trouble getting fathers of
prospective brides to allow their daughters to marry such people. And
sometimes taxis do not pick them up. Everyone is afraid that they might
be targeted for dispatch.
In Hebrew:


2. Chabad's Shande:


3. Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy celebrates Palestinian terrorism!
Insists violence against Jews is the only way forward:


4. Norman the Nazi and his Holocaust Denial prize winning cartoonist
claim Latuff is being "threatened" by right wing Zionists, poor baby:

5. Labor Party backbencher Collette Avital and a group of fellow
travelers are proposing that it be illegal in Israel to call someone a
Nazi even if that person is an anti-Semite who supports terrorism against
Jews or who publishes his hate propaganda against Israel on Neo-Nazi web
sites. If passed, under the new law it will be legal for Israeli leftists
to call Israel a Nazi state, but will be illegal to call them Nazis for
doing so.

6. A New Grad from the University of DUH:

7. Asslib Reformies fostering anti-Semitism among Catholics:

See also


8. Important blog that follows extremist groups:


run by Werner Cohn (who did earlier
excellent work on exposing Noam Chomsky's ties to Holocaust Deniers)

9. Suppressing free speech in the name of free speech:


10. UCLA's Jihadniks (note . they include ex-Israelis):


11. Swatika at Columbia U:


12. Leftist anti-Semitic dingbette claims "right wing Zionists"
attacked her; got kiddish wine thrown in her face (and now it is yayin
nesoch?): http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JustPeaceUK/message/21750


Gunmen imposing hard-line Islamic law in Hamas territory
Posted: November 8, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
2007 WorldNetDaily.com

JERUSALEM - Gaza-based militants have attacked secular Palestinian youth
for wearing hair gel in the Hamas-controlled territory, WND has learned.

According to security officials affiliated with Palestinian Authority
President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, gunmen associated with several
Gaza-based Islamist organizations, including Hamas, have formed patrol
units to enforce hard-line Islamic law in Gaza. The units are responsible
for a slew of recent closures of pool halls, water pipe smoking clubs and
stores that sell movies and music, the officials said.

The security officials said they are aware of seven cases in recent weeks
of Palestinian male youth being targeted by Islamist gunmen for wearing
hair gel. In one case, a Palestinian teenager who protested to the gunmen
that he would defy the hair-gel ban was seriously injured by the
militants, the officials said.

"Militants told the youths that hair gel is imitating the West and is the
beginning of corruption. It doesn't go with Islamic education, it goes
against Islamic tradition and behavior," said a Palestinian security

According to Israeli security officials, a Gaza-based Anti-Corruption Unit
was first formed by militias associated with Hamas in 2005 just prior to
Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip. Immediately after its formation,
the unit set up its own Islamic court system and carried out a
high-profile "honor killing" of a woman it suspected of committing

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