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The Yellow Wolverine


Iran is threatening to nuke the Jews, the Pestilinians are on the rampage,
anti-Semitism is booming all over the world, it is a drought year, the
stock market is in trouble.
But the Israeli government is right on top of things, offering an official
apology to the Beatles for having canceled their concert tour in 1965:

The story does recall the Bolshevik micro-control that the Mapai
socialists exercised arbitrarily back then. The Mapai geezers decided
that Beatles music was harmful to the pioneering spirit of Israeli youth,
unlike unemployment and bolshevik state planning of the economy.

Speaking of Israeli Bolshevism, interesting to not who is opposed to it:


Meanwhile, now that the Beatles are the top item on Ehud Olmert's national
agenda, my poetic juices go a-stirring. To the tune of Yellow Submarine
comes: "We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine"!!!

(Just in time to accompany the Winograd Report!)

In the land where Jacob's born,
Lived a man who failed to see,
And he sold us down the creek,
with his brain of soya bean,

So he waved the banner white,
and appeased the terror spleen,
Jews to swim soon 'neath the waves,
All thanks to that Wolverine,

We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine,
We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine.

And our friends are all aboard,
While the jihad grows next door,
And the cabinet sits and plays.

(Trumpets play)

We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine,
We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine.

(Full speed ahead, Mr. Nasrallah, full speed ahead!
Full speed over here, sir!
Appeasement station! Appeasement station!
Aye, aye, sir!)

Olmert lives a life of ease
Every one of us, condemned to bleed,
Sky of blue and sea of green,
He's a yellow wolverine.

We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine,
We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine.

We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine,
We are Ruled by a Yellow Wolverine,
Yellow Wolverine, Yellow Wolverine.

By the way, here is my own private, personal one-man alternative Winograd
Report: http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/9973/drstrangedoveya4.jpg

2. You will be happy to hear that the head of the Islamic movement
among Israeli Arabs proclaimed yesterday that Jews in Europe make bread
out of the blood of gentile children. See story here


and also this:


Will he now be publicly hanged? Defenestrated? Jailed? Electric chair?
Forced to listen to sociology lectures?

Have no fear, grasshopper. Since he is not a settler proclaiming that
Rabin's Oslo policies were foolish, he will NOT be prosecuted for
incitement and racism. His is protected speech under the Olmert First
Amendment. In fact, I expect him to be awarded an Israel Prize and hosted
by the New Israel Fund in New York!

3. Haaretz today reports that Christians in the Gaza Strip are being
brutalized and oppressed by the Hamas terrorhoids. It also reports that
the Hamas terrorocracy there is getting more assertive about requiring
that women in the Gaza Strip cover their faces with a black veil like
those liberated feminettes in Iran.

Now I know what you are thinking, and that is that maybe the time has come
for Israel to make peace with the Hamas by also requiring that certain
women in Israel cover their faces and their whatevers with a long black
veil and robe. So here is a partial list of candidates who should be
covered for purposes of reaching peace: Shulamit Aloni, Yael Dayan,
Stalinist Tamar Gozansky, the Women in Black, Dana International, Zahava
Galon, etc.

4. Cut the electricity! Send the Gazans cigarettes instead!


5. Give those cops medals!


6. More Oslo success:


The leadership committee of Israeli Arabs will be holding three days
of official mourning for the arch-terrorist, mass murderer, communist, and
plane hijacker George Habash, he headed the PFLP terror group. As
reward, numerous liberal groups of American Jews want to raise money for
Israeli Arabs.

7. Meanwhile, there are now countless billboards in Israel paid for by
an obscure leftist group (with money from???) that read, "Don't give them
guns, build for them houses." It is a takeoff on the old slogan of the
Right . "Don't give them guns." This new group wants Jews to finance the
building of houses for the "Palestinians."
I guess so that they will have some place to keep the guns that Shimon
Peres and Ehud Olmert gave them!

