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Cheering the Murders of the 8 Yeshiva Children, as spread via University of Haifa

1. Quick Current Events Quiz: What is the Difference Between New York
State and Israel?
Answer: In New York State the head of the government was a client of
prostitutes. In Israel, the heads of the governments ARE the prostitutes!
(PS. Since when are liberals, who generally want to see prostitution
legalized and "institutionalized," so upset when someone uses their

2. There are some people in Israel who are losing their cool when it
comes to dealing with the domination of the Israeli media by the Left.
Consider what befell Ari Shamai. Shamai is a leftist lawyer and sports
journalist. He has campaigned for legalizing drugs. Curiously, he
represented Yigal Amir in his petition to allowed conjugal visits with his
wife (perhaps in order to get himself publicity).
Well, two days back, Shamai was on the Channel One TV show "Tribunal" when
the MC asked the pro-terror Islamofascist Knesset Member in the studio,
Taleb a-Sana, to apologize on behalf of the "Sons of Sakhnin" soccer club
(Sakhnin is an Arab town) because they refused to observe a moment of
silence at a soccer game on behalf of the eight children murdered last
Thursday in the Jerusalem yeshiva. Before the Knesset Member had a chance
to respond, Shamai pounced on the MC and justified the behavior of the
soccer hooligans. He challenged the MC: "When a (mentally deranged) Jew
shot several Arabs (actually they were Druse) in the town of Shfaram (a
few years back) did the soccer league observe a moment of silence? No, so
Arabs are Class B citizens and stop the hypocrisy!"
Well, I do not know if the soccer league did or not, but I doubt any Jew
in Israel would have objected to such a moment of silence. In any case,
the two incidents are hardly comparable . the murderer in Shfaram was a
lone mentally ill person who was universally denounced by Jews. The
murderer in the yeshiva last week was trained and sent out on his mission
by an Arab terror group and his crime is widely celebrated by Arabs and
Shortly afterwards, two men attacked Shamai near his radio station in
Rishon L'Tzion and pummeled him, beating the bejeebers out of him. He was
hospitalized in moderate condition.
You can see what he looked like after the attack here:

3. This is NOT a spoof!

I thought you should see what sort of anti-Semitic hatred is being
disseminated via the "ALEF" chat list, supposedly of Israeli academics,
operating under the auspices of the University of Haifa. The following
message cheering the attack on the yeshiva children was disseminated via
this ALEF list on March 10:

[alef] Arabs to the Gas Chambers, Medical experiments on Arabs - Mercaz
HaRav - a training centre for illegal occupation and murder
tony greenstein tonygreenstein at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 19:56:37 IST 2008
I've just come across this excellent article from Scottish Palestine
Solidarity Campaign on how the Yeshivah that was bombed last week is
probably one of the most vile institutions one could imagine. A veritable
centre of neo-Nazi or Judaeo Nazi ideas.

Tony Greenstein

Medical experiments on Arabs, Arabs to the gas chambers

Mercaz HaRav - a training centre for illegal occupation, murder and
"Arabs to the Gas Chambers"



A Palestinian killed eight Israeli students in a settler movement
training centre, in retaliation for Israel.s massacre of over a hundred
Gazans, mostly civilians. Hundreds of the seminary students later chanted
"Death to the Arabs" at the gates of their seat of learning.1 This was
somehow missed by the BBC.

British prime Minister Gordon Brown, following Bush, hurried to condemn
"the murders" of the Israelis at the settlers. training centre.2 This
contrasts with his deep silence during Israel.s recent massacres in Gaza.

The BBC would have us believe that Mercaz HaRav yeshiva is a normal
school where 'religious students' 3 pursue esoteric religious studies. In
fact Mercaz HaRav is the main educational and training centre of the
fanatical Israeli settler movement, Gush Emunim, what the British
newspaper,The Independent, somewhat disingenuously calls the
"controversial settler movement". Many Mercaz HaRav graduates fill the
ranks of Gush Emunim,4 which organises attacks on Palestinians from
Jewish-only military settlements across the West Bank as part of its
declared aim of dispossessing Palestinians of 100% of Palestine.5

