Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Racism" and Leftist Sedition in Israel

1. "Racism" in Israel

Far Left Group 'Documents' Israeli Racism
By:Steven Plaut Wednesday, December 12, 2007
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is a far
leftist propaganda group that has just released a report allegedly
documenting a skyrocketing rate of .racism. among Israeli Jews against
Arabs, in addition to discovering that Israel is a generally oppressive

The first point to be made is that nothing coming from
ACRI is credible and everything from it should be dismissed as misleading
and skewed. ACRI is not a reliable source about anything. The second point
is that the same survey supposedly collected for ACRI asked no questions
about Arab racism against Jews. How curious. The third point is that none
of the questions supposedly indicating growing Jewish .racism. have
anything at all to do with racism or bigotry.

ACRI claims to discern an increase of 26% in anti-Arab
.incidents. in Israel, although it offers no evidence that any of these
.incidents. are really racist. It claims a 100% increase in anti-Arab
.hatred. among Jews but does not say how it measures this .hatred..

From the media reports about the study, ACRI evidently
measures this alleged racism based on the proportion of Jews who want to
condition welfare benefits, social perks (like tuition vouchers), and
income subsidies on army service. This is racist, insists the ACRI. Never
mind that every other nation on earth gives its army vets such benefits,
or that no one is stopping any Arabs from serving in the Israeli army and
getting the same veteran benefits, or that in any case such a policy would
.penalize. Orthodox yeshiva students no less than Arabs.

Many of the indicators of .oppression. used in the ACRI
study are meaningless, political biased, and have even less to do with
ethnic disparities. For example, the report bewails a drop in the number
of hospital beds in Israel per 1,000 population (still among the world.s
highest rates), a drop having nothing to do with racism and everything to
do with fiscal cuts and budgetary constraints.

ACRI also finds evidence of .oppression. in the structural
reforms that Israel.s minister of justice is pursuing. It would be
.repressive,. believes ACRI, for an elected cabinet minister to prevent
unelected judges from just making up laws and .rights. as they go along in
court. The report cries crocodile tears about the hiring of workers via
employment agencies rather than as direct employees of companies and
business. But there is nothing at all .oppressive. in this; in fact, it.s
downright beneficial, as thousands of unemployed people are able to find
jobs through manpower agencies.

The ACRI study finds that fully half the Jewish public
takes a negative view of exact equality between Jews and Arabs. This is
amusing, of course, because the left opposes exact equality for Arabs when
it comes to things like conscription or national service for Arabs.

In any case, the wording of the question could be
interpreted to mean not legal equality or equal opportunity but equality
of results (such as in income homogeneity), a cause beloved by the left
and opposed by everyone else.

Fifty-five percent of Jews endorse subsidizing Arabs who
want to emigrate from Israel, finds the ACRI report, which labels such
sentiment racist. Except that 100% of the Israeli Labor Party and the left
supports subsidizing Jews to move out of the West Bank, which evidently is
not racist.

Here.s yet another example of Jewish anti-Arab racism in
the ACRI report: It turns out Arabs are searched for weapons and
explosives at airports more so than Jews. ACRI would prefer a .non-racist
non-discriminator. set of security procedures.

In short, the ACRI report is a very useful tool for
identifying what is not racism, though it will be picked up by every
anti-Semitic organization and website on earth to prove that Israel is an
.apartheid entity..

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