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Hebrew University's Timothy Leary Declares Moses was a Druggie

1. Some clarification comments on the Appeals Court verdict I sent out
earlier (apologies for the missing "e" in Denouement)

A. Beating Gordon in Nazareth court is the moral equivalent of beating
Ahmedinijed in a court in Tehran.

B. The idea that it is legally prohibited or libelous to call
Gordon, whose articles appear on Neo-Nazi web sites and who has made much
of his career collaborating with Neo-Nazis and praising Norman
the idea that it should be prohibited to call Gordon a "Judenrat wannbe"
for his criminal illegal "human shield" activities that interfered with
IDF operations to arrest terrorist murderers, shows that Israel is not
yet really a democracy and its courts are not yet really interested in
defending freedom of speech. Such speech would not be considered
libelous or denied protection under freedom of speceh in any other
democratic country on the planet!

The idea that imposing a monetary penalty to teach people to avoid
impolite rhetoric or to penalize rhetoric the
court judge thinks is impolite, never mind if it is referring to a
public figure engaged in support for terrorism, is an idea right out of
pre-glasnost Brezhnev's Soviet Union.

C. The 10,000 NIS that Gordon is being allowed by the court to retain
(for now)
(two out of three judges) is LESS than what Gordon paid in court
filing fees (not counting whatever he paid his own lawyer). Hence, after
six years of harassing me legally, he still has come out with an
out-of-pocket loss.

D. Under the new Freedom of Speech (Not) rules established by the
court, anyone wishing to denounce Gordon as a "Judenrat" will have to
weight the possible cost of 10,000 NIS against the pleasure in doing so.
The comments Alan Dershowitz made about Gordon are ten times "less polite"
and harsher than calling Gordon a "Judenrat wannabe" and I hope Gordon
tries to sue Dershowitz in Nazareth court.

E. So many people helped me throughout the six years of fighting off
Gordon's malicious fascist legal harassment suit that I will not take up
your time with thanking all of them by name. I will just say I am truly

F. It should also be noted that a number of people brushed me off and
turned me down when I requested scholarly support in defeating Gordon's
harassment, including several prominent professors at the Hebrew
University nominally associated with "The Right." For them I send

2. Subject: Hebrew University's Timothy Leary Declares Moses was a


Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Hebrew U's Timothy Leary Says Moses was a Druggie!
(see photo on web page)

The Real Moses, a la Hebrew University?

Just when you think that Israeli academia could not possibly get any wackier
than it already is, along comes Professor Benny Shanon, who teaches cognitive
psychology at the Hebrew University, and declares that Moses was a drug addict.

Shanon is a chaired full professor at the Hebrew University who holds the
Mandel Chair in Cognitive Psychology and Education. He is author of the 2002
book Antipodes of the "Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca
Experience," published by Oxford University Press.

Shanon reached this astounding serendipity on the basis of the "seeing the
Sounds" phrase amidst the descriptions in Exodus of the sounds and smoke around
Mt. Sinai at the giving of the Ten Commandments (or reserved recommendations,
for those of you who are Reconstructionists). It all reminds him the
experiences he had taking hallucinegenic drugs while trekking through the
Amazon. No, not the book selling web site. Wondering what was being smoked on
the Sinai mountain to make all the smoke?

That is not even the ONLY place in the Bible where Shanon finds evidence of
Israelites taking psychodelic drugs. Jethro was a druggie also, scrounging
about for those hallucinegenic mushrooms in the wilderness. It is almost as if
Tikkun magazine had once been included in the text in between Exodus and
Leviticus. Shanon is a bit of a Jewish Timothy Leary, and attributes
"religion-like awakening" to all the nice drugs he started taking back in 1991.
See this.

We have not yet recovered from the President and Rector of the Hebrew
University defending the moonbat thesis that claimed that Jewish soldiers do
not rape Arab women because the Jews are such racists. Now the Hebrew
University needs to explain away THIS!