The Mercaz HaRav yeshiva is based on contempt for all Gentiles, not only
Arabs. The parent organisation, Gush Emunim, is heavily armed and carries
out the most revolting crimes against innocent Palestinians across the
West Bank.6 This writer has visited the Palestinian village of Yanun after
settlers had washed their dogs in the Palestinians. drinking water.7 A
Medieval ideology goes hand in hand with Medieval tactics - Hebron
settlers poison village wells with putrescent chickens. They beat and
shoot Palestinians, poison their sheep,8 generally act like the violent
thugs they are. One well-known graduate of Mercaz HaRav, Rabbi Moshe
Levinger who founded the colonies of ultras in Hebron was such a vicious
psychopath towards Palestinians that he was even found guilty of killing a
Palestinian by an Israeli court, for which he served three months in
detention.9 Rabbi Levinger was also found guilty of unprovoked assaults on
women and children, unusually, since the settlers
enjoy complete immunity10; many a Palestinian has been found guilty by
the Israeli authorities of beating himself up in the vicinity of Jewish

Mercaz HaRav yeshiva was founded by Rabbi A.Y. Kook, and later led by
his son, T.Y. Kook. The manner in which young minds are shaped at this
Yeshiva can be guessed from one of A.Y.'s spiritual pronouncements, that
"The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews . all of them
in all different levels . is greater and deeper than the difference
between a human soul and the souls of cattle."11 Kook's classification of
Palestinians as non-human allows the graduates of Mercaz HaRav to ignore
those commandments that forbid stealing, murder and coveting.

Since non-Jews are similar to another species in the Kooks. world-view,
the very notion of human rights governing the relations between Jews and
others is naturally repugnant to his followers; human rights are
definitely not on the syllabus at Mercaz HaRav. The Kooks. primitive god
is similar to that of their American Christian fundamentalist
counterparts. Both groups of fundamentalists believe that the coming of
the Messiah is imminent (they disagree on whether this is a first or a
return visit) but they agree that the normal forms of human decency are no
longer in force. For reasons that need not concern us here, the beginning
of the messianic age allows the activation of the rule, as expressed by
another unlovely Gush Emunim Rabbi, Shlomo Aviner, that "While God
requires other normal nations to abide by abstract codes of justice and
righteousness, such laws do not apply to Jews."12

The suspension of .such laws. extends to non-Jews. right to live and
breathe. Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh, another settler leader, asked
pragmatically whether "If a Jew needs a liver, can he take the liver of an
innocent non-Jew to save the Jew?"13 He replied in the affirmative,
supporting an Israeli fundamentalist theology that should make anyone
think twice before taking the kids on that beach holiday in Israel.
Palestinians have to take Ginsburgh.s ideas seriously, though, for the
learned Rabbi leads a heavily-armed gang of settlers,14 past graduates of
the classrooms of yeshuv Mercaz HaRav.

Ginsburgh also defended one particular massacre of Muslims, the killing
of 29 Hebronites at prayer in the Al-Ibrahimi mosque, on the religious
basis that a Jew is permitted to kill any non-Jew and not be deemed to
commit murder. He added, in case anybody didn.t quite get the message,
that killing even innocent Palestinians to exact revenge is .a Jewish
virtue.. Another Mercaz HaRav graduate, Rabbi Dov Lior, in 2004,
instructed his settler followers, parents of those killed in the yeshiva
recently, that the Israeli occupation forces are allowed to kill innocent
Palestinians.15 Mercaz HaRav alumni all sing from the same savage hymn

Mercaz HaRav graduates don.t just believe they can use your, or any
passing Palestinian.s, liver. Gentiles can also be useful to science. The
Israeli Attorney General was forced to intervene to bar Rabbi Lior.s
election to Israel.s top religious body following concern over his public
proposal to use captured Arab .terrorists. to conduct medical
experiments.16 (Gush Emunim considers all Palestinians to be
'terrorists'.) Lior is reputed to be the top student of Kook fils. Note
that Lior had to be barred by adminstrative methods after he had secured
enough votes from his supporters to secure a seat on Israel's Supreme
Rabbinical Council.

Lior recognised a kindred spirit in American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein,
who murdered the 29 Palestinian worshippers (and wounded another 150) in
the Hebron mosque. Lior eulogised the mass killer thus: "Goldstein was
full of love for fellow human beings. He dedicated himself to helping
others." 17

The idea of using Arabs for medical experiments ought to be a clue to
something bigger. Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, in Jewish
Fundamentalism in Israel, spell it out: "the similarities between the
Jewish political messianic trend and German Nazism are glaring. The
Gentiles are for the messianists what the Jews were for the Nazis."18 If
you think that stealing peoples organs is just your average settler
yeshiva ghoulishness, Gush Emunim settlers. idea of leisure time
activities after yeshiva is out is to decorate Palestinian homes in Hebron
with "Arabs to the gas chambers".19

The Israeli settlements where Mercaz HaRav sends its graduates are
centres of military power and domination of the Palestinians in the West
Bank. Since secular Jews are no longer very much interested in building
settlements in densely-populated Palestinian areas, where there is a risk
of armed Palestinian opposition, only the religious fanatics are prepared
to undertake this task. That is why they are so strongly supported by the
army20 which is still mainly controlled by secular Zionists.