January 30, 2008
(Wall St Journal)


Israel's Lebanon Disaster
January 30, 2008
I had fought in war before but had never seen such intensive fire --
tracer bullets, rockets, artillery shells -- nor been assigned a more
horrific detail. My unit was escorting the bodies of Israeli soldiers
killed on the last night of the Second Lebanon War, a few hours before the
U.N. cease-fire agreement took effect. None of us understood the purpose
of this last-minute offensive or, indeed, many of the government's
disastrous decisions during the war. We agreed that the burden of these
failures would be borne by our leaders, military and civilians alike.
Now, a year and a half later, veterans of the war are demanding that Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert accept responsibility for its conduct -- or risk
unraveling the consensus on which Israel's survival depends.
The war began on July 12, 2006, when Hezbollah gunmen ambushed an Israeli
border patrol, killing eight and kidnapping two. Mr. Olmert's response, a
large-scale campaign intended to crush Hezbollah and secure the soldiers'
release, was supported by most Israelis until serious mismanagement of the
war surfaced. While receiving inadequate or faulty equipment -- my rifle
literally fell apart in my hands -- Israeli forces were denied permission
to invade Southern Lebanon and neutralize the katyusha rockets that were
pummeling Israeli cities. Instead, Israeli jets bombed the Lebanese routes
through which Syria resupplied Hezbollah and destroyed the organization's
Beirut headquarters.
These attacks obliterated much of Hezbollah's infrastructure and killed a
fourth of its fighters, but they also laid waste to a large part of
Lebanon, killing civilians and squandering Israel's initial international
backing. Hundreds of rockets, meanwhile, continued to smash into northern
Israel, displacing a half-million civilians. Only on Aug. 13, after a
month of fighting and with a U.N. ceasefire already approved, did the
government authorize a ground offensive into Lebanon. The operation
achieved nothing, either militarily or diplomatically, and cost the lives
of 33 Israeli troops.
In another country, perhaps, such blunders might result in the resignation
of senior officers but not necessarily elected officials. In Israel,
though, no one is above blame. Accountability for decision making is a
tenet of the Zionist ethos on which the Jewish state is based and, unlike
most nations, Israel has a citizens' army in which the great majority --
politicians included -- serve. Most uniquely, Israel confronts daily
security dangers and long-term threats to its existence. Israelis can
neither condone nor afford a prime minister who passes the buck to their
army or shirks the onus of defense. The person who sends us into battle
cannot escape responsibility for our fate.
No sooner had the war ended than Israelis began demanding an official
inquiry into its handling. Why did the government set unrealistic goals
for the operation? Why were no orders given for an invasion, and why were
no measures taken to protect the home front from missile attack? Above
all, Israelis insisted on knowing why Mr. Olmert authorized a final
offensive with no apparent objective other than enhancing his image.
Mr. Olmert resisted these demands, but public pressure forced him to
appoint an investigative panel headed by Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu
Winograd. While not empowered to recommend resignations, the commission
issued a preliminary report that compelled Defense Minister Amir Peretz
and Chief of Staff Dan Halutz to step down. The second Winograd report,
scheduled for publication tomorrow, will focus on the prime minister's
performance during the war, but Mr. Olmert has sworn not to cede power,
irrespective of its findings. At stake is not merely the government's
future but rather the fabric of Israeli society.
Israel lacks a constitution but is bound by an unwritten social contract.
Israelis defend their country with their lives and their leaders' pledge
not to send them to war heedlessly. Prime Ministers Golda Meir and
Menachem Begin resigned in the aftermath of disappointing wars, though
both were exonerated of incompetence. By ignoring these precedents, Mr.
Olmert, whose culpability began before the war, when he appointed a
defense minister devoid of military experience, threatens to break the
contract. Israelis will think twice before following his orders -- and
perhaps those of future prime ministers -- into battle. The cohesiveness
that enabled Israel to survive 60 years of conflict will unwind.
Thousands of Israelis are calling for Mr. Olmert's resignation. Rightists
convinced that the prime minister cannot safeguard the country's security
have joined with leftists who understand that leaders who fail at war will
never succeed at peacemaking. All are united by a willingness to shoulder
the burden of Israel's defense. This was the commitment that united us
that last night in Lebanon, as we took up the stretchers bearing the
remains of somebody's son, somebody's husband, and brought them home for
Mr. Oren is a senior fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem and the
author of "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to
the Present" (Norton, 2008).
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