Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Ehud Olmert Missile Defense Plan


Saturday, January 5, 2008
The Olmert Star Wars Program

Peace through Collisions

Most of us were under the impression that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had
no idea whatsoever about how to stop the near-daily missile attacks on
Israel by his peace partners. This - in addition to having no idea
whatsoever about how to deal with other forms of terrorism, how to run the
country, how to defend Israeli interests, how to deal with the American
government, and how to deal with just about everything else.

But I have discovered that Olmert actually has an ingenious missile
defense strategy he is planning to implement for Israel. You will kick
yourself when you realize that you had not figured it out on your own!

I uncovered it when the Katyusha missile fired from the Gaza Strip landed
NORTH of Ashkelon a few days ago. I was sitting there contemplating having
spent the entire summer of 2006 being bombarded in Haifa by Katyusha
missiles (among the 4000 fired at northern Israel), fired from Lebanon as
a direct result of Ehud Barak's pusillanimous turning of southern Lebanon
over to the Hezbollah savages in 2000. One Hezbollah rocket reached
Hadera. The Qassam and Katusha missiles are also getting more
sophisticated by the month, with ever longer range!

And then it hit me. Eureka!

Pshita! It is the Olmert version of Star Wars!

Olmert is simply waiting until the Katusha missiles from Gaza can reach
the same areas of Israel as the Katyusha missiles from Lebanon, and then
he will just sit back and watch, as each set of Katyushas collides and
knocks out the other set of Katyushas, neutralizing one another and
protecting the Land of Israel!

It is better than video games!

2. WHAT imminent deal with the PLO?

3. There is a web site that collected documentation of the assault
against freedom of speech by the Israeli political elite and the Israeli
Left during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It includes quite a few old
posts of mine, plus a lot of other material. You might find it of
interest. It is at:

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