The Gush Emunim settlers are highly militarised zealots who can be
relied upon to fight in the army and to abuse and beat Palestinian
.cattle. at the hundreds of checkpoints they help to run across. These
zealots are increasing their influence throughout the Israeli military21
as the Labour Zionist-run core of the state is eaten away with corruption
and failure to defeat the Palestinians or Hezbollah. Their settlements
vote overwhelmingly for ultra-right parties, groups that the late Israeli
philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz termed "Judeo-Nazis".22

Why did some Gazans celebrate the Mercaz HaRav attack? We might find an
answer if we ask why the US refused to allow the UN Security Council to
condemn the Jerusalem Yeshiva and the Gaza killings together.23 The US has
a high limit on the number of Palestinian Arabs it allows Israel to kill,
and the it doesn't object that some of the huge volume of US arms pumped
into Israel find their way to settlers. These thugs combine their guns
with creative methods to harm the farmers whose land they covet. When one
man strikes back against the most genocidal settler group it is bound to
bring a grim satisfaction to those crouching under Israeli-imposed siege
in the Gaza Killing Zone. Bush, Brown, the EU, and the UN have delivered
these Gazans to Israel.s tender mercies. They well remember the hideous
settlers inside Gaza who treated them like 'cattle'.

Jerusalem, like Palestine as a whole, is saturated with armed Jews,
uniformed soldiers and police as well as gun-toting settlers. Both groups
cooperate to control the Palestinian population, who are kept unarmed in
order that they can be dispossessed. This dispossession is achieved by a
combination of the illegal occupation.s .legal. means combined with the
settlers. violent extra-legal actions. Any armed Palestinian is killed on
sight. Jerusalem, like all of Palestine, pits Jewish supremacism and
military power against a colonised population, whose anger at their status
and hostility towards their occupiers and violators is natural and
healthy. Should they kiss the whip held over their heads? Palestinians
continue to resist and we should be inspired by their courage, fortitude
and endurance against an enemy that threatens them openly with a

Alaa Abu Dheim killed eight students who were being trained to oppress
and dispossess him, his family, his entire people. He was himself killed
by an armed student. Abu Dheim's sister, Iman, said he had been deeply
affected by the Israeli massacres in Gaza. She said her brother had told
her "he wasn't able to sleep because of the grief".25 Rafael Eitan, a past
Army Chief and Deputy Prime Minister explained the rationale behind
Israel's incessant brutality:thew crushing of the Palestinians. "When we
have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be
to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle".26

Israel.s brutality towards Palestinians is a means to the Zionists.
declared end, shared by dominant groups in both secular and religious
camps, to dehumanise the .cattle., the .cockroaches.. Israel was cleared
for immigration in 1948 by terror, and is still to this day based on
terror against the entire Palestinian people. Gideon Levy claims that
"Most of the delusional right-wing perpetrators and the mongers of hate
for Arabs came from this flagship,"27 but the atheists who founded the
state of Israel were no slouches at using terror to drive out the
natives,28 nor are their secular descendents. 29 Mercaz HaRav graduates,
however, take second place to none in the history of Israeli demonization
and dispossession of Palestinians.
Mick Napier

(Mick Napier is Chair of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign,
affiliated to PSC-UK. This article represents his personal views, not
necessarily those of the Campaign)

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This writer has seen a lot of this Nazi graffitti by Mercaz HaRav
graduates in Hebron.


Western media flag up the risk of Pakistan.s nuclear weapons falling into
the hands of fundamentalist Muslim groups in that country, The lunatic
graduates of Mercaz HaRav are inching up the ladder of the military of the
Israeli nuclear super-power.
21. Shahak & Mezvinsky, p.65
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"We offer our solidarity and support to the victims of this brutality
and to those who mount a resistance against it. For our part, we will use
all the means at our disposal to expose the complicity of our governments
in these crimes. There will be no peace in the Middle East while the
occupations of Palestine and Iraq and the temporarily "paused" bombings of
Lebanon continue.
Tariq Ali / Noam Chomsky / Eduardo Galeano / Howard Zinn / Ken Loach /
John Berger &
Arundhati Roy
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Institute the Death Penalty Now
4 Adar Bet 5768, 11 March 08 08:53
by Rabbi S. Weiss
(IsraelNN.com) Desperate times call for drastic measures. The savage
attack on teenagers studying Torah and celebrating the advent of Adar - by
tradition, the happiest month in the Jewish calendar - brings home a
terrible reality many of us already knew: the Palestinian terror machine
has no red lines. Every gathering of Jews, anytime, anywhere, is a
legitimate target for these murderers; on a plane, at a Pesach Seder, in a
school library, a kindergarten or a hospital. There is no "Geneva
Convention" to restrain them, no moral boundaries in which to confine
their crimes.