3. From Isracampus.co.il :

Columnist Steven Shamrak denounced "self-hate, disloyalty to their own
country and self-destructiveness" by Israeli Academics:

'It is astonishing what is happening on the political front in Israel's
universities. The level of self-hate, disloyalty to their own country and
self-destructiveness is unprecedented:

'At the Tel Aviv University: Gadi Algazi, a history professor, stated:
"Commercial and political exploitation of lands stolen by Israel." I
wonder where he got his qualification from? Professor and Chair of the
Department of Philosophy, Anat Biletzki claims that she is working for the
human rights of the Palestinians but completely ignores the Jewish right
for land and Israel's right to exist and requirements for self-defence.

'At the University of Haifa: Professor of Psychology Benjamin
Beit-Hallahmi, in addition to his pro-Arab views, proclaimed that the
rights to free speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion do
not exist in Israel. In this case, why is he is not in jail? Could he tell
us how many Arab or Muslim organizations he knows that are able to take
similar anti-government statements in their own countries?'

For more details and to see the full original article, go here

4. Also from Isracampus.co.il :


Prof. David Newman is One Geographer who can't Figure out Where he is
By Lee Kaplan, www.isracampus.org.il

It's a peculiar trait of academia that scientists in many academic fields
unrelated to politics are able to dub themselves as "experts" in political
science when the theme surrounds the existence of Israel and what
sacrifices or guilt the Jewish nation must endure in the interest of
"peace," no matter how unrealistic on the ground.

A case in point is Professor David Newman, former head of the Department
of Politics and Government, which he was largely responsible for building
at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Newman almost single handedly
turned that department into a monolithic department of far leftism and
"Post-Zionism," recruiting for this purpose such people as Neve Gordon.

Newman, who actually holds degrees in Geography, has become a political
pundit regarding the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in the manner of those
academics who branch out from their own respective fields claiming to be
political scientists that seem to always find an audience by claiming the
fault lies with Israel as a Jewish state. A review of his curriculum
vitae perhaps explains why he's done so, if one looks at its timeline.

As mentioned, Newman earned the majority of his academic achievements and
reputation abroad, particularly in the UK and in Canada and, in his later
years, within the European Union. As one reads of his earlier years in
academia one finds nothing particularly negative about Newman's activities
concerning Israel and Israeli academia. But as one moves closer to the
present, things change.

Of interest are the multiple listings in his c.v. of money he has received
as grants for his research and projects that have to do with projecting a
sense of Arab victimization or deprivation due to Jewish expansionism,
some of it funded by an Israeli government bent on giving up land to the
Arabs regardless of consequences on the ground, but also money coming from
the overtly anti-Israel Ford Foundation and the European Union which have
consistently held to a policy of trying to force the creation of a
Palestinian terror state right next to Israel's heart. The Ford
Foundation has always funded, even within Israel, Arab NGOs that are
consistently against the Jewish state and the EU has openly funded the
Palestinian "security services," better known as the terrorists of the Al
Aksa Martys Brigade , even more so now for Abbas than it did for Arafat.
Both of these contributors who fund Newman were also involved in funding
multiple anti-Semitic NGOs at Durban in 2001 where efforts were made to
demonize Israel in every way possible.

In listing his research prizes and fellowship, Newman lists in his c.v.
the exact dollar amounts each project netted him, a common practice. As
the timeline moves forward, we see this geographer breaking new ground and
showing just how much extra money he made working to further the cause of
the pro-Palestinian cabal that is partly made up of NGO financiers like
the Ford Foundation and the EU in particular.

So, what is wrong with promoting one's pocketbook within the academic
community? Nothing, unless one wants to also signal his value to
political interests abroad who have less-than-savory goals regarding how
Israel will ultimately survive the current test of its existence. There's
money to be made by Israeli academics who will help foreigners
de-legitimize and demonize the Jewish state.

