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The One Magazine Solution


The Oxford Union's Destructive .Debate.
By Alan M. Dershowitz | 1/11/2008
In October of 2007 I wrote an obituary for the Oxford Union. This
student-run group purports to be one of the most distinguished debating
societies in the world. Yet its debates have become more one-sided, more
absurd, and more trivial than most bar room brawls.

The scheduled debate that led me to write the October obituary was
supposed to be on the following proposition: .This house believes that
one state is the only solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.. Nothing
wrong with that (other than that no one would dream of proposing a similar
topic with regard to India-Pakistan-Bangladesh or any of the other divided
states in the world today).

The problem was with the debaters selected by the Oxford Union to defend
the two-state solution, which is synonymous with Israel.s right to exist.

One of the speakers selected to represent the pro-Israel side was Norman
Finkelstein, who was recently fired from DePaul University for his lack of
scholarship and his ad hominems against pro-Israel writers (including me).
The other debater selected to represent the pro-Israel side refused to
appear with Finkelstein on the same side and so the debate was cancelled.

Now the Oxford Union has gone even further. It has scheduled a debate on
January 24 on whether Israel has the right to exist. Both speakers on the
supposed pro-Israel side are virulent Israel-haters and strong supporters
of Palestinian terrorism.

One is Norman Finkelstein, who is currently joining hands with the
Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, whose goal is the military destruction
of Israel. Finkelstein supports Hezbollah and says that this terrorist
organization .represents the hope.. He has previously regretted not being
more supportive of Hezbollah in its military attacks on Israel. And he
was selected to be one of the two pro-Israel advocates. With friends like

The other invited speaker is just as bad. He is a philosophy professor
named Ted Honderich, who believes that the Palestinian terrorists have .a
moral right in their terrorism against Israelis.. He analogizes Israel to
Apartheid South Africa, which he of course said did not have a right to
exist. Yet he too has been selected to speak on behalf of Israel.

The Oxford Union had it within their power to select a genuine advocate of
Israel.s right to exist, since even in England there are a few of those.
I know, because I have been getting outraged letters from Oxford students,
alumni and ordinary citizens about the forthcoming debate. For example,
one of Great Britain.s most distinguished lawyers and writers is Anthony
Julius. He could make an effective case for Israel.s right to exist, as
could many other prominent individuals.

But at the Oxford Union, the only debate permitted is over the means used
to end Israel.s existence; whether Israel should be destroyed by
Palestinian suicide bombers, by Hezbollah rockets or by some other means.
This is not a public debate. It is a public execution.

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Friday, January 11, 2008
How to Solve the Counterpunch-Nation Problem via the "One Magazine

Columbia University Jihadist Navasky, seeking a Rwanda Solution for the
Problem of Israel's Existence

We have this amazing idea for how to deal with the Far-Left neo-Stalinist
anti-Semitic web magazines Counterpunch and The Nation. It is called the
"One-Magazine Solution".

The idea is that Counterpunch, The Nation, and Jewish Press merge and then
continue to operate as a single web magazine under the hegemonic control
of ourselves, while the Counterpunch and Nation writers and editors would
be assured minority rights (fair trials for treason). Well, except for
those Counterpunchers born outside the US, like Alexander Cockburn, who
would be expelled back to the countries whence they came.

Now before you accuse me of ingesting the same substances as the editors
of Tikkun Magazine, let me explain. The Neofascist Left, and by that I
mean the extremist Left best represented by Counterpunch and "The Nation"
(or - as I prefer to call it - The Moonbatnation) have in recent years
been demonstrating a refreshing candor and openess when it comes to their
anti-Semitism. Unlike so many others, they do not pretend that they simply
oppose Zionism but-got-nothing-against-dem-Joos-as-such-mind-you.
Specifically, they are entirely open about the fact that they want to see
Israel destroyed. They call it the "One State Solution," also known as the
Rwanda Solution, in which Israel will be enfolded into an Arab Palestinian
Islamofascist Third World Kleptocratic State, encompassing all Israeli
territory, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The Jews would be assured
minority status in this Arab-majority entity, and so would be treated
almost as well as the Copts in Egypt or the Kurds in Iraq or the southern
Sudanese are today.

Now, how come Israel is the only country on the planet that these folks
demand be destroyed, you ask? It is very simple. Israel is the only Jewish
country and the Neofascist Left hates Jews. Sometimes the Lefties pretend
they want Israel destroyed because they claim it is a "discriminatory" or
"immoral" country, but no one thinks they really believe that. Israel is
by far the least discriminatory and immoral country in the Middle East and
the state of human rights in Israel is at least a thousand times better
than in the next-best state in the Middle East.

In recent years, Counterpunch has run quite a few articles opposing the
"Two State Solution" and endorsing the "One State Solution". The
"Two-State Solution" to the Middle East conflict should in fact be more
correctly termed the "Twenty Four State Solution," meaning 22 Arab states,
Israel, and the new terror state these people want the "Palestinian" to

As envisioned in the "Road Map", the Arabs would add to their twenty two
existing states, holding land almost twice the area of the United States,
and yet another state, a twenty-third Arab state to be called Palestine,
the second Arab state to be erected in the territory of historic Palestine
(the other one being named Jordan), while the Jews would keep their one
tiny statelet with land smaller than New Jersey for at least another month
or two.

That is the Bush Road Map plan. But the Neofascist Left insists that this
"Road Map" solution is too generous to the Jews and too stingy to the
Arabs. Their preferred solution is to turn the Levant into Rwanda and
resolve the ethnic conflict the same way the Rwandans did.

"The Nation", always trying to out-jihad Counterpunch and bypass it in the
Anti-Semitism Tournament of the Left, has also long endorsed the Rwanda
Solution, er - we mean - the "One-State Solution" in which Israel would be
destroyed, and of course that would have nothing at all to do with the
fact that Israel is the only country the Jews have on earth. The Germans
called it the Final Solution. None of this of course has stopped the
Columbia School of Journalism, located in that Columbia Madrassah on the
Upper West Side, from turning the school's web site over to the control of
"The Nation's" Uber-Moonbat editor and publisher, the Jew-hating,
Castro-loving Victor Navasky.

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