Like Amalek of old - the archetypal Jew-hater par excellence - these
contemporary Hamans prey upon the innocent as their primary targets. They
enter hospitals with explosive-belts under their clothes; they lay in wait
to shoot at passing cars; they blow up school buses as they load or unload
their young passengers. And when they have perpetrated their "courageous"
deeds, an ecstatic Palestine dances in the streets and hands out candies,
displaying overwhelming, enthusiastic support for the outrage. Even the
"good" terrorists like Mahmoud Abbas mutter only the most tepid and
half-hearted of condemnations, never declaring that the crime was wrong,
saying only that "it harms Palestinian interests."

In such an environment, we must take drastic action. One of the things
Israel must do is activate the death penalty - used just once in our
history, when architect of the Holocaust Adolf Eichmann was executed by
hanging on June 1, 1962 - against any terrorist who survives an attack, or
against those who directly assisted him in carrying out his crime.

Capital punishment is not a popular subject these days. The European Union
bars member states from using the death penalty, and human rights
activists scream "bloody murder" at the prospect of innocent people being
wrongfully executed. Some religious leaders decry the unfairness of anyone
taking a life other than the G-d who gave it (though they are strangely
silent about euthanasia).

Jewish sources, too, tend to lean against capital punishment. The Talmud
calls a Jewish court that executes one person in 70 years a "bloody
court." And Maimonides writes: "It is better to acquit a thousand guilty
persons than to put a single innocent one to death." Yet, the Talmud, not
to mention the Torah, cites numerous occasions when criminals were
executed, ruling specifically that capital punishment can be instituted
"when the times demand it."

And in the United States - which suspended executions in 1973 but resumed
them in 1977 - a 2006 Gallup poll found that 60% of the population not
only supports the death penalty, but believes the sentence is not being
carried out often enough.

There are three compelling reasons why terrorists should be executed and,
as in the Eichmann case, their remains cremated and unceremoniously dumped
at sea in an unknown location. First and foremost is justice. These
animals who target civilians have no right to live. They have forfeited
the most basic human right by virtue of their crimes, and any punishment
save death is too good for them and is an obscene insult to the grieving
victims of terror.

Secondly, killing a terrorist insures that he or she will not be
committing any more murders. We have seen all too often how murderers with
bloody hands are set free, only to kill many more innocents. As long as we
have morally-misguided men like Binyamin Ben-Eliezer - who, incredibly,
goes around calling for mass-murderer Marwan Barghouti to be freed - we
can never be sure these criminals will stay behind bars.

Unless we execute them.

Finally, there is certainly an element of deterrence created by capital
punishment. In America, there is a clear correlation between the number of
executions and the decrease in homicides. The most striking example of
this is in Texas, which executes more murderers than any other state.
According to the Justice for All organization, the Texas murder rate fell
by 60 percent after the state began to aggressively enforce capital
punishment. And while Mideast terrorists often proclaim their willingness,
even zeal, to be martyred, the accomplices to terror, the parents and even
some terrorists themselves may certainly be influenced by the knowledge
that their lives will be forfeited for their crimes.

Critics may say that executing terrorists will only inflame the situation
and endanger Israeli lives even more. But anyone who has an inkling of
what Hamas is all about knows the absurdity of that argument.

Judaism, more than any other religion, cherishes the sanctity of life and
will go to great lengths to protect it. But that is precisely the point:
Anything less than the death penalty for terrorism is an insult to the
victim, to society and to life itself.



Haaretz, Tue., March 11, 2008 Adar2 5, 5768

Prof.: End to farm subsidies to counter shortage
By Ofri Ilani

Israel's water crisis can be helped if it stops subsidizing
agriculture, says Prof. Hillel Shoval, an expert on water management
and head of the environmental health department at Hadassah College

In a recent essay, Shoval says the farmers who claim they need more
water for their crops because they provide nourishment for the
population are misleading the public.

5. Palestinian group Hamas admits that its fighters are trained in Iran
The Sunday Times March 9, 2008
Marie Colvin, Gaza City

THE Palestinian group Hamas, blamed for last week's massacre of eight
students at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem, has revealed that hundreds
of its fighters have been trained in Iran.

A senior commander interviewed by The Sunday Times said 300 of the
group's "best brains" had been secretly sent to Tehran.

6. Genocide chic:


7. Feminizm:


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