To his credit, Newman recently withdrew from another symposium in the EU
in London that was to be another gang of so-called intellectuals
discussing obliquely the need to dismantle the Jewish state by promoting a
boycott of Israeli academics. He had been scheduled to conduct a "debate"
with a member of the Hamas, but had second thoughts. The fact that he had
initially agreed is quite noteworthy.

On almost any given day, one can visit the hallowed halls of academia
abroad and hear of symposiums on campuses (in many instances funded
indirectly from Saudi Arabia or the EU) that discuss the dilemma of the
"Zionist" entity, where Israeli academics who believe in post-Zionism
speak with glowing support of ending the Jewish character of Israel in
favor of a state where Jews play no special role at all. The Arabs at
these seminars usually talk about a secular democracy, where they and the
Jews will live in complete utopian splendor and Arab terrorism will cease
to exist as a result. The Arabs love the Jews, you see, and, after all,
this must be possible because the people up on the panel, even the Arab
professors who are professional victims too are PhDs and, uh, well,
really, really smart. The fact that there are no Arab democracies and
they all live under Sharia Law never enters the equation.

Of course, the only difference today is that Israel is already a secular
democracy for all its citizens, but it's also a giant home for the world's
Jews, and the Jews are armed in self-defense. Israel nevertheless does
have affirmative action programs for its Arab citizens, as well. But
you'd never guess that from David Newman's perspective or that of his
revered colleagues who he gave a platform to at BGU like Neve Gordon, who
has acted as a human shield for Arafat in the Mukata after the Passover
Massacre and who is virulently opposed to the Jewish state.

Newman is a philo-European. His former academic department even features a
Center for European Politics and he stages symposiums in Europe that seem
to be sounding boards for other Israeli academics like his venomously
anti-Israel close colleague and fellow geographer-playing-political
scientist Oren Yiftahel, who always find in their academic careers abroad
that everything is Israel's fault.

NGO Monitor has discussed a Newman symposium, held in Florence, Italy, in
which he described "how to increase the international profile of
Palestinian-Israeli peace building activities; to strengthen the European
community's partnership with civil society organizations (NGOs) , in order
to expand European involvement in peace building activities; and to
amplify the call by Palestinian and Israeli civil society organizations to
European governments and institutions, for a stronger political effort to
revive the peace process between the respective governments." Something
that NGO-Monitor, a non-profit that keeps an eye on all these EU sponsored
NGO's, says "has reported extensively on how many EU-funded NGOs,
including ICAHD, engage in anti-Israel demonizing rather than 'peace
building activities.'"

Translate that to mean pandering to the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade providers
from the EU for further European meddling in Israeli affairs to create a
terror state that has shown its real goal via Arab media, Kassem rockets
and terror attacks solely seeking the annihilation of Israel. Besides,
it's very profitable for an academic who will dance to the EU's fiddle.

Newman was to participate in a conference in London that allegedly was
meant to oppose the boycotting of Israeli academics by the UK and was said
to be Israel's representative opposing such an economic boycott. That
Newman might actually be opposed to such a boycott is not that surprising;
academics that enjoy financial grants and perks within the EU, and
particularly the UK, have money to lose as Newman's c.v. demonstrates.
However, it's Newman's choices of Israeli academics for the Department of
Politics and Government at BGU that cause one dismay.

David Newman claimed he was withdrawing from the London conference because
one of his fellow speakers would be a virulent and uncompromising member
of Hamas, the terror group whose charter not only calls for the complete
expulsion of Jews from all of Israel, but the liquidation of world Jewry
as well. Newman did not want to speak alongside him, he says.

It should be noted that these symposia are set up to appear to be
superficially balanced, and are designed to feature Israeli leftist shills
who will try to present an image of being pro-Israel, but ultimately fall
down when faced with the "logic" and victimization claimed by the other
side. Thus it is difficult to believe Newman withdrew because of a Hamas
big wig on the panel, given his part in actions as an academic who turned
his Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University into
what could be called "Hamasland." Let's face it, when you are the one
making money from the same entities that want to see you boycotted, an
academic boycott of Israeli academics is just plain bad for business.
Even giving legitimacy to a Hamas terror spokesman might even rile the
Israeli taxpayers back home, who technically pay your salary and helped
you to create your nouveau academic department.

Perhaps Ilan Pappe, a "historian" turned anti-Israel activist, who even
allowed one of his graduate students to fabricate a made up tale of Jewish
massacres at Tantura, was not available to be the Israeli shill at this
current conference so Newman was thought by its EU Israel haters to be a
good far leftist. And we already know about Neve Gordon that Israel
academia monitor even has photo of flashing a victory sign next to his
former buddy Yasser Arafat for whom Gordon served as a human shield
against the IDF. David Newman thought Gordon deserved a tenured faculty
position in his department

The question is, should we regard David Newman as just another
"starry-eyed peace activist" who can't see the forest for the trees when
it comes to the Arabs having no real long term desire for peace with
Israel or stopping to kill Jews, or is he an opportunist who continues
down the academic path of notoriety abroad as an anti-Israel Israeli who
can always rationalize why the Arabs need more, even if it threatens the
very existence of Israel and his fellow Israelis?

But Newman's comments about his fellow Jews and Israelis bear some
scrutiny as much as his ties to foreign interests. Newman it seems wrote
an article in the Jerusalem Post titled, "Women, Mothers and Peace" in
which he wrote:

"An excess of peace is always preferrable(sic) to an excess of exclusive
patriotism. After all, there is a greater chance that one's children will
stay alive, rather than fear the terrorist's bullet. Israelis argue that
the responsibility for the deaths of Palestinian children is that of their
parents who allow them to be used as cannon fodder and, sometimes even
encourage them to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers.

"Perhaps it is not too far-fetched to compare their behavior with that of
the right-wing settler mothers who irresponsibly place their own children
on the front line, in the settlements and buses where the chances of a
terrorist attack are so high. An excess zeal of patriotism cannot be
allowed to take place at the expense of the well-being of our children."

Apparently, David Newman, the geographer, needs a lesson in the geography
of Israel. By declaring Israeli self-defense as little more than
patriotic zeal and equating the children of Jewish communities in Judea
and Samaria as victims of their parents patriotic zeal when they send them
off to school, he neglects to mention the constant killings by Arabs
inside the Green Line as well (it is worthy of notation how the same day
his article broke a suicide bomb went off in Hadera killing and wounding
Israelis in his geographically-safe-from-Arabs geographically designated

Newman also needs a history lesson: Prior to 1948 there were 25 Jewish
communities in Gaza and Judea and Samaria that the Arabs overran during
the War of Independence. In Gush Etzion the Arabs even herded all the
Jews into a pit and slaughtered them (after the Armistice, by the way).
Of the families exiled in 1948, many came back after 1967 to retrieve
their homes. But Jews are not supposed to do that, a reserved right of
the ancestors of only dead Arabs who insist Judea and Samaria be Jew-free
plus any Arab be allowed to demographically destroy Israel in a "right of
return" inside the Green Line are logical outcomes of "peace" and
geography. Just ask the Jews evicted from Gaza two years ago and the
recipients of Kassems in Sderot.

Newman, as part of the "Peace camp" of capitulation would have us all
believe that parents in Judea and Samaria whose children are murdered by
the Arab terrorists (that the peace intelligentsia in Israel even equipped
with weapons) are comparable to Arab parents who encourage their children
to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers. Using his
knowledge as a geographer, the Jews in Germany perhaps were just as
responsible as their murderers for being in the wrong place at the wrong


Op-Ed articles appearing on IsraCampus.org are those of the writer and do
not necessarily represent the opinion of IsraCampus.org

David Newman had filed a "false" affidavit with the Nazareth Court on
behalf of Neve Gordon in th eearly stage of the court case.

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